One Year with The Firefly Jar and the launch of Laurie Beach’s Crickley Creek Series with Tule.

Hi Tule Readers!

I have a one-year anniversary update for you, and a sneak peek at my new series.

What has changed for you in the past year? For me, the prescription on my reading glasses got stronger, my laptop burned out, my couch acquired a dent in the exact shape of my rear-end, and I had the thrilling honor of adding “published author” to my dusty, outdated resume’.

All of that because an imaginary jar of bugs lit up my imagination more than eighteen years ago. If you read The Firefly Jar, you know what I’m talking about.

Like most authors, I experienced hundreds of rejections, took numerous online classes, and wrote many practice novels. Then, just as my children were leaving the nest, up popped Jane Porter and Tule Publishing. Fireflies are magical, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My dreams came true with a three-book deal. It was like a million sparks of light lifting my darkness.

When The Firefly Jar was launched one year ago, not only did the little town of Crickley Creek come alive, but the second half of my life did, too. The awe and elation of having others read and enjoy my work is just as thrilling as I always thought it would be. I’m consistently shocked by how many people know my characters and have a connection to that quirky little town. Blink Twice If You Love Me and Christmas in Crickley Creek might have been born from a business contract, but they followed in the footsteps of that little book about a jar, and are now a beloved part of my family.

And the fun keeps going! With a new four-book contract plus a Christmas novella in the works, I get to create a whole new town and set of characters. You’re about to be welcomed to Goose Island, home of some wacky folks searching for love and life lessons in places like The Saltwater Winery, Salty Dot’s food truck, Fred’s gas station, and an abandoned summer camp. You’ll find drama, surprises, and love among tiny marsh homes and showy old mansions. Where there’s history, there are sure to be secrets. 

I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey!

About the Author.

Laurie Beach is a former news reporter, advertising producer, and political press secretary who, after raising four children, is parlaying her love of reading and writing into a career as an author. She is a sucker for elderly people, grumpy animals, and happy endings. Having grown up in Alabama, she loves novels set in the South.


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