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10 Years in the Making: How Megan Crane’s Love of Marietta Led to Cowboy Point

Ten years ago I went on a spectacular writing retreat on Flathead Lake in Montana and dreamed up a town called Marietta with a few friends I bet you’ve heard of. Later that year, my book TEMPT ME, COWBOY was not only the first book ever published by Tule—it was the very first book set in Marietta, Montana. 

Since then I’ve written a bunch of quirky novellas and books set in and around Marietta, or having some connection to Marietta, as I (mostly) followed a bunch of cousins from the extended Grey family through their sometimes deliciously tortured journeys toward happy ever afters. I’ve gone on more Montana writing retreats—including one that took us on a road trip across the west to Deadwood, South Dakota, for an epic rodeo. I dipped in and out of Marietta over the years, and have a lot of pretty deep feelings about the place. To me, it feels like a place I lived in once and had to move away from.

Last fall, I got to revisit Marietta for the first time in years. I wrote TEMPT ME PLEASE COWBOY and got deeply nostalgic for cowboys, Montana, and beautiful Paradise Valley. Another road trip  up from Jackson Hole, through the Tetons and Yellowstone and on to Livingston, sealed the deal. I was nostalgic for big skies, soaring mountains, and cowboys who feel a little like both.

I wanted to come back to what feels so much like home to me.

That’s how Cowboy Point was born.

Cowboy Point is a tiny community on the other side of Copper Mountain, a good ten mile drive—in good weather—into Marietta. 

The community is a mix of old time miners’ families who found the copper barons down in the valley a bit too heavy handed for their tastes back in the 1850s, cowboys and ranchers who’ve worked the land in the Gallatin Range’s more remote valleys for generations, the usual mountain types who are drawn to far off places, and the artists and other hermit-minded fancier folk that are everywhere in Montana these days.

Cowboy Point has no stoplights but it does boast one elementary school while the older kids are bussed into Marietta, weather permitting. There’s one small but feisty library, a feed store, and the General Store with its selection of conveniences on one side, a diner of sorts in the middle, and a bar on the other side over the creek. Not long ago, some folks opened up a pizza and ice cream sort of place across the road, and sometimes there’s live, local music to go along with the family-friendly atmosphere. There’s even the old Cowboy Point Lodge, the Jewel of the Rockies in its days, that has fallen into disrepair since the Stark Boys (now dead or in their 70s) spent their entire lives arguing over who should get to run it. 

Most people either have deep roots here, like the Starks, and therefore a tangled family history to work out. Some have that and a grudge, like the Careys and the Lisles, who have been feuding since day one. Newcomers—meaning anyone who turned up after the early 1900s—might have fewer feuds and less ancient tangles, but one thing they all share is a deep sense of pride and place.

You have to want to live in Cowboy Point. It’s a lot easier to slide on down the mountain into Paradise Valley and live in places with fewer memories and a whole lot more services.

But once the high mountain air gets a hold of you, not to mention the spectacular views across one of the most beautiful places in all of Montana, you might find it hard to call anywhere else home.

That’s true for Harlan Carey, the oldest of the Carey brothers. He’s spent his whole life on his family’s ranch, was born on the land and intends to die on it—but not without doing his part to continue the family legacy.

Meaning: he needs a wife.

But he’s an overly practical man, so he figures that instead of dating around with time he doesn’t have, he’ll place an ad in the paper for the exact wife he wants, just like cowboys did for years when the west was still wild:

Cowboy looking for wife to work the land, help with the business, and raise the next generation. Must be practical, reasonable, and honest.

When Kendall Darlington answers this ad, Harlan has himself a mail-order bride. He figures that the fact she’s so pretty is a distraction, but once they get used to each other, they’ll figure out how to have the sort of practical relationship he wants.

Except more time with Kendall only means more ways to want her, and that’s before her messy past comes calling…

There are five books planned in the Careys of Cowboy Point series, all of which you can read about here, and no shortage of other fine folks in the area, so here’s hoping we get to spend a lot of time there together:

The first in the series, THE COWBOY’S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE, comes out May 9 and I can’t wait to introduce you to Cowboy Point! 

I hope you’ll love it there as much as I do!

About the Author.

Megan Crane headshotUSA Today bestselling, multi-award-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Megan Crane has written more than 145 books, and shows no sign of slowing down. She publishes romance as Megan Crane and M.M. Crane with an exciting backlist of women’s fiction, rom-coms, chick lit, and young adult novels. She’s also won a large and loyal fanbase as Caitlin Crews with Harlequin Presents, Harlequin Dare, Harlequin Historical, and contemporary cowboy books. And for paranormal fun, Megan partners with Nicole Helm to publish as Hazel Beck for her witchy rom-com novels.

Megan has a Masters and Ph.D. in English Literature, has taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, and is always available to give workshops (or her opinion). She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her comic book artist husband, though, at any given time, she is likely to either be huddled in a coffee shop somewhere or off traveling the world. Preferably both.

A Double-Dose of Mystery: Exciting Tule Mystery Releases for May!

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The Echo by Melinda Di Lorenzo
The Lockwood Gate Thrillers | Book 2
May 7, 2024

Déjà vu can be deadly…

A year ago, Rose Mcgovern’s sister was found dead at the bottom of a bridge. A tragic accident. That’s what the police called it. What they still call it. What everyone except Rose believes to be true. But she won’t change her mind. No matter how many seconds and minutes and days go by, no matter how much time she’s had to spend in the psych ward, and no matter how much her life falls apart. She will never give up on her quest for the truth.

And now, it’s happening again.

Another woman’s body has been found. The circumstances are far too similar to be a coincidence. There might even be more victims. Which would mean that Rose was right all along. But the police have long since dismissed her as paranoid, and she’s driven away every friend she’s ever had. With nothing but her own conviction on her side, how can she prove that an accident is really a murder? And even if it’s possible, can she do it before she makes a deadly mistake and the killer claims her life, too?

Tangle of Lies by C.J. Carmichael
May 16, 2024

A murder rips through the quiet town of Tangle Falls, exposing a web of lies and buried sins.

Former science teacher Bobbie Galloway is shaken when a former student’s body is found along the tranquil river of sleepy Tangle Falls. She’s even more troubled that George Lindeman, another student of hers, is the prime suspect.

George was never able to escape the rumors surrounding his family’s death a decade ago and now he’s once again thrust into the spotlight of a murder investigation. Bobbie believes George is innocent. She never believed the rumors about him.

Hadley Hooper left Tangle Falls at seventeen but she’s back to right old wrongs. She believes George is innocent too. But can she be trusted, or does she have her own agenda?

As tensions mount in the aftermath of the murder, Bobbie is suspicious of Fern Sinclair, who just bought the deserted farmhouse next to Bobbie’s brother’s ranch. The home care worker claims she wants to restore the property’s garden to its former glory, but Bobbie can’t shake the feeling Fern is hiding something.

As whispers of suspicion echo through Tangle Falls, Bobbie embarks on a gripping journey into the heart of the town, unearthing secrets that threaten to unravel the very fabric of the community.

Unveiling Tule’s Romance Releases of the Month! (Plus a Giveaway!)

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The Eight Second Wedding by Anne McAllister
Cowboy, Come Home | Book 4

The Cowboy’s Mail-Order Bride by Megan Crane
The Careys of Cowboy Point | Book 1

When the Earl Desired Me by Lydia Lloyd
The Rake Chronicles | Book 3

Bayou Redemption by Susan Sands
Louisiana | Book 4

Enchanted by the Highlander by Gerri Russell
Guardians of the Isles | Book 6

Sworn to Honor by Charlee James
Sworn Navy SEALs | Book 2
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The Hardestys of Montana | Book 1

Rebecca Crowley Talks Writing the “Bad Boy” in her Latest Release TEXAS RECKLESS COWBOY

One of my favorite heroes to read – and write – is the bad boy. Who doesn’t love an outwardly devilish character secretly carrying around a heart of gold?

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Cy Powell, the hero of my most recent Tule release, Texas Reckless Cowboy. A scion of one of Last Stand, Texas’s most notorious criminal families, Cy’s last name has preceded him all his life. Even now, as a successful bar owner with a rapidly expanding real estate portfolio, his fellow citizens are known to cross the street when they see him coming.

Luckily for Cy, he has a rare opportunity for damage control. Georgia Star, Last Stand’s long-serving, meticulously ethical assistant district attorney, has found her one-horse race for the top job suddenly a derby, as an outsider with long-term political ambitions slides into town to run against her. She needs the voters parked on the stools in his bar, and he needs an upstanding stand-in girlfriend to impress real estate investors.

It’s an uncomplicated quid pro quo – until it isn’t. Cy has always played close to the lines of legality Georgia has dedicated her life to enforcing, yet there’s something about this charming ne’er-do-well she finds hard to resist. Cy is counting down the days until he can leave Last Stand and his insurmountable reputation behind, but he has to admit that Georgia makes his feet feel a little heavy. With the election looming closer, the clock is ticking on their fake relationship – which is starting to feel dangerously real.

I hope readers will enjoy this fake-dating, opposites-attract romance! Texas Reckless Cowboy is the second in a four-book series, so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

About the Author.

Rebecca Crowley inherited her love of romance from her mom, who taught her to at least partially judge a book by the steaminess of its cover. She writes contemporary romance with smart heroines and swoon-worthy heroes, and never tires of the happily-ever-after. Having pulled up her Kansas roots to live in New York City, London and Johannesburg, Rebecca currently resides in Houston.

Those Darn Kids! Lisa Lin Discusses Her Enemies-to-Lovers Romance in BETHANY MEETS HER MATCH

Bethany Meets Her Match is the third and final book in my From Sunset Park, With Love series. This book is an enemies/rivals to lovers romance, one of my favorite tropes. I love a battle of the sexes story where the hero and heroine go toe to toe. 

But this book also allowed me to indulge in another of my all time favorite tropes-the precocious kid/adorable moppet. In this case, the role of adorable moppet is played by Priyanka Mehra, the daughter of Bethany’s next store neighbors. Pri is four years old, the very definition of cuteness, and has everyone wrapped around her little finger, including Bethany and Ethan. For her part, Priyanka develops an immediate case of hero worship and a massive crush on Ethan the minute they meet-much to Bethany’s consternation. And Priyanka doesn’t even try to hide her favoritism and bias when she is a judge in Ethan and Bethany’s dumpling contest. 

The reason this particular trope is my ultimate catnip is because it’s such a fun way for the two leads to lower their guard and see each other in a new way. It is especially great when it’s a character you wouldn’t guess who would be good with kids, as is the case with Ethan. Ethan is a bit stuffy, takes pains with his clothes and appearance, and Bethany thinks he’s a snobby jerk. Yet, Priyanka warms to him immediately and the sentiment is returned, all of which forces Bethany to reevaluate her preconceived notions. As she puts it, someone who is so good with kids can’t be ALL bad right? And kids tend to be pretty darn good judges of character. I had so much fun writing the scene where Pri and Ethan interact and bond. To be honest, at certain points I was pretty sure she stole the show, which was perfectly fine with me. In fact, Pri plays a pivotal role in bringing our two lovers back together after the black moment. You’ll have to read the book to find out what she does.

Some of my favorite authors also wrote amazing books using this trope. The first that springs to mind is Nora’s Key of Valor and the relationship between Bradley Charles Vane IV and Zoe McCourt’s son Simon. From the beginning, something about Brad unnerves Zoe and sets her on edge. He’s too rich, too attractive, too out of her league. But Brad and Simon hit it off from the get go and form their own separate bond. They play video games together, Brad hangs up the cowboy boot birdhouse Simon made for him, and the two of them read Captain Underpants at bedtime. Who can resist that??? Certainly not Zoe. 

Another is Lisa Kleypas’s Devil’s Daughter. Widow Phoebe, Lady Clare isn’t inclined to think kindly of West Ravenel. West had history with her late husband. However, instead of the monstrous bully she envisioned, West is charming, sexy, hardworking and irresistible. But just like Brad and Zoe, a huge part of what won Phoebe over was seeing West interact with her son Justin. Wes doesn’t talk down to her son, rough houses with him, genuinely enjoys Justin’s company, and looks out for both her sons. With Justin deciding he wants Wes to marry his mother (to the point he asks Phoebe if she could smell like cake so West would propose) and her father Sebastian (formerly Lord St. Vincent now Duke of Kingston) deciding to pull strings behind the scenes and play matchmaker, Phoebe really had no chance. 

As you can see, I love this trope and that’s why I just had to include it in my latest book. I hope readers will enjoy Priyanka as much as I did and fall in love with Ethan and Bethany’s story as much as I did.

So tell me, is the cute precocious kid a trope you enjoy? Which ones are your favorites??

About the Author.

Lisa has been an avid romance reader and fan since she read her first Nora Roberts novel at the age of 13 after wandering the aisles of her local bookstore. Lisa loves that romance has the power to inspire, and believes that HEAs are for everyone.

Lisa writes light contemporary romantic comedies with a liberal dash of snark and banter. She enjoys delving into the complexity of Asian and immigrant family experiences, and celebrates female friendships in her trademark dry, witty style. As an Asian-American author writing own voices Asian American stories, Lisa hopes that her books will show the diversity of the Asian-American experience, and the importance of every reader being able to see themselves represented on the page.

A Wealth of Wisdom – Tule Author Leigh Ann Edwards Reflects on Scottish Vacations and Lessons Learned from her Grandmother

I’m excited to be here on the Tule blog today to tell you about Highland Dark Magic, book two in my Witch and Demon Hunter series. For those who don’t know me, I’m Leigh Ann Edwards. I write fantasy romance series often with historical elements and sometimes time travel. I’m thrilled to be working on my fifth series with Tule Publishing and grateful to be part of the wonderful Tule family. 

Living in Alberta, Canada, I’m so glad spring has finally arrived. Our dogs are happy that we can be outside more now that most of our snow has melted. Do I dare say that? I might jinx it and wake up to a blanket of white snow. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of April. Time goes by incredibly fast and the older I become the faster that seems to happen. 

My paternal grandmother, Mary Edwards, who was sixty when I was born, was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. She was a lovely, gentle soul. When I was about ten I must have been complaining about how slow time went by and Grandma firmly (for her) warned me not to wish time away. Back then it felt like time crawled especially when I was looking forward to something special like Christmas, my birthday, summer holidays, or even returning to school in the fall.  

Grandma Edwards was also a much-loved teacher and she patiently explained that when a person grows older time goes by faster. She said one day, inevitably I would want it to slow down. Of course, I couldn’t understand that then. Not when it took forrrreverrr anxiously awaiting something I wanted. But even things I disliked–– like math class–– just dragged! I remember looking at the clock and thinking it really must have stopped. 

I’m now only a few years younger than Grandma would have been then and I’ve come to realize there was a wealth of wisdom in her cautionary words. I’ve definitely reached the age where I’d like time to slow down. 

I also recall our grade nine English/Language Arts teacher insisting we listen over and over to a song that reflected the same concept Grandma tried to teach me––that the passage of time is perceived differently as we age. He was evidently trying to enlighten a classroom of mostly bored, uninterested teenagers about how quickly life goes by. That song obviously made an impression because I still remember it word for word. Or maybe it’s because we listened to it a hundred times! There are a couple of especially profound lines about being held on the carousel of time, and how it won’t be long till you’ll want to drag your feet to slow it down. I’m hoping I won’t be risking any royalty issues since I’ve changed the words a little. 

I promise there’s a point to me discussing time. Like all the books in this series, time travel plays an important part in Highland Dark Magic. Can you imagine going back in time and meeting your parents or grandparents as children or teenagers when you’re their age? Or stranger still–– when you’re older than them? That happens in this book. 

I’m having so much fun writing this series and creating the story arcs for my main characters, Fiona–– a witch, and Lorcan –– a half-demon and their constantly-evolving relationship after they were forced to become work partners in book one, Dark Irish Demon. I enjoy their banter and their powerful attraction even though their personalities are remarkably different. 

As operatives for LAMB, a paranormal agency, they locate and assess magical beings. Most missions include time travel. They’re able to journey to any decade or century but can go back just a few moments as well. Talk about déjà vu!

In Highland Dark Magic, there are compelling and emotional storylines, mysteries, plot twists, interesting secondary characters, and an extremely unlikeable antagonist. 

Through unexpected circumstances, Fiona and Lorcan meet Arianna and Darius Wyndham, a couple from my Witches of Time series. They’re also Fiona’s maternal grandparents. Fiona is in her early fifties while Darius and Arianna are much younger. As newlyweds, their daughter, Fiona’s mother, hasn’t even been born yet. Combining characters from different centuries makes for some amusing scenes. 

I feel fortunate to have done some hands on research for this story. I’ve been to Scotland twice. It’s a beautiful, scenic country; the landscape reminds me of Canada. I enjoyed talking to the friendly, patriotic people with their diverse Scottish accents. I’ve always been a history buff and holidays never seem long enough with so many historic places to see. 

I loved the capital city of Edinburgh. The medieval architecture is very unique. Their Christmas market was fantastic and their warm mulled wine was so tasty. Edinburgh Castle is home to the Stone of Destiny and the Scottish Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, we’d walked so much on our holiday that by the time we went to the iconic castle, I had several blisters and didn’t enjoy the tour as much as I might have. I was mostly looking for a place to sit down. Good shoes are a must especially when walking on cobblestone streets. 

I loved touring the stunning Highlands and seeing Loch Ness, even though I didn’t spot Nessie. Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument were really interesting. As was Culloden Battlefield but it was also soberingly eerie. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series has increased Scottish tourism exponentially. Her books are available at the Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre and other tourist sites. 

Highland romance novels are always very popular. Tule’s own, Gerri Russell has some great stories set in historical Highland Scotland. If you haven’t read her books, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Several significant scenes in this book take place in Scotland. I wouldn’t consider Highland Dark Magic to be a Scottish romance, per se but there’s certainly a lot of sexual tension. I’d describe the story as a thrilling paranormal adventure. There are highlander ghosts, mythical creatures, actual historical figures, accusations of witchcraft, imprisonment, an unusual method of escape, a dark magical spell, and some nearly heart-stopping moments when it seems this time our characters are well and truly doomed.  

I had my own personal romantic Scottish experience when I married my husband, Mark, who’s originally from England, in Gretna Green Scotland. Our wedding took place on a brilliant sunny afternoon in June 2013. We were told we were very lucky for it tends to rain a lot. It rained that evening and we were assured that was a good sign. 

We rented a grand horse-drawn carriage. The horse’s name was Roger yet I can’t recall the name of the driver. (What can I say? I’m an animal lover.) We had an intimate ceremony––just Mark and me, the magistrate, a harpist, a piper, the photographer, and Mark’s father and step-mum there as witnesses. 

Our wedding was held in a beautiful, old, brick building, once a church, now exclusively used for the many weddings held there daily. It was richly decorated with candle sconces and several bouquets of flowers. The harpist played a Celtic love-song as I walked down the aisle and the Scottish piper in full dress, piped us out afterward. It was truly like a wedding from a romance novel. 

Gretna Green is located just over the Scottish/English border. Steeped in history, it’s known as the elopement capital of Europe. Unlike most countries where those wanting to be wed are required to be eighteen or have their parents’ permission to be married, in Scotland you still only have to be sixteen. There are no strict regulations about being there for a required amount of time previous to the wedding either––which was the case in Ireland and England. 

In past centuries, with so many couples running off to Scotland to be married, at one time any Scottish person could legally marry them. Because he could almost always be found in his shop, often a blacksmith performed the weddings. Marriage ceremonies still take place in one blacksmith shop in Gretna Green and the name Anvil Hall–– our venue–– is a throw-back to the important role blacksmiths played in weddings. 

There was even a massive anvil used during our ceremony. The female magistrate,  smashed the hammer on the anvil to declare us wed. Our wrists were also tied together like the old custom of handfasting. Including those historical traditions on our special day meant so much. After returning to Canada we held a celebratory dinner with family and friends. Our wedding cake was decorated with a Scottish thistle, the floral emblem of Scotland. We still have the cake topper.

When I started this post I wasn’t sure I’d find enough to talk about without giving away too much of the story. I should have known better––when I begin writing I get carried away. I’ll be back in June when book three, Dark Knight’s Kiss will be released. Until then have a lovely spring. Remember to take time to enjoy every moment.

Magical wishes,
Leigh Ann 

About the Author.

Leigh Ann Edwards’ fascination with history, romance, magic, fantasy, time-travel and Ireland sparked her interest in creating the Irish Witch Series and her growing collection of published novels. Growing up in a very small Manitoban village on the Canadian prairies left a lot of time to create stories and let her imagination soar.

An author for nearly thirty years, Leigh Ann has almost completed writing her fourth series with Tule Publishing and will soon begin a fifth. Besides writing, Leigh Ann loves spending time with her four grandchildren, reading, traveling, doing intuitive readings and reiki. Leigh Ann and her husband, their two cats, one large dog and their Boston Terrier puppy, live near Edmonton Alberta, Canada.


Author Nan Reinhardt Talks about her new series “The Walkers of River’s Edge”

Hello, Tuligans!

I’m so excited to share this new series with you—The Walkers of River’s Edge. We met the Walkers in previous series—you might remember that Jazz Weaver is now married to Elias Walker, who left his CEO chair to return to being a carpenter in the family business. This series tells the stories of his older brother and his cousins, who are all part of Walker Construction.

The Walkers are struggling to keep their family construction company afloat after losing a big contract to build an auto factory across the river in Kentucky. But their Custom Homes division has the opportunity to build spec homes for the factory workers and executive mansions for the big-wigs. The whole family must pull together prove that Walker Construction can handle the job, and win a bid that will serve the whole community. 

In Book 1, Make You Mine, CEO Jackson Walker knows smart and gorgeous Maddie Ross could be the key to saving his company as long as he hides his heart. But does he have to?

In Book 2, Make It Real, landscape designer, Joe Walker asks horticulturist Kara Sudbury to play the role of girlfriend. They strike a deal that will help Joe handle his tenacious ex and put Sudbury’s Nursery back in the black. But when the pretense feels real, they’re both reminded that every rose has its thorns.

In Book 3, Made for Mistletoe, cabinetmaker and reservist Cameron Walker has big plans for the holidays until he meets a beautiful distraction. Widowed teacher and artist Harper Gaines can’t risk her heart to another soldier. Cam has never felt such a strong connection, and he won’t give up without a fight. But will Harper’s fears keep her from taking a second chance on love?

And Book 4, as yet untitled, but we’re playing with a few choices, architect Annabelle Walker is a force to be reckoned with and is enjoying her career and her single life She’s not looking for any kind of a relationship, until she meets up with Sawyer Braxton, the new veterinarian in town. An injured puppy and the handsome vet turn Annabelle’s well-structured world upside down.

This series has meant a lot of research for me. I’ve googled and asked questions of experts about designing and building homes, creating beautiful landscapes, and cabinetmaking. I’ve learned a lot, but chances are good, I won’t retain very much of what I’ve researched. Just as when I used to copy edit nonfiction—textbooks, computer how-tos, and general reference books like the For Dummies titles—I couldn’t possibly remember everything I read. My brain would explode. But it’s funny what you do hang onto. I recall very little from reading Beauty Secrets for Dummies except that women over forty shouldn’t wear sparkly eye shadow. No clue why that fact stuck, but I don’t wear shimmery eye shadow because of it. 

I’ve learned a lot as I’ve written the Walker family’s stories—how Japanese gardens flow, facts about concrete hardening and building custom cabinetry, what kinds of woods work best for different kinds furniture and how the Pennsylvania Dutch cabinetmakers created their gorgeous painted dower chests, and how glass ceilings affect women in the construction business. It’s been a wondrous adventure and I’m so happy to invite you to share it with me.

Make You Mine releases April 16. Make It Real hits the shelves on August 6, Made for Mistletoe will be out October 24 and both are currently available for pre-order. Annabelle’s book will be out in January 2025. Welcome back to River’s Edge!

About the Author.

Nan Reinhardt headshot wearing blue shirtNan Reinhardt is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet, small-town romantic fiction for Tule Publishing. Her day job is working as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader, however, writing is Nan’s first and most enduring passion. She can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t writing—she wrote her first romance novel at the age of ten and is still writing, but now from the viewpoint of a wiser, slightly rumpled, woman in her prime. Nan lives in the Midwest with her husband of 50 years, where they split their time between a house in the city and a cottage on a lake. Talk to Nan at:

Capturing the Uniqueness of Martha’s Vineyard: Release Day for A CHAIN OF PEARLS!

Hi friends, my name is Raemi Ray. It’s pronounced like ‘Amy’ but with an ‘R’ or as my dad tells people, ‘Like the Sound of Music: do-RE-MI.’ Before you ask, no it’s not short for anything and has absolutely zero meaning. The parents just liked it, I suppose.

Awkward intros out of the way, hi again. I write murder mystery stories for Tule and I’m thrilled to be here to announce the first book in my brand new Martha’s Vineyard Murders series. A Chain of Pearls will be out April 9. 

A little about the book:

The last thing she wants is to dig up the past…

When the body of a celebrated journalist is fished from the Edgartown Harbor, the official report rules his death accidental. But why was he alone on a senator’s yacht during a nor’easter? That’s only the first question London-based lawyer Kyra Gibson has when she arrives on the idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard to settle her estranged father’s affairs.

She’s not looking for closure. She’s not seen him in decades since he left her with her aunt following her mother’s death. But as Kyra delves deeper into her father’s life, she learns he had many regrets and wasn’t as retired as she believed. The more Kyra discovers, the more questions she has. With the help of world-weary detective, Tarek Collins, they uncover a web of intrigue and corruption involving a powerful senator, a dubious energy company, and brutal murder.

As they chase down clues, Kyra and Tarek flirt with danger and race against time to solve the murders and uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath Martha’s Vineyard’s picturesque façade of old money wealth and privilege.

My books, as the series’ name suggests, are ‘whodunnit’ style murder mysteries set on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve been visiting the island year-round since college and it holds a special place in my heart. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with the geography and its unique culture, so inherently New England, but with something else, that’s entirely its own. 

It was important to me to capture that uniqueness in my books, and many of places I talk about are either real places, like the towns of Edgartown and Menemsha, or were inspired by the real-life places and businesses that I’ve patroned over the years. Of course, I’ve taken some liberties, so please don’t come for me, when you find out Kyra’s house doesn’t actually exist (but the silkie chickens do, iykyk). 

In the first installment, my readers, like my main character Kyra Gibson, an expat visiting the island for the first time, get to explore Martha’s Vineyard through fresh eyes. I hope you enjoy visiting the island as much as I do and if you do, please continue to visit along with Kyra and her friends in books two (The Wraith’s Return) and three (Widow’s Walk) publishing later this year. The books all follow the same characters solving different island mysteries and can be read standalone, but if you read them in order you’ll discover some easter eggs. 

Thanks for your time and follow me on my socials for giveaways, updates, and a general look into my travels to and from the island.  Thanks again, Cheers!

About the Author.

Raemi Amanda Ray is the author of A Chain of Pearls, her debut and the first book in a Martha’s Vineyard Murders series set on Martha’s Vineyard. Her travels to the island and around the world inspire her stories. She lives in Boston.

Bourbon Falls Fairy Tale Retelling Finale – ONCE UPON A SUMMER NIGHT Release With Author Kyra Jacobs

Hello everyone!

Kyra Jacobs, here, trying to contain my excitement during release week for my latest contemporary romance novel, ONCE UPON A SUMMER NIGHT. This is the final book in my Bourbon Falls series, each of which put a modern twist on a classic fairy tale. For SUMMER NIGHT, Cinderella was the featured retelling. And, yes, Hannah Brooks is finally coming home. The question that remains is: will she stay?

I honestly couldn’t wait to write SUMMER NIGHT, as it was “talking to me” from the start. So when we decided to place it at the end of the series, I had to put those characters and their journeys to Happily Ever After on hold. And though this story was on my mind from the get-go, ironically, it proved to be the hardest book of the series to write.

Because everything had to be perfect.

Hannah’s return. Noah. Chase. The Brooks family. The town. The Brooks sisters. Mrs. Harper and her sisters. (Come on, you know you loved them!) The bookstore. Everything.

After one painful first draft, and some empathetic coaching from my amazing editor, I finally got out of my own way and let the story write itself. And let me tell you, when a story brings an author to tears for all the right reasons multiple times in a story, that’s when we know we got it right. (Happy tears, mostly. You’ll have to trust me on that. )

Plot struggles aside, it was second nature writing about summertime in Indiana. I has so much fun writing about the things that I did in my childhood and as the mother of two boys. 

Baseball. Playing catch with a Nerf football. Cookouts. Pet goldfish. Going to the park. Swimming in ponds. Dealing with stormy weather. Dessert. Neighbors.


In book three, we get to take a deeper look into the main Brooks family. You may even be surprised by a few things you learn about them. But those past experiences had to be there to make the Brooks family come to life. Because all families face trials and tribulations. Difficult times shape us, force us to either grow and thrive or shrink and wither. Sometimes, results come quickly. Other times, they do not.

But that’s the beauty of the resilient human spirit—it’s in our DNA to keep trying. To overcome. To love.

Thankfully, no fairy godmothers or glass slippers required.

I hope you enjoy your return visit to Bourbon Falls in ONCE UPON A SUMMER NIGHT, and that Hannah’s homecoming story gives you all the right feels. Let me know how you enjoyed SUMMER NIGHT and follow me on social media for upcoming glimpses of my next series, in the works now!

Wishing everyone a safe and magical summer,


About the Author.

Headshot of Kyra Jacobs

Kyra Jacobs is an extroverted introvert who’s always called Indiana home. Growing up in the Midwest means she’s well-versed in fickle weather, pork tenderloins that don’t fit on a bun, and sarcasm. Putting her Indiana University degrees in Public Management to good use by day means Kyra does the bulk of her writing late into the night. Fueled by caffeine and funny memes, she weaves humor and chaos into her stories, which range from sweet romance to mysteries and even paranormal/fantasy.

When this Hoosier native isn’t at a keyboard, daydreaming through her fingertips, she’s likely outside, elbow-deep in snapdragons or spending quality time with her sports-loving family. Kyra also loves to bowl, tries to golf, and is an avid college football fan. Be sure to stop by to learn more about her novels and ways to connect with Kyra on social media.

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