Tule Author Q&A: M.A. Guglielmo gets creative with characters

New Tule author M.A. Guglielmo took a beat to talk about her new release, Summoned.


Zahara is an outrageous character. If someone gave her $5,000 to spend freely, where would she go?

Vegas, baby! And since she can magically enchant slot machines to do her evil bidding, that 5K might end up as a lot more money for her to spend on fashion and sweets.




What is Daniel’s favorite memory with his grandmother? Were they close?
Daniel received a good deal of comfort from his grandmother during his parent’s divorce, and her grand love affair with his grandfather is the kind of love he hopes to find.



Who would you like to play Zaid if Summoned was adapted for the screen?
Marwan Kenzari, who plays bad guy Jafar in the life-action Aladdin, has great potential to play the good-but-dangerous Zaid.




If Zahara had a favorite song, what would it be?
Bad Girls by M.I.A.


What are you currently reading?
King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Awesome world-building and a great slow burn on her romantic arcs.


About the Author
Born and raised in Rhode Island, M.A. Guglielmo is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters and works as a neurosurgeon in academic practice. Drawing on her life-long love of imaginative fiction, she writes stories based mostly on Middle Eastern and Southern European mythology and legend.


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