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THE SLIDE INTO RUIN: Release day blog featuring author Bronwyn Stuart + GIVEAWAY!

Gosh book 2 of my Daughters of Disgrace series has come around quick! It seems like only yesterday I was answering questions about The Road to Ruin and now here we are with The Slide into Ruin right on the horizon. Some of you who read that last interview I gave for book 1 might be a little confused when they pick up book 2 because all I seem to bang on about these days are fierce heroines looking after themselves like it’s no one’s business! Eliza is a little different than Daniella was. I absolutely hate it when the heroine in a romance novel is a victim but sometimes the circumstances behind the why’s are more important than the their start in the book. A victim of circumstance is a different beast altogether. 

You see, Eliza’s father, the Duke of Penfold, has abandoned his children to their fate. He gambled away their legacy on bad decisions and terrible advice and now owes a very large sum of money to some very awful fellows. Intending to sell Eliza’s younger sister to pay the debt, Eliza forges a marriage bargain for herself to save her sister and hold onto the title for her brother who is nearly of age. That’s who Eliza is, she is the protector of her siblings but what happens when Eliza herself also needs protecting in this world of powerful men and their games? Enter Darius!

Darius is an ex-pirate (we met him in book 1) who has turned his sights to legitimacy in business but is illegitimate in truth and England knows it. He also now owns the debt Eliza’s father and his no-good friends were to repay which means he essentially now owns Eliza. The only way to keep her and her siblings safe is to go through with the marriage and collect the inheritance bestowed on her by her late mother so he can repair his storm-battered ship and sail everyone back to Boston and out of harm’s way. 

But don’t think Eliza will go to her fate easily! She is as fierce as her strength will allow her to be since she’s been going without for the sake of her family. She holds an Earl and his heir at gunpoint. She enters a house full of pirates with her young and impressionable siblings. She forged a marriage contract not even fully knowing who she will have to marry or even if he would come to collect! She takes on an Earl, a magistrate, a notorious villain and a new husband. Eliza’s quiet strength and her determination is what makes her a notable heroine in my eyes, and hopefully in yours too… 

Publishers Weekly called The Slide into Ruin ‘pitch perfect’ in their starred review and readers are loving Darius and Eliza, and their bumpy journey to reach their happily ever after.

And stay tuned for book 3 coming soon! Rose Clairmont is the daughter of a careless earl but is also a smuggler who needs no help from anyone until a villain begins to harass her cargo off the coast of Dover. Who better to appeal for help than Anthony Germaine, the son of a notorious pirate, brother to the infamous Daniella? Her plans hit a snag when she discovers Anthony upholds the law and has no plans to help her break it!

Tell me your favourite lead female (in books or screen) for a chance to win one of two ebooks of The Slide into Ruin! Winners will be drawn at random at the end of the week. 


Bronwyn Stuart.

Tule Author Q&A: Bronwyn Stuart discusses female characters with backbones!

Bronwyn Stuart stopped in to discuss the first book in her Daughters of Disgrace series, The Road to Ruin!


Welcome to Tule! What is one thing you can tell our readers that no one else knows about you?

Oh gosh! Asking the hard question straight up! It’s so silly but I have to eat little snacks in twos. Cheetos, m&ms and small things like peanuts. One for each side of my mouth to chew on. Completely ridiculous but since I’m not a private person, there’s not much people don’t already know about me.


Brown Sailing Boat on the Sea during SunsetDaniella is such a strong female character in a time where women are historically more subservient. Where did you draw inspiration for her?

My mother raised me to be outspoken and quite opinionated and anyone who follows my socials knows I’m not shy or quiet. I need my heroines to have a lot of backbone, even if it might be hidden at first. I guess I drew inspiration from the opposite of subservient and where that might lead a young woman who is used to running the decks of a pirate ship who suddenly finds herself bound by the constraints of society and her pressures. Almost all of my heroines are strong women who find themselves in positions of losing that feeling of power and having to try to find a way to get it back.


How do you relate to James and Daniella, and how do you hope readers will relate to them?

I think Daniella and James are both pre-judged by London society and while James thinks he needs to restore his family honour and toe the line, Daniella can’t imagine why anyone would want to be told what to do and when to do it. It comes back to subservient women I think and how I can’t stand that attitude. James starts out thinking he can control Daniella and that she’s just wild and irresponsible but as you get to know them both, you realise it’s so much more than that. 

What’s at stake and what they’ll both have to give up to find true love on an equal level, it’s what all relationship goals should look like.


What was your favorite scene to write and why?

At one point in the last half of the book James and Daniella find themselves prisoner aboard a pirate ship (not her father’s). This is where we get to meet Darius, who is amazing btw (book 2), and it also forces an even closer proximity for James and Daniella to explore their feelings. It was a delicious chapter to write!





What are you currently reading?

Eve Dangerfield’s Silver Daughters Ink series. I usually read one historical and then one contemporary that’s light and sexy and fun. I’ve loved the first two books and can’t wait for the third to be released!


About the Author

Bronwyn Stuart is a multi-published, award-winning author of both contemporary and historical romantic fiction. Her latest Regency series, Daughters of Disgrace, will be released July 2020 by Tule Publishing. She and her shoe collection share a house in the Adelaide Hills with her husband, kids, dogs and cat. She’s a sucker for a love story and a bad boy. You can find out more at www.bronwynstuart.com