Tule Author Q&A: L.M. Connolly’s ‘Hearts’ go on

Tule author L.M. Connolly takes the time to chat about Captive Hearts, the second installment in her Hearts on Fire series, that releases on Monday, July 1.

What is Ethan’s secret to being a great negotiator?
Patience and knowledge. He learns about his opposition, and then uses it for leverage. He also takes into account what the other side wants. If he can deliver that, he will.

Book One: Racing Hearts took us to Italy and now we’re in London with Ethan and Scarlett. Where will Hearts on Fire take us next?
We’re in Texas! Houston, to be precise. I love Texas and Houston is a vibrant, exciting city.

What are three things Scarlett always travels with?
Her phone, her hair tongs and her core make-up collection.

What is one thing Ethan wishes he could say to his family, but never does?

“Leave me alone.” His father is manipulating, and his late mother abandoned him when he was a baby. But his father continues to interfere with everything he does.

What are you currently reading?
“The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital” by Dan Cruickshank. It’s a fascinating read!


About the Author
I write. That’s what I do. And I love a happy ending, especially a well-deserved one.
I started writing in the historical romance genre, and I still love writing stories about those characters.

I write contemporary romance, too, about people you might know, or know of. Stories of passionate men and women who care for each other, set in places I’ve visited, like Houston, Florence, Rome and London.

But I branched out into paranormal romance and discovered a new world of Talents-shape-shifters (ever wonder where all those dragons went? They never left!), vampires, Sorcerers (a race of people with very special gifts) and others, as well as humans, who are not underestimated in my stories.

I’ve won awards and competitions, and topped the odd best-selling list, but that’s not why I write. I do it because I’ve always done it, though my career as a market analyst and then as a stay at home mum. I love to write.

I also make and fill doll’s houses, so I suppose I’m all about the worlds of the imagination, and trying to make them real. I live in the UK, but I try to get over to the US when I can, to visit friends and to attend conventions. If I could choose a city to live in, it would probably be Manchester or Paris. I know, strange choices! Or Florence. Or New York. Or all four!


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