The Gallaghers of Montana

What do three doctors, a rancher, and a mysterious missing sister have in common? They are the Gallaghers of Montana. They all grew up on the Gallagher ranch in Marietta, Montana. As Marietta has grown so has its medical community, creating the opportunity for Jack, Sean and Wyatt to practice in their hometown. Dylan, the rancher, has never left, and he’s in charge of the ranch, which is part of all of the Gallaghers’ heritage. As for their sister, Glenna, she’s a bit of a mystery having vanished from her previous job in Argentina. So far no one has been able to find her.

The Gallagher brothers’ heroines are a varied and dynamic lot. Maya, a former model turned businesswoman, Honey, a barrel-racing cowgirl, Mia, an artist, and Dr. Samantha Striker are all strong women who go after what they want. As for Glenna, the missing sister, she’ll have a hero of her own when she comes back to Marietta.