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The Cole Brothers, Book 3
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Aug 24, 2021



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The Montana Cowboy’s Heart


Kaylie Newell

Porter Cole excels at two things—running his Marietta-based dude ranch with his twin brother, Brooks, and charming women. But when the beautiful and stoic Justine Banks arrives at the ranch with a bus full of children for a field trip, everything he thought he knew about himself flies out the window.

Justine has no time for romance, especially not with a sexy cowboy who has the greenest eyes she’s ever seen. But Porter has a way of making her feel alive, especially after taking in her friend’s struggling eleven-year-old grandson. When the boy takes off trying to find his long-lost rodeo cowboy father, Porter offers to help and Justine finds herself confronted with her own childhood pain. Can she trust Porter?

All roads seem to lead back to the ranch. In Porter, Justine and young Tom see a man who holds the key to healing their hearts, and for the first time ever, Porter sees a chance for a family. Will they all be brave enough to forgive their own pasts and imagine a future together?

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This book will begin shipping August 24, 2021

The Montana Cowboy’s Heart is currently available in digital format only:

ISBN: 978-1-954894-41-9

August 24, 2021