The Cowboy’s Claim: Author Sinclair Jayne’s finale to her Coyote Cowboys of Montana series

Hi Tuligans and Marietta fans,

I am so fired up that The Cowboy’s Claim—the fifth and last book in The Coyote Cowboys of Montana series will release on June 18th. I first roughed out the idea four years ago just as the pandemic started. I had two ideas—Special Forces soldiers peeling off to Marietta, Montana to do a good deed or make amends for a fallen friend, and the second idea was rodeo cowboy cousins who play a bride game during the Copper Mountain Rodeo to help their granddad. I brainstormed with my friend, Rusty Keller, March, 2020 at an Oregon beach just as the world started shuttering. It was such a weird and scary time that Tule suggested running with the fun, sexy rather mad cap idea of the Montana Rodeo Brides. I have to admit that series was fun, but organizing all the details and scenes and continuity was challenging because all three books happen simultaneously during the Copper Mountain Rodeo.  

But I couldn’t let go of my Coyote Cowboys. It took a few years to write the series, and I have loved this group of heroes—their fierce loyalty to each other and determination to honor their friend even as the task they face is the last thing they want to do. 

In The Cowboy’s Claim Calhoun Miller is tasked with solving a mystery in Marietta—something his fallen friend, Jace McBride, saw happen as a child. Calhoun arrives in Marietta, with little information, but he thrives on challenge. A sexy, anonymous hook up at Grey’s Saloon and the Graff Hotel is meant to blow off some steam before he starts his investigation. Instead, it leads him in a direction he never anticipated.

Sinclair Jayne's The Cowboy's Word book cover with cowboy leaning on fence.I was a little nervous writing this story because while it is utterly a romance, it also contains a central mystery. I have never written a mystery though I love to read them. I had been layering in little pieces of the mystery in each book—just a bread crumb in The Cowboy’s Word, a few more in Marry Me Please, Cowboy, The Cowboy’s Christmas Homecoming and The Cowboy Charm. But with the final book, I had to solve the sucker. And because I have a tendency to give in to impulse and inspiration, I make a lot of changes as I write. I knew it would be easy to derail the narrative. I think my very focused heroine, traveling doctor, Jory Quinn, who has always defied expectations, helped keep me organized and grounded.

Giving Jory and Calhoun a HEA in the most improbable circumstances, gave me such joy that I often had to get up from my desk and hop and dance around the last quarter of the book. Everything was coming together and yeah, bragging here, it felt more effortless than I had imagined it would.

I hope you get a chance to read The Cowboy’s Claim. I enjoyed writing the series so much that I took one of the characters who appears in the beginning of each book, Wolf Conte, and gave him a backstory and his own vow to Jace that will bring him to Last Stand Texas, another Tule town, this Christmas. Keep an eye out for Christmas with the Texas Cowboy coming this October!

For a fun GIVEAWAY, a question I have as I’ve been mulling ideas for future series—do you have a favorite hook or a fantasy profession—cowboy, soldier, doctor, entrepreneur, athlete, royal, celebrity, tycoon, vampire, shifter? Is there a job or profession you’ve always fantasized about? Comment below and we’ll pick one winner to receive a fun prize pack of goodies!

Thanks for your time and happy reading as we slide into summer.

Sinclair Jayne.

About the Author.

Sinclair Sawhney is a former journalist and middle school teacher who holds a BA in Political Science and K-8 teaching certificate from the University of California, Irvine and a MS in Education with an emphasis in teaching writing from the University of Washington. She has worked as Senior Editor with Tule Publishing for over seven years. Writing as Sinclair Jayne she’s published fifteen short contemporary romances with Tule Publishing with another four books being released in 2021. Married for over twenty-four years, she has two children, and when she isn’t writing or editing, she and her husband, Deepak, are hosting wine tastings of their pinot noir and pinot noir rose at their vineyard Roshni, which is a Hindi word for light-filled, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Shaandaar!


  1. I like variety… I do love books with either cowboys, doctors, first responders, SEALs, or shifters. :)
    Congrats on this upcoming release and series finale!

  2. Congratulations on completing your first mystery in this book! I think a book about an athlete would be fun–maybe football or baseball?

  3. Congratulations on your new book! One of my favorite hero professions to read is a rock star. Tule hasn’t done one with a real bad boy rocker (picture Motley Crue or Guns n Roses).

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