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A WITCH’S DESTINY: Release day blog featuring author Leigh Ann Edwards!

GIVEAWAY: Read until the end of the post to see what we have in store for you! Join us in celebrating Leigh Ann Edwards’s final book being released in the Irish Witch Series.

I’m so happy to be featured on the Tule Blog today, on this the release day of A Witch’s Destiny, Book Seven, the final installment in the original portion of my Irish Witch Series. It has been such an exciting couple of years. I have loved every single portion of it even when I sometimes stressed over my struggles with technology or upcoming deadlines.

Often during my book launches or book club and library author visits, I am asked what inspires my writing or where I get my ideas. Readers also have many questions regarding whether I have a specific time of the day I write, or where I prefer to write, etc.  I think I have answered most of these questions in previous blogs, but readers also tend to be very curious about when I began writing and how I became published. I know those topics haven’t been discussed on the blog, so I thought I’d share some of that information today.

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Release Day! “The Chieftain’s Daughter” Author Leigh Ann Edwards is here!

chief_ebookI am very happy to be back on the Tule blog today. It’s been really wonderful promoting the first two books in The Irish Witch Series as well as working with Meghan and Lindsey to get Book Three ready to be released. Because it was such an active summer, it seemed to pass very quickly.

It’s hard to believe that September is now almost over. The distinct scent of fall is in the air, the nights have grown cold, and there’s even been frost on the ground a few mornings. The trees are beautifully displayed with the many different shades as the leaves are rapidly changing color. Continue reading

Release Day Post! Visit with “The Witch’s Daughter” author Leigh Ann Edwards!

I’m delighted to be back on the Tule Blog today.  This has been such an exciting summer starting with the release of The Farrier’s Daughter, Book One in the Irish Witch Series, in early July.  It’s been wonderful getting to know all the talented and dedicated people at Tule, working on book promotions, and hearing the many positive responses to the first installment of the series.

I recently returned home from a two week trip (by car) to Manitobawitch_ebook, Canada where I was born and raised. I had a lovely time visiting with family and friends, some that I hadn’t seen in many years. I was surprised to see the odometer recorded nearly thirty-five hundred kilometers (more than two thousand miles) with the various places I traveled.

Though Canada is mostly known for its extremely cold temperatures, southern Manitoba summers tend to be very hot and humid.  The combination of the high heat and my aggravating sun allergy which forces me to either avoid the sun entirely or be completely covered, made it somewhat challenging to say the least. I believe it’s my fair skin due to strong Irish and Norwegian genes that have caused this unwelcome reaction to sunlight, but it actually makes me feel quite a bit like a vampire.  (No, I haven’t any plans to write a vampire series at the moment; having to avoid the sun is far too limiting, so I’ll stick with witches and their magical stories for the time being!)

I just have to say how absolutely thrilled I am with the beautiful book covers Ravven has created. I love the vibrant colours, amazing designs, and how aptly she captured both the historical and fantastical elements of my series.

I’m so excited for today’s release of The Witch’s Daughter.  Since the ending of book one was definitely a cliff hanger, I am happy that readers will finally learn the fate of the young and beautiful heroine, healer and witch, Alainn (pronounced aw-linn).  I always like to include the actual pronunciation of my heroine’s Gaelic name as it wasn’t until I needed to do a reading for a library/book club visit that I learned the entire time I was writing my novel, I was pronouncing the name totally incorrectly.

The Witch’s Daughter,  set back in mystical sixteenth century Ireland, carries on with the tale  of Alainn McCreary, and her forbidden love, the noble, passionate and honorable hero, Killian’O’Brien.  They fight to stem their uncommon love and burning desire, disheartened by the very real possibility that living their lives apart may be the only way to ensure the other remains unharmed.

They must deal with the Chieftain’s dangerously unpredictable temper, and his untrustworthy priest’s suspicions as they continue to search for a way to end the glade witch’s terrible curse on the O’Brien line.  All the while, Alainn attempts to manage her often uncontrollable growing magical abilities. She faces the constant dilemma of keeping her supernatural powers hidden to avoid drawing attention to herself from both humans and supernatural beings, or developing her powerful magic in order to protect Killian and all the people she holds dear in her heart.

I’m hoping after reading Book Two, romance and fantasy readers will be completely enthralled by the series and will “need” to know what further danger, adventure, passion and romance lies ahead for Alainn and Killian in The Irish Witch Series.


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Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in the Irish Witch series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Release day! Celebrate with “The Farrier’s Daughter” author Leigh Ann Edwards!

farrier_ebookI’m really happy to be on the Tule blog today. Any time I have the opportunity to write, I am truly thrilled. I have many loves in my life, my husband, my two daughters and four grandchildren, animals, nature, reading, traveling and Ireland. I also have a lot of interests and hobbies, just a few being: history, genealogy, tarot and angel card reading, the paranormal or metaphysical, and Reiki. But writing is undisputedly my absolute passion!!! When I am able to spend time writing whether for a few minutes, hours or an entire day, it seems to nurture my soul. I am magically transported back in time (I always write historical romance/fantasy) and immersed in the lives of the characters, their world, their loves, their joys and heartaches.

I grew up in Medora, a very small village in south-western Manitoba, Canada (just north of North Dakota for those who aren’t familiar with Canadian geography), a place in the Canadian prairies known for its extreme weather with long, often bitterly cold winters and extremely hot, humid summers. Possessing a vivid imagination and a deep desire to write stories was a definite asset. I now reside in Edmonton, Alberta sometimes recognized as being the home of West Edmonton Mall, at one time Wayne Gretzky, and not far from the Rocky Mountains (with equally cold winters, but perhaps a bit more favorable, for me anyway, with less humid summers). I live with my husband and two cats. We had three cats up until a few weeks ago, but that’s a sad story that still brings many tears, so I won’t get into it or this blog will be soon be several pages long. As animal lovers we are hoping to one day have a dog join our family, but both living in a condo, and traveling frequently makes the decision considerably more complicated.

I am so very excited to now be part of Tule and to introduce The Irish Witch Series to readers. I have always been drawn to Ireland, history, magic, witches, and anything supernatural, therefore I have combined all of these elements to create this unique series.

Our heroine, Alainn (pronounced aw-linn) McCreary is a beautiful, headstrong, opinionated seventeen year old commoner who is healer to Chieftain O’Brien and his clan in tumultuous sixteenth century Ireland. She lives during a time of great uncertainty when women of any class had few rights, were often subject to abuse, and were certainly not allowed to speak their minds. The fact that Alainn has supernatural abilities sets her apart, draws suspicion and puts her in constant peril. These magical healing powers allowed her to save our hero, Killian O’Brien, the chieftain’s tall, strong, handsome and virile nephew, when they were only children. This sealed and magically joined their fates and began the tale of The Farrier’s Daughter, the first installment in The Irish Witch Series.

The stories includes many intriguing human characters, but also, witches, fairies, various other mystical creatures, Celtic gods, spirits, and demons. There is romance, lust, passion, a dark curse, danger in various forms, as well as many twists and turns in the plot.

I am sincerely overjoyed to share my many stories and to have readers begin this magical and enchanting journey to beautiful, romantic, historical Ireland.

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Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in The Irish Witch Series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.