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Back in the day, I used to throw these hardcore game nights. Now, you’re probably thinking, hardcore feels a little overzealous to describe a gathering with friends and family playing board games but let me tell you, Taboo… Two teams of super competitive people out for bragging rights… Things got wild and ridiculously funny. 

Oh, my goodness, do I miss game night. 

Life happens, though. Marriage, kids, writing books, global pandemics… More reason to live vicariously through my characters, right? 

So, one day, I’m knee-deep in words when my character makes a reference to a Community Chest card from Monopoly. Instead of getting up from my computer to retrieve the game box, I made the mistake of doing a “quick” search for the answer online. Naturally, I fell down the doomscrolling rabbit hole. Instead of the “get out jail free” card or the “bank error in your favor, collect $200” cards, my attention snagged two words “Monopoly tournament.”

Never have I ever swiped over to my Notes app so fast. 

My brain went into overdrive. Enemies/rivals to lovers. Total opposites attract. He’s sunshine because he’s looking to recapture the nostalgia and beautiful memories of playing Monopoly with his late grandfather. And her? She’s the passionate grump because she’s serious about Monopoly, this game she’d loved as a child. This game that fueled her dream of owning a classic board game store. But wouldn’t she drag along her sister and best friend on this dream? Now, I had three women managing a board game store and meeting their love matches in the process. Naturally, if she loved Monopoly, I had to give them their own games. But which ones? 

This brings me to my fun theory. 

Seven personality types. Seven board games.


1. Planner | Monopoly

  • The goal of Monopoly is to be the last player standing with money. It’s all about the long game, strategy, and reading the proverbial room. No game better fits the meticulous planner who believes the structured approach and resource allocation delivers future opportunities. One roll, you could be in jail. But the next, you could be advancing to Boardwalk. Or Go!


2. Explorer | Trivial Pursuit 

  • Trivial Pursuit is a glorious battle of wits perfect for the explorer that finds inspiration in discovery. You’re constantly observing, seeking out new experiences, and accumulating knowledge that may seem unimportant to others but often serves a purpose. Give you a new role or a diabolical problem to solve, and voilà! Challenge accepted.


3. Sage | Clue

  • Nothing like a good whodunit to pique the sage’s interest. Not only are you committed to helping solve the case with brilliant insight and wisdom, but often, you bring along a team. Being a mentor or advisor to help others succeed in their future plans keeps your motivation running.


4. Hero | Dungeons & Dragons

  • At the heart of Dungeons & Dragons is storytelling, and most stories start with a hero—or heroine! Dole out a risky quest to save the world or find the treasure. Ta-da! You’re the bold, courageous soul driven by purpose and a solid mission. You’ve got limitless imagination, a hankering for adventure, and don’t need an excuse for cooperative role-playing. 


5. Collaborator | Taboo

  • Did someone say party? Or maybe, party game? Look no further. The collaborator seeks connections, belonging, and fun-loving relationships. While you’re shouting out phrases and inside jokes to tip off your guessing teammates, it’s all about togetherness and support toward a common goal. Faithful and down-to-earth, you thrive in groups. And while the team avoids the taboo words on the card, bonus, you expand your speaking skills and vocabulary. Winning!


6. Innovator | Scattergories

  • Breaking out Scattergories is like creatively thinking outside the box. The innovator’s imagination and ability to think quickly on their toes is both rewarding and impactful. Sure, it’s just a roll of a 20-sided letter die, but while you rack up points for unique word responses, you’re also boosting cognitive agility, building vocabulary, and sharply engaging others. 


7. Outlaw | Risk

  • Hello, outlaw! A.k.a. conqueror, status quo challenger, rule questioner. Wow, have I got a classic military-themed board game for you to live out your world domination dreams. Sure, while playing Risk, you’ll be using critical thinking skills and staging premeditated cardboard battles, but it’s for a good cause, right? You might be a tiny lawless desperado, but change is constant and necessary for the future you’re building. Risk is your business. Danger is your game. Or was it the other way around?


That’s all I’ve got for now, but I hope you’re inspired to break out an oldie but goodie board game for game night! If you’d rather live vicariously through a fun-loving set of fictional characters, it would be my honor for you to spend time with the Love & Games family, starting with Monopolove, then Trivialized Pursuit this summer, and Clued in Christmas for the holidays!


About the Author

Mia Heintzelman is a polka-dot-wearing, horror movie lover, who always has a book and a to-do list in her purse. When she isn’t busy writing fictional happily-ever-afters, she is likely reading, or playing board games and eating sweets with her husband and two children. She writes fun, unforgettable, more than just laughs romcoms about strong women and men with enough heart to fall for them.

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