Annabelle Snow Reveals the Inspiration Behind her Hotel Hookup series

That’s what smart sex can do: it can fulfill.

Sex exists, whether readers talk about it or not. And talking about it in fiction provides a safe space in which to explore it.

That’s the impetus for the Hotel Hookup series. Through these novellas, readers meet professional women in four different cities. These are smart women who have smart sex.

The protagonists are not call girls, not adulterers, not one-night-stand-crazed college coeds. They make conscious decisions to have sexual experiences, all in high-end hotels. In these settings of luxe accommodations, the women have room and time to step away from their ordinary lives. Afterwards, there’s no amnesia or regrets. Their experiences are fulfilling, and they are better because of them.

That’s what smart sex can do: it can fulfill.

In Hotel Hookup, there is no “fade to black” in the scenes. Instead, readers are privy to the protagonists’ consensual, adult exploration behind the hotel door. Readers witness how sex drives couples together, but they further explore ways that sex is handled differently by different women.

Through this lens of fiction, readers can travel with these women and experience encounters alongside them, from the comfort of wherever the text is read. Still, readers might consider hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside their rooms when they begin the stories because, like the protagonists, they won’t want the fun to stop once it starts.

Annabelle Snow is a well-traveled author whose love of adventure (and luxury accommodations!) inspired for Hotel Hookup series. A fan of good coffee and high thread count sheets, she enjoys sharing fiction using real-life locations. Annabelle earned two undergraduate degrees before completing her Master of Arts degree in English and lives, for now, in a house. Maybe one day she’ll live in a hotel. 


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