Tule Author Q&A: Michelle Beattie gives us cowboy truth

Tule author Michelle Beattie took some time to give us the skinny on her second book in the Tangled Up in Texas series, Cowboy True.




How is Gage Granger different from Dallas Granger (your hero from Cowboy Up)?
Where Dallas is more the hot head and the “bad boy” Gage is the sweetheart, the glue of the family.  He’s the caregiver.  If someone needs help, Gage will be the first to step in.  He’s also a take charge kind of man, but in a more subtle way than Dallas. Gage finesses what he wants, rather than demands.  So you don’t see him coming the way you would Dallas.  But it’s just as, if not more, effective.



How and when did Faith and Gabe first meet?
They met in high school when Faith’s mother abandoned her with her grandmother.  While the attraction was always there for Faith, she never felt she was good enough for Gage.  And by the time Gage summoned up the courage to tell her his feelings, she’d made the decision to leave town. Not wanting to stand in her way, Gage let her go. He’s regretted that decision ever since. So six years later, when the book takes place, when he bumps into Faith again, he’s determined not to let her go again.



What would be Gabe and Faith’s favorite song to slow dance to?
“Amazed” by Lonestar.  I think they’re both amazed by the other and how they feel when they’re together.



When Gabe’s not working the ranch, what is his favorite this to do?
He likes to ride and fish. Likes watching ball games on TV with his brothers. He’s also a really good cook!



What are you currently reading?
B.J Daniels’s Rancher’s Dream.










Award-winning author Michelle Beattie began writing in 1995, almost immediately after returning from her honeymoon.  It took 12 long years but she achieved her dream of seeing her name on the cover of a book when she sold her novel, What A Pirate Desires, in 2007.  Since then she’s written and published several more historical novels as well a contemporary.  Her pirate books have sold in several languages, been reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly and Romantic Times.  Two of her independent self-published works went on to win the Reader’s Choice Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest.

When Michelle isn’t writing she enjoys playing golf, reading, walking her dog, travelling and sitting outside enjoying the peace of country life.  Michelle comes from a large family and treasures her brothers and sister as well as the dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins she’s proud to call family.  She lives outside a tiny town in east-central Alberta, Canada with her husband, two teenage daughters and their dog, Ty.


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