Loveless and Dunn

Welcome to Magnolia Bay, South Carolina—where the Loveless and Dunn families have been arch rivals ever since Hugh Dunn worked tirelessly to save the town’s oldest building, only to have Davis Loveless tear it down to build something new. But when Brady Loveless falls hard for Peach Dunn, the rules of rivalry can’t compete with the laws of attraction—and when it comes to true love, all bets are off!

Follow the feisty Dunn sisters and the irresistible Loveless brothers through this six-book series as they find themselves, and several of their dearest friends, navigating the wild and passionate waters of lasting love. If you’re in the mood for sweet, sassy love stories, set against a backdrop of moss-drenched oaks and sultry summer nights, then pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea, kick off your flip-flops, and settle in for romance with the Loveless and Dunn series!