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C.J. Carmichael’s Twisted Cedars Anniversary Editions Find Forever Home with Tule

It’s a big week for USA Today bestselling author C.J. Carmichael, as her latest stand-alone mystery, Tangle of Lies, releases May 16. We’re also celebrating the special anniversary release of her wildly popular Twisted Cedars Mysteries titles: Buried, Forgotten, and Exposed.

Buried alone has 21,000 reviews on Amazon, with the majority of those five-star ratings. So for those fans, we sat down with C.J. for some behind-the-scenes secrets:

Q. Share a moment when you were scared while writing your book.
A. In Buried, there is a scene where Jamie is out in the forest on her own, running from danger but possibly also running to danger. That got my blood pumping!

Q: What situation turns you into the biggest scaredy-cat?

A: I hate looking out a window if I’m alone in the dark at night. I’m afraid there will be a face looking back at me!

Q: What secret have you kept hidden—until now?

A. Oh no. You’re not going to break me this easily.