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STRICTLY OFF LIMITS: Release Day Blog Post featuring Stella Holt!

Write What You Know…

While living in Pakistan a decade ago, I decided I finally had enough time on my hands to write a complete novel. I wasn’t married and had no kids at the time, so even with a 60-hour work week, every evening and on weekends I wrote. After years of jotting down half finished stories with Alpha heroes and the spitfire women they fell in love with, I spent my evenings typing away. That first draft was a mess, but at its core Last First Kiss was born. The story of a young widow just trying to move forward in life without the guilt that comes from heartbreak and missing someone you love that died too young.

I think a lot of writers like to honor the people in their lives that have left
lasting impressions, and I’m no different. The widow in Last First Kiss is loosely based on my mother, who found herself a young widow with three kids to raise and a broken heart. My mom was vivacious, funny, beautiful, and also a writer of sorts as an English teacher and former journalist. She dedicated her life to her family, loved all things Hallmark, and never remarried so I wrote her the steamy romance she deserved.

I’m also drawn to writing these strong, real-life, first responder alpha
heroes like Rory in Battle of Hearts, because I’m married to one, and there are a half dozen more in my family. These men that dedicate their lives to serving their communities, protecting and serving, are real people. With all their muscles, and gorgeous smiles, tattoos, and love of country, they have dreams, desires, and women that can wrap them up in knots. They put on their uniforms, and make it look good, but their badges don’t shield them from danger. They develop a family-like bond with their colleagues, their brothers and sisters, and pray to never need to use force, but they will hone their fitness to make sure they are ready for any challenge. They are funny and witty like Conner in Strictly Off Limits and will steal your heart with one smoldering look. Every day alphas are all around us, and I highly recommend you nab one for keeps.

I hope you enjoy my Legacy of the Maguires series, full of yummy, stoic,
handsome, alpha heroes, and strong, smart, women that capture their attention and love. #RomanceBooks #ReadzTule #StellaHoltBooks

About the Author

Stella Holt authorAuthor of your next binge-worthy romance series, Stella has been plotting sexy, tear-jerker stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Born a Georgia peach, Stella loves all things country but calls the beach home even though she’s currently living outside D.C. with her family. Most days she can be found drinking too much coffee, collecting lipstick she forgets to wear, and baking.

Stella’s first series featuring first responders debuts in 2023. You can find her on Instagram @stellaholtbooks and www.stellaholt.com