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THE WITCH’S COMPROMISE: Release day blog post featuring Leigh Ann Edwards

I’m so excited to be back on the Tule blog today to celebrate the release of The Witch’s Compromise, Book Two in my Witches of Time series. It was a great book to write. I loved creating my hero and heroine, Cal and Ainsley, their world and their love story. They start out as opposites, but we learn they’re both far more complex than we first might believe. Besides falling in love in the middle of a war, they have past trauma and a lot of other issues to deal with. I really enjoyed how they grew throughout the book. 

I’ve always loved Ireland, the supernatural, magic, fantasy and time-travel. Witches have interested me since I was a child. When I was first inspired to write this series I knew it would connect to my original series, The Irish Witch Series and that time travel would be involved. Trying to decide what eras, centuries or actual historical people or events to include was interesting. 

I knew I wanted one book to be set in 1692 Massachusetts around the time of the Salem witch trials. So, that was the first book decided. The second was a little more challenging. There’s a lot of history to choose from. Even though I’ve lived my entire life on the Canadian prairies, I’ve been intrigued to learn about the American Civil War. When I was really young I watched a James Stewart film, Shenandoah, about how one family was affected by the Civil War. Then as a teenager there was a song I really liked, Carry Me by the Stampeders who are a Canadian band, which was also focused on the Civil War and a young man wanting to be back home to his wife and his home. I suppose that sparked my interest. Researching was great. I learned about nurses and doctors during that time, what medical procedures, devices and types of medication were available. I also found out many facts about what led to the war, the different battles and the aftereffects of all that occurred. 

(Three nurses from the Civil War.)

I always write more than the allotted word count in my stories. Many author friends who’ve occasionally suffered from writer’s block, assure me this is a good problem to have. I’m not sure my husband would agree when a deadline is approaching and I’m spending twelve to fourteen hours a day frantically trying to reduce the word count. 

I take far more time paring down, cutting and shrediting as one author refers to it, than actually writing the stories. When I’m creating it just flows and I can’t wait to get the words down. Then afterward, going back to see what parts aren’t as vital to the story, is more difficult for me. I’ve tried making an outline so I don’t go off in unexpected directions, but that hasn’t worked so far. Plus lots of times, the parts of the story I hadn’t originally planned, turn out to be what I like the most. I suppose that’s true of life, too. 

Covid has changed many things for everyone. For me, besides not being able to travel or entertain, I have fewer commitments. I can’t do author visits to libraries, schools or attend book launches. When restrictions are especially rigid, I haven’t been able to see my daughters or grandchildren. My husband hasn’t worked since before Christmas. He’s in construction which always slows down in winter, but has really been affected by the virus and the uncertain economy. That has definitely been different for both of us when he’s typically gone twelve hours a day, five or six days a week. He’s been keeping busy with some ongoing home renovation projects. We now have a second bathroom and a much more welcoming guest bedroom (when we can actually have overnight guests.) I’ve certainly welcomed his help with our four animals (two very large dogs and two cats) and keeping up with housework, but having someone around does create distractions when writing or editing. 

I’m scheduled to receive my first Covid vaccine next week. I’ll be relieved to hopefully go back to some type of normalcy. It’s been difficult having to distance from family and especially my grandchildren. As much as I sometimes struggle with technology, I’ve definitely been grateful for being able to video chat with grandkids, family and friends. 

Thanks to the great Tule team for all you’ve done in seeing, The Witch’s Compromise completed and to my fantastic editors and wonderful supportive readers, too. Wishing you all the best till I return in August with book three, The Witch’s Journey.


Leigh Ann Edwards has always been fascinated by history, magic, romance, witches and Ireland which all inspired her first series, The Irish Witch Series. Growing up in a very small Manitoba town on the Canadian prairies allowed lots of time to create stories and let her imagination soar. Now writing her third series with Tule Publishing, Leigh Ann also loves reading, traveling, spending time with her four grandchildren, doing intuitive readings and reiki.

Leigh Ann lives with her husband, their two very large dogs and two cats near Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

THE WITCH’S AWAKENING: Release day blog post featuring Leigh Ann Edwards

I’m really excited to be here on the Tule blog today celebrating the release of The Witch’s Awakening, book one in my newest fantasy/romance series, The Witches of Time.

My maternal grandmother was very superstitious and as I’ve grown older, I find myself becoming more superstitiously inclined, too. I never spill salt without tossing a little over my left shoulder and wouldn’t walk under a ladder, although that might just be common sense. I don’t buy into Friday the thirteenth or black cats being unlucky though for our twelve year old cat, Guinness, is a sweetheart. (or maybe my familiar!)  But I do pay closer attention to dreams, signs, dates and numbers. The fact my book is being released 1/12/21 seems like a good omen. 

This is my third series with Tule and I’m delighted to continue to be an author with this fantastic publishing company. Jane, Meghan, Nikki, Cyndi and Lee are amazing. My editors, Sinclair, Rachel, Helena and Marlene are great, too.

This series consists of four novels, each featuring a different couple from a different time period. Although The Witch’s Awakening is a new book, the characters and story are derived from my very first novels created back in the nineties, but never published. I was eager to finally share Arianna and Darius’s story with readers. I’d filled several thick binders with numerous adventures written about these characters. I thought it would relatively easy to take the hero and heroine, my favorite storylines and secondary characters to create one book. To say I was wrong, was an understatement completely befitting of 2020. 

It was a hugely ambitious project. After painstakingly narrowing it down, I was still left with a word count nearly triple what was allowed. After two deadline extensions and a pandemic which all but eliminated most other commitments (providing part-time childcare for my two youngest grandchildren, homeschooling my eldest grandson, and doing reiki treatments and tarot/angel card readings at my reiki room) and after rewriting the entire manuscript at least twice, my labor of love is finally completed. 

The Witches of Time is a stand-alone series, however for readers of The Irish Witch Series, this will be a crossover and you’ll read more of Alainn and Killian. It’s been lots of fun and very interesting researching and deciding what time periods, real people and actual events to include. I’ve always loved history, fantasy, witches, time-travel and Ireland so I’ve included a little of all of these elements in this series. 

I’ve visited Salem, Massachusetts twice to do research (thankfully before Covid made travel nearly impossible.) Although Wyndham Village is fictional, it was inspired by the witch hysteria and trails in Colonial Massachusetts during that time. The hero and heroine in The Witch’s Awakening meet when Darius saves Arianna from the Puritans’ pillory. 

I’m very excited to let you know this series will be also be available in audio format. I’ve had a lot of people asking, so I’m happy to be able to reach more readers this way. 

I love creating beautiful, strong, feisty, magical heroines and gorgeous, sexy, chivalrous, protective heroes. It makes for humorous banter and tension that leads to heated encounters in and out of the bedchambers. I hope you’ll enjoy my characters and their world as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.  

Happy 2021. Best wishes to you and your families for hope, health, happiness, love, laughter and finding whatever brings you peace, joy and contentment.

Leigh Ann Edwards


Leigh Ann Edwards has always been fascinated by history, magic, romance, witches and Ireland which all inspired her first series, The Irish Witch Series. Growing up in a very small Manitoba town on the Canadian prairies allowed lots of time to create stories and let her imagination soar. Now writing her third series with Tule Publishing, Leigh Ann also loves reading, traveling, spending time with her four grandchildren, doing intuitive readings and reiki.

Leigh Ann lives with her husband, their two very large dogs and two cats near Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Tule Author Q&A: Leigh Ann Edwards discusses the land of Highgard and writing!

Leigh Ann Edwards stopped by to talk about the fourth book in her Vikings of Highgard series, The Norse Conqueror!


Book Opened on White Surface Selective Focus PhotographyAll the books in your Vikings of Highgard series are impressively lengthy. Do you plan out the book in advance? How detailed do you get?

All four books in my Vikings of Highgard series are very lengthy. I’ve always loved reading really long books, therefore writing long books seems to just come naturally. My last series, The Irish Witch series was seven books about the same characters so that allowed plenty of time to tell the characters’ detailed story. With my Vikings series it’s mostly one hero and heroine’s story per book, so the books ended up longer than I expected. 

I tend to plan out the beginning of each book, the main plot, the characters, a few major events, and the ending. (Although I find the endings sometimes change drastically from what I originally planned.) From there, I develop the secondary characters and subplots. Often backstories and new ideas happen along the way. As many authors say, the characters seem to develop a voice and take on a life of their own.


The heroine in The Norse Conqueror is a mother. Did this change how you approached her character?

Vora, the heroine of The Norse Conqueror, is a mother to adult children. This did change how I approached her character. I wanted her to sound a little wiser, with life experiences. However, she’s only thirty-seven years old so she’s still a young woman. It was a little more complicated developing Vora’s character because I’d already written the first books about her daughters. Vora was forced to leave them when they were only children, but they never knew the whole truth. Having created their varied and complicated perceptions of their mother, it was interesting to then write it from Vora’s perspective. It answered a lot of the questions building in the previous books. 


Green Grassy HillWhere did you get your inspiration for the lands of Highgard and Modir? 

My inspirations for the fictional worlds of Highgard and Modir came from places I’d fallen in love with when I travelled or envisioned when reading other books. When I wrote about Highgard, I imagined beautiful Ireland with its lovely green landscapes, castles, and temperate climate. Of course I added a few peculiar creatures, distinct landmarks and the very unusual aspect of Highgard’s sky having two moons. I didn’t want Highgard to be anything like Asgard from what I’ve read or seen in movies, for Asgard always seems futuristic to me. 

There isn’t as much detail about the world of Modir in my story as it is only mentioned in the last book. Because not much remains of that world, I envisioned silent, deserted ruins of an ancient civilization, crumbling buildings overgrown with vines and very few Modirian people or creatures living there any longer.


Where and when do you get most of your writing done?

I tend to write in a few different locations–sometimes at the kitchen table as the large windows offer preferred natural light. Other times, I write in my bedroom…it’s a little quieter and more subdued. I’m a reiki master and rent a space for doing reiki. That room is decorated whimsically…it’s almost magical, so I do go there to write also. I’ve tried to write outdoors, but I use a keyboard with my laptop so it isn’t easy dragging that along. Plus when I’m outside, my two very large dogs assume I’m out there to play with them. Living in Canada also prevents writing outdoors for better than half the year. It’s mid-April and we’re still experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures, lots of snow and bitter winds. Occasionally, the part of the story I’m creating dictates where I decide to write.

I like to begin writing first thing in the morning, but if the words are really flowing, I’m quite happy to write all day long. I used to write through the night sometimes, but now my older eyes now prevent that. With everything that’s happening with the COVID-19 virus, I have a lot more time to write. I must remind myself to move around, go for a walk, etc. I’m lucky my husband is home now as sometimes I get so lost in my story I forget to stop to eat. I never write in the evenings or on Sunday afternoons.


What are you currently reading?

When I’m writing I don’t read the genres I love best which are paranormal romance, time travel or fantasy. I don’t want to be influenced by other authors’ storylines. Right now I’m reading Family Secrets by Shawn McGuire. It’s the first of the Whispering Pine Mysteries series. It’s a modern day mystery set in a quirky little town of Wiccans. I’m really enjoying it.


About the Author

Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in the Irish Witch series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.