THE MONTANA DOCTOR: Release day blog post featuring Paula Altenburg!

April 25th marks the release of my eighth western romance with Tule Publishing, The Montana Doctor (Book 2 of the Grand, Montana series). 

I love all my characters—otherwise, why write about them?—but Dallas Tucker and Hannah Brand are my cutest pairing yet. Dallas is a smalltown doctor who inherits billions of dollars that he doesn’t want, and Hannah Brand is a smalltown girl who owns and operates the local brewery and taproom.

Ever wonder what the inside of a brewery looks like?

Dallas and Hannah first meet in Branded by the Cowboy (Book 3 of the Brands of Montana series), at Hannah and Claire’s younger sister Alayna’s wedding. Dallas is a groomsman and Hannah is one of the bridesmaids. 

This flashback opens Chapter One of The Montana Doctor:

“Hey,” Dallas said, leaning past her to grab a plate. His shoulder brushed hers—cool, crisp cotton against bare, sensitive skin. “You must be Hannah. I hear you and I will be walking down the aisle together.”

Funny. She saw why Alayna liked him so much.

“And you must be Dallas. Alayna calls you Doctor Dancy Pants,” she replied, blurting it out because her brain couldn’t believe he was flirting with her and didn’t know how to react.

“Not to his face, I don’t!” Alayna, who was standing within earshot, protested, her cheeks turning bright red.

“Interesting,” Dallas said, still focused on Hannah. Amusement, not embarrassment, colored his tone. “Did she explain why?”

“No, but I assumed it’s because you like to dance.”

“I do. In fact…” He dug out his phone, flicked his thumb over the screen, and seconds later, her favorite James Arthur song had heads turning toward them. He tucked the phone into his shirt pocket. Then he took her empty plate and set it on the table along with the one he hadn’t used. “If we’re going to hit the floor at the wedding together, I think we should put in some practice while we still can. What do you say?”

This excerpt from Branded by the Cowboy shows more of Hannah (a lot more than she’d planned on, in fact…) when a video from the wedding shows up on YouTube:

But the best part of the video had to be Hannah. She clung to Dallas with one hand while hiking her skirt out of the way with the other, and thanks to the long slit up one side of her dress, her pink thong made several brief, but very public, appearances. The way Dallas watched her said he liked what he saw. Claire guessed that explained the bits of hay she’d found in her sister’s hair this morning. Hannah had broken up with a longstanding boyfriend the family hated, so whatever had happened last night, Claire hoped it put the punctuation mark on the end of that toxic relationship.

Hannah and Dallas were off to such a great start—how could things go so wrong?

But they do—because Hannah, who’s had the same boyfriend since she was fifteen, has never been single and doesn’t know the rules of the game. Good thing Dallas does. And it’s a very good thing that Doctor Dallas is also patient.

Check out The Montana Doctor, Book 2 in the Grand, Montana series.


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USA Today Bestselling Author Paula Altenburg lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and two sons. A former aviation and aerospace professional, Paula now writes contemporary romance and fantasy with romantic elements. You can connect with her at


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