EXCLUSIVE Excerpt from Jane Porter’s Miracle on Chance Avenue!

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Jane Porter’s newest release Miracle on Chance Avenue is the second her in Love on Chance Avenue series.  Today, she gives us an exclusive excerpt of that new release!

Comment below telling us what Christmas miracle you’re wishing for this Christmas for a chance to win an exclusive prize pack from Jane herself!



She was back.
It had been almost a month since Rory Douglas had last seen her, so long that he’d almost

stopped looking for her every night. But now she was back in the stands, this time in Clovis, California, over halfway across the country from the last time he’d spotted her in Santa Fe, and before Santa Fe, it had been Nashville.

She was even more beautiful tonight, her brilliant copper red hair in a loose side braid, the expression in her brown eyes somber as she watched Kane Wilder dash out of the ring after his electrifying ride.

Rory’s pulse quickened when she turned her head and looked at him, finding him in his chute. Their gazes locked, and Rory didn’t look away, wanting her to know he saw her, and remembered her. Each time, every time. The first time he’d spotted her in the stands had been two and a half years ago in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It wasn’t a big stadium, and she’d been so beautiful she seemed to glow with light and life. She’d seemed familiar, too, but he wasn’t sure why.

Two and a half years later he still didn’t know anything about her, and yet his gut told him she was there for him, that her appearances at the various tour events these past few years had always been for him.

Or maybe he just wanted her to be there for him.

Maybe his ego needed to believe that beautiful, young things were still attracted to him, despite the fact that he was the oldest man on the American Extreme Bull Rider Tour, earning Rory the nickname Gramps from the other guys.

Rory didn’t mind the nickname. At thirty-eight he was too old to still be competing, and twice the age of the youngest athletes. But competing kept him on the road, and busy, and too tired and sore to think of anything but getting through the next day. He liked the guys on tour, too. Over the years they’d become his family, a tough, practical, uncomplaining family, which suited him just fine because his real family was far more complicated, which was another way of saying painful, and at times, more bitter than sweet.

Every night after Rory chalked his rope, taped up his hands, and stretched, he’d say a prayer as he settled onto the back of his bull.

He didn’t ask God to keep him safe. He didn’t ask for anything for himself, but rather he prayed that the good Lord would keep His hand over his sister McKenna’s head. He prayed that his brother Quinn would one day find a good woman and have a family. And then he’d pray that both of them would know peace after he was gone.

But tonight, just as he was about to climb into the chute, he’d felt that pull, that now familiar, taut, electric tension that told him she was there, the tension that made him lift his gaze and search the stands until he found her.

His mystery woman, a woman he’d come to think of as his angel.

Rory lowered his weight onto Hammerfall’s back and tightened the rope, wrapping it tightly around his hand as calm and resolve settled into his bones. He wouldn’t die tonight, not with her here in the stands. It wouldn’t be fair. It wasn’t the way he wanted to be remembered.

Attention now fixed between the bull’s massive shoulders, Rory nodded his head, indicating he was good to go. And then the chute opened, and Hammerfall charged into the ring, bucking and twisting, and Rory settled back into the pocket, or what he hoped would be the pocket, but

inexplicably Hammerfall gyrated the opposite direction, flinging Rory forward while the bull threw his head back. Rory knew a split second before the impact that it wasn’t going to be good, and he found himself praying just before all went black.

Give me a chance, Lord.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of forty-nine romances and women’s fiction titles, Jane Porter has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award five times and won in 2014 for Best Novella with her story, Take Me, Cowboy, from Tule Publishing. Today, Jane has over 12 million copies in print, including her wildly successful, Flirting With Forty, picked by Redbook as its Red Hot Summer Read, and reprinted six times in seven weeks before being made into a Lifetime movie starring Heather Locklear. A mother of three sons, Jane holds an MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and makes her home in sunny San Clemente, CA with her surfer husband and two dogs.


  1. To find my own Rory…seriously loved the story and it kept me company, while waiting to see if we were going to be evacuated. Happy Release Day!

  2. To be well so I can spend Christmas with family,on Thanksgiving I had a virus and had to miss the get to get her and have been mostly sick since then. My miracle would to not be sick for Christmas.

  3. I am hoping that my family doesn’t get the flu this year! We had Christmas dinner closer to New Years than Christmas because it ran through us.

  4. I am hoping that my husband will find out he is an eligible canidate for life changing surgery for him. Thank you for the chance.

  5. I love this book! The miracle I wish for for Christmas is for my husband to get a new job where he is treated fairly and respected. And winning the lottery wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. My cousin have a happy and healthy baby boy; not only is she near SoCal fires in Sunland, she’s got gestational diabetes. She’s made it to almost 37 weeks.

  7. I hope to find a new job in the new year, or to miraculously survive the changing of the supervisors at my current job.

  8. The miracle I’m hoping for is that the Republicans in Congress do NOT pass that awful tax bill that gives to the rich (isn’t that really welfare?) and takes from the rest of us. (I wish I didn’t have to be political here but trickle-down hasn’t worked any of the times it’s been tried in the last 30+ years and it won’t work this time either and Republicans finally realizing that is the miracle I am desperately wishing for.)

  9. I would love for it to snow where I am for Christmas. We’ve been in NY for 14 years and it still hasn’t actually snowed on Christmas! :)

  10. I’m looking for a Christmas miracle in the form of a new job. I’m really struggling and getting a new job would be so very gratifying and appreciated.

  11. I am hoping that some of my friends will settle their differences and get along. It will be easier to be around them.

  12. My Christmas miracle is for my husband to find a job soon! He hasn’t gotten a paycheck since the end of May, & things have been very tough!

  13. This will be a very Christmas miracle for me,my husband
    Come for Christmas from Cardiff Walse .he has been there for seven years,there were trouble with a company
    Building project et the government shut him and the whole investers down,he could not come home til they pay off all late fees,before they could pay employees from back pay,this has kept out faith so stronge,his mom passed away,my son could not finish privat school.but God has kept us tight.

  14. Can’t wait to start reading your newest. Love all your books. Please know we readers are grateful. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity to win win such a lovely prize package. The Christmas Miracle I’m wishing for is a peaceful time spent with my family. We’ve lost two key members of our family in the last two years, so it makes it harder to be together for the Holidays without the two people who loved our family gatherings the most-my Grandmother and my beloved cousin Tina. They were the heart of our family and I just wish we could all be together and remember the Joy we shared with them each holiday season and find peace in being together.

  16. I would love for my son to get hire full time at a college or University. He has been teaching as an adjunct for 4 years since he got hid PhD and needs full time work.

  17. My Christmas wish is that I have another year with my mom. She is 89 and has lived with my husband and me since Katrina in 2005. I love this time of year and the music, movies and of course books make me realize how blessed I am. Merry Christmas! And for those not Christians, Happy Holidays!

    1. Sheila, My husband and I took care of my in laws for 8 years. Such a blessing. Hard, but a blessing. Much love to you and yours. It takes a special family to share their love so deeply God bless.

  18. My Christmas miracle would be for my husband to get a full time job that he is proud of and allows him to use his many years of experience and wisdom.

  19. My first wish is for older son to move to NJ to live with his girlfriend & FIND A JOB.
    Second wish is for younger son to finish his course work and start looking for a job.
    Third wish is for younger daughter to get accepted to her graduate program.
    Fourth wish is for older daughter to find ways to self-care better and maybe become pregnant. I would love to be a grandma.
    Fifth wish is for healing of my body, especially recent broken bones.
    Sixth wish is for hubby to have more patience.

  20. I am wishing for the miracle of having my boys home from Iraq and Afghanistan together with their brother and sister. First time in 10 years. We are all scattered, but well.

  21. A cure for cancer would be a wonderful miracle, at Christmas or any time. Someone very near and dear to me needs such healing, as do so many millions around the world.

  22. I would love a safe and happy holidays with my husband and kids. And for my husband to be ok starting his home inspection business since being laid off from his company after 17 years.

  23. I think my wish for Christmas is for my family to be healthy & happy. And to get lots of yarn for my projects for next year.

  24. My Christmas Miracle would be for my daughter to be able to drive home for Christmas safely. I am a basket case worrying about it when she makes the long drive home on those busy interstates. I also wish for World Peace. I really want that for my children’s sake and every one else. The girls might be grown now, but I would love for them to know what peace in the world truly is. Merry Christmas!

  25. The Christmas miracle I’d like is for all veterans that are deployed to be safe and come home healthy in body and mind.

  26. Great excerpt. A nice teaser. My miracle would be to keep my seven children safe and healthy. Happy Holidays.

  27. We already had our Christmas miracle last week when God worked everything out to save my daughter with emergency surgery. We are very thankful!

  28. My hope is that the medical profession would help and researchers find cures those with autoimmune diseases.

  29. There are things I could really use at the moment, but I really would love to see this Country come together as one, without any more fighting with one another. I see it every day on line, and it’s getting more hateful every day!! Loved the excerpt, and Thank You for the great giveaway!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  30. My Christmas wish this year would b 2 year but a Kindle Fire 2 Read the bks.of Jane Porter n many other Authors((sigh))

  31. The miracle that I am looking for is a new car as my current vehicle is more than 10 years old and every month there is a new problem. Replacement parts are hard to find and when we do find them, they are very expensive. At this time I feel like I am pouring water into the ocean with the money that I am spending on keeping it running. I’ve entered a contest which draws on January 7th and am praying real hard that I can win the grand prize of a new car.

  32. for our leaders to able to put aside what they want and do what is right for the country and the world. to put God back has the head and do what is right

  33. My miracle wish would be for every one to be healthy (selfishly myself included). Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was no sickness or pain in the world. However, I do think the bad times makes us appreciate the good times all the more.

    Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Merry Christmas!

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