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A HOMETOWN PROPOSAL: Release day blog post featuring C.J. Carmichael

Are you the eldest, middle or youngest child?

Your birth order in your family likely had a big impact on your personality and success in life. This “birth order” theory was first proposed by Alfred Adler in the twentieth century. Since then other scientists have agreed and expanded on this theory.

Whenever I write about a family (like The Shannon Sisters), I like to take this theory into account as I develop my characters. But it’s also fun to see how well the theory applies to the people you know, and even your own family. 

The eldest of the Shannon sister, Maureen (book 3, A Hometown Proposal) has many of these typical first born traits and as a first born child myself, I have to claim ownership of these traits as well (especially I am conscientious, cautious and I hate to admit it, controlling):

  • Reliable
  • Conscientious
  • Structured
  • Cautious
  • Controlling
  • Achievers

(They also say that in addition to generally having higher IQ tests and more education, eldest children also tend to earn more than their siblings. This is true for The Shannon Sisters, but not necessarily in my own family situation.) 

Middle children generally have to compete more for their parent’s attention and as a result they generally are: 

  • Somewhat rebellious (in order to gain attention)
  • Sociable with lots of friends who are very important to them
  • Peacemakers

The middle child of my Shannon Sisters trilogy (Kelly, A Convenient Christmas Proposal) definitely has the first (rebellious) and last (peacemaker) of these traits. Which brings us to the last category, the youngest child (Cathleen, A Cowboy’s Proposal). These children don’t typically get a lot of demands from their parents which tends to make them more:

  • Fun-loving
  • Uncomplicated
  • Manipulative
  • Extroverted
  • Attention-seeking

Coming from a family of five, I definitely see this theory playing out with my own brothers and sisters (though, as the eldest I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t get to be the highest earner. I will not relinquish my inherent claim to highest IQ however without evidence to the contrary). 

Now as my daughter starts a family of her own I’m going to enjoy watching her children develop their personalities and I’m sure, despite all her efforts to treat them the same, they will naturally be impacted by their birth order.


Do you see yourself and your siblings fitting into this theory of birth order? For a chance to win an autographed paperback copy of books 1 and 2 of the Shannon Sisters Trilogy please tell me whether you are an oldest, middle or younger child and which of the associated traits you think fits you best.

A CONVENIENT CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL: Release day post featuring C.J. Carmichael!

Have you noticed that no matter what you set out to talk about these days, it all circles back to the covid pandemic (if it didn’t start there in the first place)? I suppose on a publisher’s blog you might expect me to discuss my upcoming books or my writing process or some other such relevant topic. But no. Instead, I’m going to give in to the inevitable and go straight to the covid. Here is my list of top activities that are keeping me sane these days: 

  • Walks/hikes/bike rides: I need some time outside every day to keep me sane
  • Board games: My husband and I have always enjoyed playing Scrabble and cribbage. Last Christmas, though, my daughter and her partner gave us a game called Wingspan, and that has become a real obsession for us. Recently, after discovering The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix (we have 3 more episodes to watch!) we have started playing chess.
  • Books: Of course!
  • Puzzles: I’ve been watching friends on social media show off the beautiful puzzles they are making, so last week I finally pulled out a puzzle we got from my other daughter last Christmas. The only catch is that this puzzle has 2,000 pieces. Two thousand! I told Mike my estimated date of completion is June 2022.
  • Zoom and Facebook: This is how we now keep in touch with out-of-town family and friends. We miss the travel and in-person visits, but at least we can see our loved ones’ faces and hear their voices!

These are some of the things that help get me out of bed every morning (besides coffee!). I’d love to hear how you are keeping sane these days.

Tule Author Q&A: C.J. Carmichael loves Montana and second chance romances!

C.J. Carmichael stopped by the Tule blog to discuss the first book in The Shannon Sisters series, A Cowboy’s Proposal!


Scenic View of Lake and Mountains Against SkyWhere did you get the inspiration for A Cowboy’s Proposal?

Just to be clear, this is a re-issue of a book I wrote for Harlequin Superromance almost 20 years ago. When my rights reverted I went back at the story with the idea of freshening it up a little—but ended up doing a lot of revising and rewriting. 

I feel a lot of inspiration for this book and the entire Shannon Sisters trilogy comes from the setting. I just love Western Montana, the big sky, the rugged mountains, and the small towns…truly one of the last best places!


This is an emotional second chance romance. What drew you to this trope? What’s your favorite trope to write?

I enjoy writing about characters who have some history, it gives you some meaty emotional material to work with. In the case of A Cowboy’s Proposal I wanted to write about a woman who’d been deserted by her fiancé on her wedding day. What would that feel like? And how could a man come back after such a big betrayal? I knew Cathleen and Dylan would both have to be pretty special people to make their reunion work.


A Cowboy’s Proposal is a contemporary romance, but you also write mystery books. What is different about writing mysteries vs contemporary romances? Which one do you enjoy more?

Whether I’m writing a romance or a mystery I like my stories to have a strong narrative drive (i.e. a compelling plot line!) If I’m bored in my story, then I assume readers will be too. A lot of my romances do have elements of mystery woven through the romance and this is definitely true of A Cowboy’s Proposal.


What was your favorite scene to write and why?

Cathleen is a very free-spirited and strong character and I loved writing this scene where she is driven back to the bed and breakfast where she lives (and where the hero, Dylan, is temporarily staying) by Dylan’s nemesis James Strongman. She is just getting out of James’ vehicle when…


Dylan stepped out of the shadows.

“Where you’re concerned, James, yes, I am dangerous. Cathleen, however, has nothing to fear.”

James inhaled sharply and took a step back. “Damn it, Dylan! Where did you come from?”

“Never mind about me. I want to know what was going on here. Why are you giving my fiancée a ride home? What happened to her Jeep?”

Cathleen stepped into the circle of light cast out from the porch. “Did you just call me your fiancée? You’re about twelve months late with that. I’ll get a ride home with who the hell ever I want to, cowboy. And it’s no business of yours.”

Finally she was showing him some anger, so much better than the cool indifference of last night. Despite the grim circumstances, Dylan just had to smile. “A technicality, darlin’. We both know you’re going to forgive me. Eventually.”

“And stop calling me darling!” She pointed a finger at him then whirled on James, who was telling Dylan that he couldn’t come back after twelve months and expect to have any rights to the woman he’d left at the altar.

“Am I an oil well now? No man has rights to me! And certainly not you two!”

James’s veneer-thin confidence cracked at that. He held up his hands. “Fine. I was just trying to look out for you.”

“I appreciate the ride, but I can look out for myself.”

After muttering something Dylan couldn’t hear, James got back into his truck and drove off.

“Hm. I see my stepbrother hasn’t changed much. Still a conceited know-it-all. What was that about people keeping quiet about me out of respect for my mother?”

“I have no clue. If you hadn’t stepped out from the shadows and gone all Raylan Givens on us, I might have been able to find out.”

“Do I really remind you of Raylan Givens?”

They’d watched Justified together. All six seasons. He knew how hot she found Raylan Givens. “Stop joking about this. It isn’t funny.” She picked up a cushion from one of the wicker chairs and went to pummel him with it.

But the combination of passion and tenderness in his eyes—even as he held his good arm in a protective arch above his face—made her stop to catch her breath.

She dropped the cushion. What was she doing? She had to get control of herself. “I mean it, Dylan. Stop grinning at me.”

“I’m smiling from admiration, not humor. I’d almost forgotten what a good temper tantrum you throw. I thought maybe you’d grown out of it. Kind of glad you haven’t.”

Cathleen looked embarrassed. “I was provoked. You both had it coming. Especially you. Don’t you ever pretend to have any claim to me again. We turned the page on that chapter, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“I know, darlin’. But sometimes, when you really love a book, you go back and revisit some chapters. Especially the good ones.”


What are you currently reading?

I just finished a crime caper by John Grisham called Camino Island. It was fun but not twisty enough for me. And speaking of reading…when my girlfriend Myrna and I turned sixty last year we set ourselves a challenge of reading 60 books and doing 60 hikes starting on my 60th birthday in March 2019 and her 61st birthday in September 2020. I’ve been documenting my books and my hikes on Instagram so if anyone is interested in all the books I’ve read in the past 18 months you’ll find them there…and my reviews are on Goodreads.


About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author C. J. Carmichael has written over 45 novels in her favorite genres of romance and mystery. She has been nominated twice for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, as well as RT Bookclub’s Career Achievement in Romantic Suspense award, and the Bookseller’s Best honor.

She gave up the thrills of income tax forms and double entry book-keeping in 1998 when she sold her first book to Harlequin Superromance. Since then she has published over 35 novels with Harlequin and is currently working on a series of western romances with Tule Publishing. In addition C. J. Carmichael has published several cozy mystery series as an Indie author.

When not writing C. J. enjoys family time with her grown daughters and her husband. Family dinners are great. Even better are the times they spend hiking in the Rocky Mountains around their home in Calgary, and relaxing at their cottage on Flathead Lake, Montana.

Visit C.J.’s website at http://CJCarmichael.com

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Tule Publishing

Welcome to Tule’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whether you’re looking to get the book lover in your life the perfect gift or you’re shopping for yourself (you deserve it!), you are guaranteed to find your next favorite read in this gift guide!

For the person who dreams of marrying a cowboy…

The Cowboy’s Daughter by Jamie K. Schmidt

“This one grabs you by the heartstrings and does not let go.” – Bonnie G, Goodreads
“A captivating read from beginning to end…Emotionally heartfelt, enjoyable and fun!” – Kathleen B, Goodreads
“A fast paced, thrilling, sexy romance that was filled with drama and misunderstandings…This romantic second chance love story that should not be missed.” E.L, Goodreads


For the friend who loves dogs more than people…

A Dog Called Valentine by Roxanne Snopek

“A sweet, slow burn romance with all the feels, two souls in need of love, and a dog who brought them together.” – Denise S, Goodreads
“It’s been ages since I laughed so much while reading. A Dog Called Valentine is pure fun — romantic comedy at its best.” – Shelagh, Goodreads
“Loved, loved, loved this heartwarming romance.” – Shari, Goodreads


For the person who is obsessed with Christmas…

Oh, Christmas Night by Jane Porter

“A heart-warming, charming and sigh-worthy holiday romance that feels like a Hallmark movie with words.” – Dianne, Goodreads
“This is the perfect book to read to get yourself into the mood for the holiday season. Wonderful characters, wonderful setting and a wonderful storyline all add up to another winner from Jane Porter.” – Mia, Goodreads
“A sweet, charming holiday story with all the magic of Christmas.” – Debra S, Goodreads


For the armchair detective in your life…

Bittersweet by C.J. Carmichael

“A great addition to the Bitter Root Mysteries series. The perfect mix of both mystery and romance that keeps you going back for more.” – Donnajo, Goodreads
“I was intrigued and held in suspense…A tale rich with suspense, growing love, and interesting interactions between the endearing characters.” – Eileen, Goodreads
“Full of suspense, mystery and a splash of romance that kept me turning the pages.” – Shari, Goodreads


For the one who swears they were born in the wrong century…

Romancing the Laird by Gerri Russell

“If you enjoy historical tales filled with strong heroines and sizzling romance, this book will pull you in and warm your heart.” – Ann C, Goodreads
“I was captured by the first page and this exciting adventure did not slow down…Gerri Russell successfully immersed me into this time and place with her wonderful descriptions and strong characters.” – Lori D, Goodreads
“A riveting, fast paced, action packed, nail-biting, romantic adventure.” – Barbee, Goodreads


For the friend who likes sports mixed with their romance…

The Perfect Catch by Joanne Rock

“A sweet story of two people who had been beat down in the past and given a second chance at happiness.” – Carol, Goodreads
“A hunky ballplayer, family drama galore and lots of sassy banter! Joanne Rock brings a baseball dynasty to life with the backdrop of a good-hearted Texas family.” – Lynn B, Goodreads
“A heartwarming and enjoyable baseball themed country romance.” – Maria R, Goodreads


For the person who wishes their life was a Hallmark movie…

Holiday Hearts by Barbara Ankrum

“Two best friends team up to make a little girl’s first Christmas without her mother special and discover they can make each other’s Christmas special too.” – Janine, Goodreads
“The perfect book to curl up with this holiday season!” – Michelle, Goodreads
“A truly beautiful Christmas story…I totally loved this spell binding romance.” – Elaine, Goodreads


For the friend who dreams of having a paranormal boyfriend…

Junkyard Dog by Katja Desjarlais

“Filled with humor, intrigue, danger and lots of love, this is a book that will definitely keep you interested to the end.” – Peta, Goodreads
“I really enjoyed this mix of fun, action, romance with a little mythology thrown in for good measure.” – Carolyn, Goodreads
“The chemistry between Charlotte and Alex sizzles with lots of heat.” – Eva M, Goodreads


For the person who has a case of wanderlust…

What Happens in the Highlands by Kelsey McKnight

“The descriptions of the beauty and uniqueness of Scotland drew me in and made a lovely backdrop for Lachlan and Rose to fall in love against all odds.” – Marsha, Goodreads
“I enjoyed this light romance and it DEFINITELY made me want to visit Scotland more than ever.” – Kat, Goodreads
“A love story rivaled only by the magnificent back drop of the Scottish Highlands and one that deserves every star I can give it.” – Erin R, Goodreads


For the one who is a sucker for a second chance romance…

A Son for the Texas Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne

“A fabulous Cowboy story with all the angst, drama and passion needed to capture the true romantic’s heart.” – Karen R, Goodreads
“Second chance romances are my favorite ones and this is right up there with the best of them.” – Bonnie G, Goodreads
“This is one story that stays with you long after it has been finished.” – Becky, Goodreads