Two Cozies + One Thriller = Tule’s July Mystery Releases!

Need a new mystery? Why don’t you check out our two newest cozy releases coming out this month and maybe add our latest thriller to your TBR list!

Join Rebecca and Aneksi in this engaging and humorous cozy mystery as they unravel a tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem while discovering more secrets in Citrus Grove.

Rebecca Cuthbert, no stranger to false accusations, rushes to defend her baker best friend when she’s accused of murdering Citrus Grove’s Elvis-loving mayor with a deadly petit four.

But Rebecca recognizes the real clue: this death is the work of the Emerald Scarab, one of the cursed artifacts she vowed to track down after it was stolen from her grandfather’s quirky antique shop.

Now she must navigate a peculiar maze of clues and enchantments, aided by her grandfather’s wise counsel and the scattered recollections of an immortal talking cat, Aneksi, who once encountered the scandalous scarab in Cleopatra’s court. With each revelation, her search becomes a frantic race to find the killer and the amulet before they can hurt anyone else.

But her meddling puts her in the killer’s path, and Rebecca must rely on her fledgling investigative skills to save her friend from jail and herself from becoming the sleepy Southern California town’s latest murder victim.

Instead of walking down the aisle, the bride is suspected of murder…. 

Maddie Bell’s life and career have hit peak stride. She’s sold her cozy mystery series and is contracted for two more books; she’s engaged to Hemlock’s chief of police; and her mother has purchased and restored the beautiful historic mansion, Gracewood Hall, in their hometown of Hemlock, North Carolina. Three generations—Gigi, Maddie, and Jenna–are now happily engaged in the wedding and special event business.

But their highly scrutinized inaugural event—the wedding of an A-List social media influencer—becomes a murder scene before the rehearsal dinner. Kate Archer, the professional bridesmaid Jenna hired, is found bludgeoned by a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, not only threatening their new business, but also sending Jenna into a tailspin of guilt. She knew Kate from college and had begged her to fill in as the maid of honor.

Even as the police warn Maddie not to interfere with the investigation, mother and daughter set out to discover who killed Kate and dispel the growing rumors that Gracewood Hall is cursed.

In the deadly future after the second civil war, the United States is divided and dangerous…

Agent Heather Slade is a beautiful well-crafted fake. A perfect lie. A highly-trained asset with no country, no memory, and no home. She spies for a secretive group of Revo agents from the democratic Free States and fights against the crushing power of the charismatic authoritarian leader who controls the militant Patriot regions. Risking her life, she infiltrates top levels of the brutal government and lives deeply under cover with her enemies.

Heather’s current mission is to smuggle a package from under the President’s nose onto a highly guarded golden train and bring it to safety in the Free States. Her partner on the perilous journey is a handsome but inexperienced foreign agent with secrets of his own. Why is Miguel Robles so hauntingly familiar? He might hold the key to finding the family she no longer remembers—if they survive the mission.

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