Winter’s Haunting Pledge


Leigh Ann Edwards

By winter’s end, will she survive the sworn pledge or be forever haunted?

Newlywed, Rhianwyn Mulryan is blissfully happy. But a magical pact she made with three close friends foretells the impending end of her enchanted life. Over the next year, as the seasons change, the women will exchange lives. With the first transformation, Rhianwyn will experience her friend Selena’s life as a harlot where she’ll need to fend off the cruel brothel owner and evade a mysterious murderer. Worse still, until she’s herself again, Rhianwyn must battle the powerful attraction to her husband, Broccan—or risk destroying everything she loves most.

Celebrated knight Sir Broccan Mulryan is unexpectedly content in his harmonious life with his beautiful wife. But jealous rivalries and disturbing visits from his past force a dangerous journey to another kingdom. Upon returning, Broccan is distressed to find his beloved Rhianwyn completely changed. Not only that, but he’s suddenly absurdly attracted to her best friend, a harlot.

As winter’s chill descends, the fires of friendship and romance flicker. Can true love weather the season? Or will the magical spell destroy them all?

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Rhianwyn was holding the note to her heart when she heard the monastery bells chime out signalling midnight. The candle on the stand flickered. Perhaps a draft from the hearth, but then the bed began to shake. She became disoriented—everything seemed hazy. She lay upon the bed, trying to fight the unsteadiness. Now the room spun. The bed turned, too—the opposite way of the bedchamber. She held Broccan’s pillow tighter, tucked the note beneath the mattress and lost consciousness.


She awoke in the guest house in Selena’s room. Rhianwyn glanced down to see red hair. She leapt out of bed and went to the looking glass.

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ISBN: 978-1-958686-40-9

January 31, 2023

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