Hotel Hookup: Austin by Annabelle Snow is Here!

Erotica explores character interactions, peeling back the layers so readers can see the inner workings on a deeper level. 

Romance readers are dedicated, loyal supporters of authors, and with good reason: the romance genre is one of the most versatile genres. From historical to contemporary, paranormal to inspirational, from sweet to steamy to every degree in between, romances offer something for everyone. 

Within the last few years, one subgenre of romance writing that has garnered serious attention is erotica. This style of writing offers a charged storyline with a high heat level.  

But erotica is more than a story about sex.

Erotica explores character interactions, peeling back the layers so readers can see the inner workings on a deeper level. Erotica exposes thoughts, desires, and encounters in a behind-the-bedroom-door approach that lays everything out for the reader. It’s a chance for the reader to experience those interactions, no holding back.

Erotica progresses at a faster pace and with more physical interactions than a general romance work, allowing readers to safely explore sexual fantasies along with the characters. Erotica’s pace and honesty in storytelling are what appeal to many readers—and that’s precisely why readers return again and again to the subgenre.
The beauty of fiction—regardless of the genre—is that it allows readers to ask “What if?” questions and explore the world from another perspective. With erotica, that perspective is simply a more private one than most romances offer.
Erotica is as varied a subgenre as any. Within the broad umbrella, there are storylines to fit all kinds of sexuality preferences and comfort levels. So if you are looking to expand your library—and if you love a great story—consider adding erotica titles to your reading list. 

Annabelle Snow is a well-traveled author whose love of adventure (and luxury accommodations!) inspired for Hotel Hookup series. A fan of good coffee and high thread count sheets, she enjoys sharing fiction using real-life locations. Annabelle earned two undergraduate degrees before completing her Master of Arts degree in English and lives, for now, in a house. Maybe one day she’ll live in a hotel. 


  1. I love reading romance as it is always in a city that is so romantic and they visit interesting places. Also you never know what is going to happen or where. It is a great genre to read

  2. I love reading romance because it takes you away to the west or to small towns or beaches. I love the characters that feel like my friends.

  3. Romance is my favorite genre. Be it historical or contempory. Since there is always a happy ending it’s good to read romance and how the relationships progress to the hea.
    Carol L

  4. it connects me to my grandmother who passed on her romance books to me starting when I was 11 and no one else wanted them… and the escape from reality doesn’t hurt either

  5. Because its an escape — the heroes in books are much more romantic than my husband and the sex scenes are pretty good, too!

  6. I love reading romance because it keeps you hopeful when you’re single, and gives you some ideas when you’re in a relationship ;p

  7. I love reading Romance, because when you finish the book, you always end up feeling good!! The book has a great ending 99% of the time, and it makes you feel so great, you wish it could go on a few more pages!!

  8. I read romance because I like it when two people are attracted to each other even when they’re not looking for love. They go the distance working together to make their commitment to each other last against the odds.

    I’ve been married 40myears and Iwant others to find their soul mate.

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