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Meet Tule Publishing’s First 10 Mystery Authors as Part of our #Tule10 Anniversary!

Tule Publishing has hit a milestone 10 years and we’re celebrating all month long with showcasing some of our first 10’s! Learn more about our first 10 authors, meet our first 10 cowboys, and maybe find yourself wrapped up dreaming of the holidays with our first 10 Christmas stories!

We are so thankful for each of you for continuing to put your faith in us to continue bringing you amazing reads. You are a crucial part to our success and we couldn’t have made it to our 10th anniversary without you! We hope you stick around all month for more celebratory blogs and are looking forward to another 10 years – cheers!

Meet Tule Publishing’s First 10 Mystery Authors

Meet CJ Carmichael

CJ Carmichael headshot

USA Today Bestselling author C. J. Carmichael has written over 45 novels in her favorite genres of romance and mystery. She has been nominated twice for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, as well as RT Bookclub’s Career Achievement in Romantic Suspense award, and the Bookseller’s Best honor.

She gave up the thrills of income tax forms and double entry book-keeping in 1998 when she sold her first book to Harlequin Superromance. Since then she has published over 35 novels with Harlequin and is currently working on a series of western romances with Tule Publishing. In addition C. J. Carmichael has published several cozy mystery series as an Indie author.

When not writing C. J. enjoys family time with her grown daughters and her husband. Family dinners are great. Even better are the times they spend hiking in the Rocky Mountains around their home in Calgary, and relaxing at their cottage on Flathead Lake, Montana. Visit C.J.’s website at http://CJCarmichael.com

Meet Jane Graves

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jane Graves has written twenty-two contemporary romance novels. She has received Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award, the romance industry’s highest honor, and is the recipient of two National Readers’ Choice Awards, the Booksellers’ Best Award, and the Golden Quill, among others. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

Jane lives in the Dallas area with her husband, a highly organized engineer who keeps their lives in order because one of them has to. Her hobbies include daydreaming, avoiding exercise, and drinking cheap wine.



Meet Leslie Marshman

Award-winning suspense author Leslie Marshman is (finally) putting her psychology degree to good use, getting inside the heads of her characters and figuring out what makes them tick. She writes novels that feature kick-ass heroines, the heroes who love them, and the bad guys who fear them.

Leslie called Denver home until she married a Texan without reading the fine print. Now she lives halfway between Houston and Galveston and has learned to embrace the humidity. Her household includes two miniature poodles named Harley and Davidson, and a three-legged box turtle named Stumpy.

If she’s not at her computer making things up, you’ll probably find her camping at a lake, a fishing pole in one hand and a book in the other.

Meet Nancy Robards Thompson

Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Nancy Robards Thompson has worked as a newspaper reporter, television show stand-in, production and casting assistant for movies, and in fashion and public relations. She started writing fiction seriously in 1997. Five years and four completed manuscripts later, she won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award for unpublished writers and sold her first book the following year. Since then, Nancy has sold 30 books and found her calling doing what she loves most – writing romance and women’s fiction full-time.




Meet Candace Havens

Bestselling and award-winning author Candace Havens has had more than thirty novels published. She is one of the nation’s leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities from George Clooney to Chris Pratt. She does film reviews on Hawkeye in the Morning on 96.3 KSCS.






Meet Katherine Cowley

Katherine Cowley’s debut novel, The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet, was nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. Her Mary Bennet spy series continues with the novels The True Confessions of a London Spy and The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception.

Katherine loves history, chocolate, traveling, and playing the piano, and she has taught writing classes at Western Michigan University. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband and three daughters.






Meet H L Marsay

H L Marsay always loved detective stories and promised herself that one day, she would write one too. She is lucky enough to live in York, a city full of history and mystery. When not writing, the five men in her life keep her busy – two sons, two dogs and one husband.










Meet Winter Austin

Winter Austin perpetually answers the question: “were you born in the winter?” with a flat “nope,” but believe her, there is a story behind her name.

A lifelong Mid-West gal with strong ties to the agriculture world, Winter grew up listening to the captivating stories told by relatives around a table or a campfire. As a published author, she learned her glass half-empty personality makes for a perfect suspense/thriller writer. Taking her ability to verbally spin a vivid and detailed story, Winter translated that into writing deadly romantic suspense, mysteries, and thrillers.

When she’s not slaving away at the computer, you can find Winter supporting her daughter in cattle shows, seeing her three sons off into the wide-wide world, loving on her fur babies, prodding her teacher husband, and nagging at her flock of hens to stay in the coop or the dogs will get them. She is the author of multiple novels.

Meet Melinda Di Lorenzo

Melinda is an Amazon bestselling author, whose additional work includes titles for The Wild Rose Press, Amazon Encore, and Harlequin. She writes in a range of romance genres, from heart pounding heat, to nail biting suspense, to gutsy adventure.

Melinda lives on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, Canada, with her amazing and quirky daughters and her handsome hero of a husband. When she’s not writing, she can be found curled up with (someone else’s) good book, on the running trail, or at the soccer pitch.




Meet Kaz Delaney

Headshot of Kaz Delaney

Award winning YA & children’s author, Kaz Delaney, and her alter ego, have currently sold 73 titles between them over a 26 year career.

Her books have won many awards, among them the prestigious Aurealis Award for best paranormal and ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) awards. Her novel ‘Dead, Actually’ (Allen & Unwin) was nominated for a Davitt Award, (Best crime novel, Sisters In Crime) in the YA section.   Dividing her time between teaching and writing, Kaz formerly tutored Creative Writing for CSU’s Enrichment Program as well as teaching and creating courses for the Australian College of Journalism.

Having always had a love of cozy mysteries, Kaz is having so much fun writing her Hart of Texas Mystery Series for Tule Publishing, that she worries it’s not legal!

With their family grown and gone, Kaz lives with her wonderful husband at beautiful Lake Macquarie, Australia, a place she describes as a strip of land between the ocean and lake.  Like Rosie, Kaz loves to bake and grow vegetables and unlike Rosie, manages to make a mess of every crochet task she undertakes.

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks for stopping by to meet the first 10 mystery authors of Tule Publishing! Here’s to a great year of #Tule10!

Tule Author Q&A: Katherine Cowley discusses Mary Bennet’s growth!

Katherine Cowley stopped by the Tule blog to discuss the third book in The Secret Life of Mary Bennet series, The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception!

Where did you get the inspiration for The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception?

In 2014 I read the book Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. The book is dense and took me a long time to read—at least six months—but I ended up really enjoying it. What I didn’t realize before reading Vanity Fair was that tons of women, of all classes of society, went with the British troops to Brussels before the Battle of Waterloo. While some of the women stayed in Brussels during the fighting, others accompanied the men to the battlefield.

This kernel of information stuck in my mind and became the inspiration for the novel. I wanted Mary Bennet to go to Brussels and participate in the events that led to the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte, while solving a murder mystery.


How has Mary changed throughout the course of The Secret Life of Mary Bennet series? 

By the third book, Mary is more confident in herself and her abilities. She’s also more able to keep going, even in the face of struggle, adversity, and heartbreak.

At the beginning of the first novel, she doesn’t have true friendships or strong relationships. By the third novel, she has developed meaningful friendships with family members and others. These friendships have become an important part of Mary’s life and have changed the way she views the world around her.


Mary has a budding romance with Mr. Withrow in this third installment. How did you balance the moments of romance within this mystery novel?

The first thing I did was choose a few key scenes that would focus almost entirely on the romance. One is near the end of the very first chapter, when the spies are doing kissing practice, so they can use physical affection in the field as a tool to discover information. Another is later on in the book when Mary and Mr. Withrow are learning the Viennese Waltz. And of course, there is a very essential scene at the end of the book. These key scenes gave me a chance to really explore the romance and create shifts in their relationship.

In the rest of the novel, I included bits and pieces of romance and relationship development while Mary and Mr. Withrow solve the murder mystery. Working together as partners created many opportunities to include a few lines of banter or create some tension between them. They sit in the carriage a little closer than normal; Mr. Withrow’s hand brushes Mary’s skin as he helps her with a disguise; they disagree about the best way to get information from a suspect and must later apologize.

Many of my favorite novels have a romantic subplot, where the characters build their relationship while having an adventure or solving the mystery, and I loved getting to write this sort of subplot in my novel. Every single investigation scene becomes more interesting when it’s also impacting a romance.


Where and when do you get most of your writing done?

I set aside time from 1-3 p.m. every day to work on this book. This was quiet time for my youngest daughter, and it didn’t matter what other life commitments or responsibilities I had pressing on me, this time was devoted to writing the novel.

I do most of my writing in my office. My desk is next to the back window of my house, and from it I can see a small patch of forest that has birds and squirrels and rabbits.


What are you currently reading?

I just finished reading Naomi Hirahara’s Clark and Division, an excellent murder mystery that also explores what life was like for Japanese Americans during World War II. I also recently read Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club, which is a delightful, humorous story about a group of retirees who take it upon themselves to solve a murder.

My giant to read pile is calling my name, and I’m still choosing what book I’m going to read next!


About the Author

Katherine Cowley’s debut novel, The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet, was nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. Her Mary Bennet spy series continues with the novels The True Confessions of a London Spy and The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception.

Katherine loves history, chocolate, traveling, and playing the piano, and she has taught writing classes at Western Michigan University. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband and three daughters.

Tule Publishing September 2022 Releases

Read more about our new releases for September!

GIVEAWAY: We will pick ONE winner to receive a digital book of their choice from the September releases. Comment down below saying which book you’re looking most forward to reading! Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month.


The Texas Cowboy’s Proposal by Debra Holt (Texas Born)

Release Date: September 1, 2022

Texas Heritage, Book 1

They had a foolproof plan…until one little girl got involved.

Sammi Jo Burkitt’s formidable grandmother’s will is pushing Sammi Jo to the brink. Yes, the feisty cowgirl can keep the ranching empire known as Aces High, which has been the family birthright for two centuries, but she must marry her rival and stay married for three years as part of the deal. Say no, and Aces High goes on the auction block.

Beaudry Hawkes wants nothing to do with the high and mighty Burkitts. Until the day Sammi Jo shows up on his doorstep with a proposition no one in their right mind would refuse: wear her ring, then accept thousands of acres of rich ranch land and a tidy sum of three million dollars when they part ways. The windfall could change everything for his daughter’s future.

But eight-year-old Lacy is becoming attached to the idea of one happy family. Nothing short of a true marriage between the two can make her dreams come true. Can Sammi Jo and Beaudry find their freedom and love too?

The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception by Katherine Cowley (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: September 6, 2022

The Secret Life of Mary Bennet, Book 3

What is a spy willing to do when both her heart and her country are at risk?

Life changes once again for British spy Miss Mary Bennet when Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from the Isle of Elba. Mary quickly departs England for Brussels, the city where the Allied forces prepare for war against the French. But shortly after her arrival, one of the Duke of Wellington’s best officers is murdered, an event which threatens to break the delicate alliance between the Allies.

Investigating the murder forces Mary into precarious levels of espionage, role-playing, and deception with her new partner, Mr. Withrow—the nephew and heir of her prominent sponsor, and the spy with whom she’s often at odds. Together, they court danger and discovery as they play dual roles gathering intelligence for the British. But soon Mary realizes that her growing feelings towards Mr. Withrow put her heart in as much danger as her life. And then there’s another murder.

Mary will need to unmask the murderer before more people are killed, but can she do so and remain hidden in the background?

Love at Meg’s Diner by Lara Van Hulzen (American Heart)

Release Date: September 7, 2022

The Endicotts of Silver Bay, Book 1

She’s running from her past…

As a former firefighter, Meg Malone lives by one rule: no dating firemen. The dangers of the job are too high, and she’s already lost too much. So, she returns home to Silver Bay, California, to take over her dad’s diner, hiding her scars and pretending she’s fine. Life is perfectly routine, predictable, and most of all, safe. Until the unpredictable happens in the form of a perfectly patient, definitely intriguing fireman.

He’s chasing a future…

Chet Endicott moved to Silver Bay to escape the expectations of his burdensome family name. Intrigued by the beautiful owner of Meg’s Diner, he can’t help but want to peel back the layers she protects herself with, but no one gets under Meg’s skin. Especially him, it seems.

When they are thrown together by their mutual passion for running, Chet sees a glimpse of the fire under all Meg’s ice, and he’s determined to fan those flames. But can Meg truly trust her heart? Or will this be the fire that consumes her?

A Cup of Autumn by Melissa McClone (American Heart)

Release Date: September 12, 2022

Silver Falls, Book 3

He thought he had the perfect plan…

When elite university professor Keaton Andrews walks into a meeting with the dean, he expects to hear that his tenure application is on track. Instead, his beloved department is cut. Regrouping in Silver Falls with family seems like his best option. One morning, he takes a risk and orders a pumpkin spice latte from the beautiful barista at the local coffee shop. Too bad she doesn’t seem to find him nearly as intriguing as he finds her…

Raine Hanover is no longer swayed by a charming smile, especially by a nerdy—and distractingly handsome—academic. She’s taking a break from romance and focusing on running her increasingly busy coffee shop. But when Raine is involuntarily put in charge of organizing the town’s Halloween bash, Keaton jumps in to help, and it’s not long before sparks, and kisses, fly.

As the leaves begin to fall, Raine wonders if she should risk taking another chance on happily ever after, especially with a man who has dreams and goals so far away from Silver Falls and her.

Second Chance Dad by Joan Kilby (Montana Born)

Release Date: September 13, 2022

Sweetheart, Montana, Book 3

Thanksgiving is a time for family…

As a young widow and mother to a three-year-old boy, Sarah Mills’s life is complicated, becoming more so when her high school sweetheart, Daniel, moves back to Montana. He left her behind after graduation and she married his brother, only needing Daniel’s services as a sperm donor when she and her husband couldn’t conceive. Now Daniel’s offering her a job as resort manager—but he wants to be part of her son’s life.

Recently retired from pro football, Daniel Hunter is tired of holding on to secrets. He badly wants a relationship with his biological son, and a second chance with the woman he never stopped loving. He builds a first-rate eco resort in Sweetheart, Montana, to give him a shot at a new life post football and proposes to Sarah, thinking it’s the most practical choice for all three of them.

Daniel still makes Sarah’s heart skip a beat, but he’s left her behind once already. She’s convinced he won’t stay this time, either, and now it’s not just her heart at risk.

Dearly Departed by Heather Novak (Muse)

Release Date: September 15, 2022

Love Me Dead, Book 3

Who would you betray to save a life?

Medium Eliza Robinson will do anything for her daughter, including working on a confidential investigation at the Supernatural Human Accountability Partnership agency with her ex—the person who killed her fiancé, Ben. She’s desperate to find out the truth about Ben’s past and what really happened the night he died, and she won’t let anyone stand in her way. Her daughter’s life depends on it.

Paris Evans knows Eliza will never forgive her role in Ben’s death, but has vowed to protect Eliza and her daughter at all costs. She can’t let anyone learn the truth about what happened that night, or who Ben really was. Not when so many lives—including her twin’s—hang in the balance.

As the investigation heats up, it reignites the fire between Eliza and Paris. These two powerful psychics—one who can communicate with the dead via letters and the other who has prophetic dreams—will risk everything to protect their loved ones and discover the traitor…even as Paris’s visions warn there may be no happy ending to their mission.

Coming Home to You by Rebecca Crowley (American Heart)

Release Date: September 19, 2022

Orchard Hill, Book 3

Midwife Mabel Antonoff is used to catching babies at short notice—just not in a busy hardware store, and definitely not alongside her high school ex. She could’ve happily gone another decade without seeing Sam Strauss, but she needs a pair of hands, and his are steady. As the ambulance leaves and the local media closes in, Mabel realizes they’re going viral—and it’s the perfect opportunity to promote her midwifery program.

Sam’s international aid career took him to the most dangerous places in the world, but he was only a block from his D.C. apartment when a distracted driver grounded his travels. Injured and off-balance, he retreats to his hometown to help sell his grandparents’ house. He wants silence and solitude—not a frenzied media tour, and absolutely not an extra minute with the ex-girlfriend who stirs up long-buried regrets.

Sam owes her, and Mabel’s determined to use their newfound fame for good—even if it means fueling speculation about their relationship. But as Rosh Hashanah nears, Mabel begins to wonder if it’s bad luck to start the new year on false pretenses…

Swipe Right for Marriage by Sinclair Jayne Sawhney (American Heart)

Release Date: September 20, 2022

Misguided Masala Matchmaker, Book 2

Who needs a husband?

Corporate attorney Shanti Kapoor is not falling into the arranged marriage trap her family has set. Too bad her skillful dodge is thwarted by her younger sister, who accidentally sets Shanti back in the sights of her law school nemesis and fiercest competitor, Rakesh Singh. She and Rakesh have a history she’d rather forget, but now she owes him a favor that Rake’s definitely collecting on. Worse, playing the part of Rakesh’s bride at Charlotte’s Festival of India dredges up emotions Shanti thought she’d forever buried.

Rakesh has goals far beyond the DA’s office in Charlotte and a strategy for every move he makes. He only hesitated once to chase something he desired—Shanti Kapoor. Not this time. Rakesh knows he’s got one shot, so when fate plays into his hands, he shamelessly seizes advantage.

Shanti and Rake are at the top of their game. Their chemistry is explosive and someone’s going to get hurt. But all’s fair in love and war—and with these two, it’s always been both.

Cowboy on the Run by Anne McAllister (Montana Born)

Release Date: September 22, 2022

The Cowboy’s Code, Book 2

World’s most eligible bachelor?

Gotta be a joke. Sure, he’s heir to a Montana ranching empire, but Rance Phillips has no intention of perpetuating the dynasty just because a lifestyle magazine and his meddling father are pushing brides-to-be down his throat. But when his path unexpectedly crosses Ellie O’Connor’s, he pulls up short.

Once his college sweetheart, strong-willed, stubborn Ellie is now a widowed mother of four. Four? Rance should be running for the hills. Instead he lingers, then settles in, determined to help save her family’s ranch for Josh, her eldest son.

Ellie doesn’t want help. She doesn’t want Rance! Well, actually she does. But he won’t stay. Not forever.

So he needs to leave now. Before she falls for him again. Before her willpower crumbles. But mostly before Rance notices that Josh looks far too much like him!

Autumn’s Magical Pact by Leigh Ann Edwards (Muse)

Release Date: September 26, 2022

Maidens of the Mystical Stones, Book 1

Can one choice alter destiny or is fate set in stone?

After her father’s unexplained disappearance, the entrancingly beautiful healer Rhianwyn Albray finds herself in a perilous position. She’s nineteen, living alone, and unwed—which, by the king’s law, is strictly forbidden. Several men rally to claim her as their bride, but when a mysterious Irishman, Lord Broccan Mulryan, requests the king’s permission to wed her, Rhianwyn immediately objects. Though he is handsome and there is an undeniable physical attraction, he’s also demanding, arrogant, and not husband material.

Rhianwyn meets with her three closest friends, Elspeth, Selena, and Lilliana, at the mystical stone circle near their small English village. Bemoaning their inevitable and undesired fates, each presumes the others will fare better. Then a peculiar old crone offers them a magical opportunity to trade lives—a binding pact that will forever change them, their friendships, and their destinies.

With a world of possibilities ahead of her, Rhianwyn must decide: is there a future for her with Lord Broccan?

Beneath the Sapphire Sky by Dakota Harrison (Holiday)

Release Date: September 27, 2022

With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing, Book 5

They’ve known each other for years…

Born and raised on adjacent family vineyards, and inseparable since childhood, there’s not much Belle Davis and Dante Casellati don’t know about each other. That crush Belle had on him in her teens? Dante knows about it. Dante’s confirmed bachelor stance? Belle’s heard it all before. And each believes the other is happy with the status quo.

Used to pushing aside her own dreams and desires out of duty to her ailing mother, Belle dismisses all hope of her and Dante ever being in the same place at the same time emotionally, until Dante’s prodigal brother returns to Kurrajong Crossing and makes a play for her. Dante’s jealousy finally prompts him to act on the attraction to Belle he’s been ignoring for years. Taking their relationship one step further, life is bliss…until tragedy strikes Belle’s family. As tensions rise and hope of a happy outcome fades fast, Belle’s guilt estranges her and Dante for the first time in their lives.

Can they salvage their love, or will harsh words and the fear of truly letting one another in ruin everything?

Wishing for Mr. Right by Sarah Vance-Tompkins (American Heart)

Release Date: September 29, 2022

The Adair Family, Book 2

When you wish upon a star, sometimes your dreams come true…

When her high-rise career tanks, urbanite Dacey Adair returns to her northern Michigan hometown of Christmas Tree Cove in need of a reset. Early one morning while prepping for her seasonal job on a fishing charter, Dacey makes a half-hearted wish on the harvest moon to bring her the man of her dreams.

A few blinks later, she finds a naked man clinging to her boat.

Local heartthrob Luke La Fontaine has led a charmed life. He’s recently become famous for his TikTok videos demonstrating the art of cheesemaking while surrounded by adorable farm animals. His handmade, small batch cheese is much sought-after by foodies. But what he really needs is a business strategy.

It’s the perfect recipe to set Dacey back on the path to success, but as she and Luke spend more time together, her goals blur. Is this an off-season fling or will their connection age to perfection?

Tule Author Q&A: Katherine Cowley relates to Mary Bennet!

Katherine Cowley stopped by the Tule blog to discuss the second book in The Secret Life of Mary Bennet series, The True Confessions of a London Spy!


Your character, Mary Bennet, comes from the classic book, Pride and Prejudice. Is she your favorite character from the book? Did you always imagine a different life for her? 

For many years my favorite character in Pride and Prejudice was Elizabeth Bennet. She’s the main character, and she’s clever and witty and not afraid of anyone. She also likes to read and play the piano—two of my favorite things. And of course she ends up with Mr. Darcy. What’s not to like?

While I always felt a strong connection to Elizabeth, as I grew older, I realized that in many ways I am actually more like her younger sister Mary. Mary also likes to read and play the piano, but she’s not always comfortable in social situations. In fact, sometimes her social interactions go horrifically. Sometimes she feels left out, and she is often underestimated.

A few years ago, I was rewatching the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film and I realized that if Mary’s life went as everyone around her expected it to go, then she would probably be rather miserable. I decided that Mary had a secret, and after a few months, I figured out what it was: Mary Bennet is a spy for the British government.


Where did you get the inspiration for The True Confessions of a London Spy?

I wanted to tell a story that occurred not long after Pride and Prejudice and involved Mary Bennet solving a murder mystery in London, while participating in her first London Season. I also wanted the story to incorporate real historical events, so after a deep dive into Regency history, I decided to set the book in January and February of 1814:

  • Britain was still fighting a war with Napoleon Bonaparte
  • It was super cold. Many places got over five feet of snow, and the Thames River froze over and they held a giant frost fair on the frozen ice
  • The customs house exploded
  • There was a scandal around a giant hoax involving Napoleon Bonaparte

This seemed like the perfect setting for a murder mystery. 

A lot of my inspiration for the novel also came from thinking about how it feels to want to prove yourself—what it’s like to wonder if you’re enough.

I also wanted the story to be about Mary finding her place in her family. Many times, adult siblings find a way to get along better than when they are teenagers, and I wanted to see if Mary could develop a better relationship with at least one of her sisters.


What kind of research did you need to do for this story?

I did a lot of traditional research—online searches, books from three different libraries, and two newspaper archive subscriptions. However, the favorite part of my research was my visit to London in October 2019. I had already written a first draft of the book, so I visited a number of the places in the story—I walked along the Thames River and climbed the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

Katherine near the Thames. Tower Bridge did not exist in 1814, so did not end up in the book.

Katherine next to the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

Katherine and her daughter on a London street.

The Museum of London was particularly helpful. They’ve recreated Victorian city streets, which really helped me understand what it would have felt like to walk through London in the early 1800s. They also had tons of dresses, fans, shoes, watches, and other physical objects that appear in my book.

Katherine in front of Westminster Abbey.

In addition to helping me revise what I had already written, my London trip provided inspiration for new scenes. I loved seeing the Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, and I ended up using that location for a key scene near the end of The True Confessions of a London Spy.


What was your favorite scene to write and why? 

My favorite scene to write was one of the ball scenes. Mary attends a ball in disguise, in order to observe and talk to the murder suspects. But unbeknownst to Mary, her family is at the same ball. She fears that they will recognize her, despite the disguise. I loved the tension in the scene and building the character interactions.

Mary found she was enjoying herself, dancing with a man she did not know in a persona that was not her own. There was something freeing about a different identity: it was like slipping on a new glove and finding that it fit her hand perfectly.

Suddenly, she was wrenched from her complacency. Across the room, she saw Georgiana. Georgiana Darcy, dancing with Mr. Johnstone. She felt as if there was a gaping pit in her stomach. Georgiana was supposed to be at a different ball.

“Miss Kendall, is something wrong?” asked Mary’s partner, Mr. Walmsley.

“I am quite fine. Do you ever have dreadful thoughts attack unawares? Do memories of unpleasant things besiege you?”

“No, I cannot say that I do,” said Mr. Walmsley. “How could a woman such as yourself have memories of unpleasant things?”

Her neighbour, Mrs. König, was dancing nearby, and her stomach gave a lurch at her knowledge of Mrs. König’s actions with Mr. Sharp in the tent. Then she noticed Mr. Darcy at the edge of the dance floor, watching his sister. He seemed to sense Mary, and his eyes caught hers for a moment. She tore her own eyes away, looking straight into Mr. Walmsley’s, and she leaned on the story she and Fanny had crafted. “My mother is long dead, my father, long away, and the mistresses of my finishing schools were not always kind.”

“That sounds dreadful. Yet you seem to have turned out quite well despite all of it.”

“Thank you,” said Mary. “I do what I can.”

They lapsed into silence, and Mary attempted to lose herself in the dance. She let herself smile at Mr. Walmsley’s glances and attempted to feel as if she had not a care in the world. She felt her muscles loosen and her back grow less rigid, and she was surprised by the way in which her pretence impacted her reality.

She did not know how this had happened—the Darcys were meant to be at a different ball tonight. They had mentioned nothing about accepting a different invitation instead. Yet they were here.

Mr. Darcy had seen her, and since she had already been seen, there was no point in fleeing. It would be a test of Fanny’s transformation of her, but she would stay, and she would stay in the persona of Miss Kendall at all times, and she would attempt to learn something useful over the course of the evening.

The dance finished and her partner gave her his thanks and a gentlemanly bow. “May I escort you anywhere, Miss Kendall?”

Mr. Stanley stood near her sister Elizabeth, so it would be best not to walk in that direction. It was risky to be at the same ball as her family while in disguise, but she might be able to succeed, as long as she avoided any close encounters with them, which might lead them to recognise her mannerisms or her voice.


What are you currently reading?

I love reading books across a variety of genres. I just finished reading the nonfiction book Braiding Sweetgrass and the memoir The Best We Could Do. A few of the books in my to-read pile are Digging Up Love, Every Reason We Shouldn’t, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, and Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls




About the Author

Katherine Cowley read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when she was ten years old, which started a lifelong obsession with Jane Austen. She loves history, chocolate, traveling, and playing the piano, and she teaches writing classes at Western Michigan University. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband and three daughters. The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet is her debut novel.

Tule Publishing March 2022 Releases

Read more about our new releases for March!

GIVEAWAY: We will pick ONE winner to receive a digital book of their choice from the March releases. Comment down below saying which book you’re looking most forward to reading! Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month.


The True Confessions of a London Spy by Katherine Cowley (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: March 1, 2022

The Secret Life of Mary Bennet, Book 2

No one said being a spy for the British government would be easy.

When Miss Mary Bennet is assigned to London for the Season, extravagant balls and eligible men are the least of her worries. A government messenger has been murdered and suspicion falls on the Radicals, who may be destabilizing the government in order to compel England down the bloody path of the French Revolution.

Working with her fellow spies, Mr. William Stanley and Miss Fanny Cramer, Mary must investigate without raising the suspicions of her family, rescue her friend Miss Georgiana Darcy from a suitor scandal, and solve the mystery before anyone else is harmed—all without being discovered, lest she be exiled back to the countryside.

This is the perfect job for a woman who exists in the background. Can Mary prove herself, or will this assignment be her last?

She Gets a Happy Ending by Denise N. Wheatley (American Heart)

Release Date: March 3, 2022

A Fearless Fairytale, Book 3

Sometimes happily ever after arrives on its own magical schedule…

Devon Jacobs’s star is definitely in orbit. Despite the cancellation of her weekly sitcom, she lands a job writing for a television drama, then sells her Christmas script to the perfect producer. But her boyfriend, Ryan Roberts, is having no such luck. Down on himself and burning out from all the auditioning, his frustration puts a strain on their relationship, and suddenly they find themselves calling it quits.

A movie shoot in the holiday town of Leavenworth, Washington, is exactly the mental break Devon needs. Until their leading man quits and the producer replaces him with none other than Ryan. Finding the right level of professionalism isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when this opportunity means everything to their careers—and it’s becoming more obvious with each passing day that neither one of them is successful in saying goodbye.

Can Devon and Ryan find a way to combine their dreams and tie a bow around their relationship—this time for keeps?

A Tasty Dish by Kelly Cain (American Heart)

Release Date: March 8, 2022

The Everheart Brothers of Texas, Book 2

The show must go on…

Kasi Blythewood has spent most of her life in the shadow of her famous film producer father who’s deliberately kept her under his thumb with tough love. Ready to make a name for herself, Kasi secretly heads to Austin for a film conference to rustle up some financing for her dream project—an indie series that showcases cuisine from around the world.

When Kasi meets chef Declan Everheart, it’s instant lust spiced with an intriguing business opportunity. Declan’s father, a Michelin star chef, is interested in funding her film, but there is a sexy string attached—Declan must be a producer on her series. Not ideal. Kasi craves independence, and she knows business and pleasure never mix well, but she’s exhausted all other options.

Declan’s more than just eye candy and Kasi’s not blind. She immediately discovers Declan’s not just a natural producer and talented chef, he also shines on camera as the host. Can Kasi convince Declan to break away from his father and build the life he wants…with her?

Muzzled by Katja Desjarlais (Muse)

Release Date: March 15, 2022

Hellhounds, Book 3

Born in hell. Raised to serve. Destined to disobey.

Hellhound Ryan Echidna is hunting the final enemy of his master, Hades. Running point for his brothers, Ryan’s eager to corner his target and return to his mistress, Persephone. He knows his quarry hides among the crowds of the summer art festival, but for the first time in centuries, he’s unable to pinpoint a location. More confusing, a beautiful, enigmatic human artist is painting scenes straight from his memories.

Artist Micah Wheaton doesn’t understand the dark turn her art has taken when she’s compelled to paint the unsettling images from her dreams. Even worse, she feels she’s being stalked and is afraid to sleep. Her newest fan, a sexy but sweet accountant named Ryan, makes her feel safe—though she suspects he too has secrets.

While Ryan’s hunt hits one dead end after another, the images on the tip of Micah’s paintbrush foretell a fatal end. Ryan must race against time and destiny to eliminate the danger to the woman he now loves and complete his final hunt…before leaving Micah forever.

Reunion in the Outback by Nicole Flockton (Holiday)

Release Date: March 17, 2022

Welcome to Bunya Junction, Book 4

Everyone deserves a second chance…

Yolanda Watson thought she had left her hometown in her rearview mirror when she married her high school sweetheart and moved to the big city. Nearly a decade later, she’s returning to Bunya Junction newly separated and with her young daughter in tow. Maybe, surrounded by family, she can start again and rebuild her life. Although a piece of her heart is still miles away…

Michael Watson thought he had it all, until his wife left him and everything else in his life quickly crumbled at his feet. But Michael isn’t one to give up so easily, and he especially isn’t ready to end the marriage to his soulmate. Determined to put his family back together, he heads to Bunya Junction, willing to do whatever it takes to make Yolanda see that their story is far from over. Although telling her the truth about his circumstances is harder than he thought.

But secrets have a way of coming out. When Yolanda’s and Michael’s are revealed, it’ll be the ultimate test of their love.

A Bittersweet Murder by Kaz Delaney (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Hart of Texas Murder Mysteries, Book 1

Everyone knows everyone in small town Airlie Falls, so where could the killer be hiding?

For one brief hour on a sunny Texas morning, amateur baker Rosie Hart glimpses the life she’s always dreamed about—thanks to a surprise inheritance from the late Miss Alice. But her benefactor is barely cold in the ground when Rosie is accused of her murder.

As the only stranger in the tight-knit Airlie Falls community, and the only person with an obvious motive, all eyes turn to Rosie. Especially when more bodies begin to pile up and mysterious letters from the grave start circulating faster than Rosie can pull a tray of cherry nut clusters out of the oven.

When Rosie begins to suspect the murders have links to a sixty-year-old suspicious death on the very property she’s just inherited, town locals become uneasy. But how can Rosie prove the two are related—and prove her innocence—before the killer strikes again?

Texas Cowgirl by Eve Gaddy (Texas Born)

Release Date: March 24, 2022

Texas True, Book 4

They’re made for each other, he just needs to prove it.

Pilot Nate Kershaw may be one of Whiskey River’s biggest players, but from the moment he met cowgirl Damaris Walker, he was smitten. After sharing a searing kiss years ago, she made her feelings clear so Nate doesn’t dare press for more than friendship. No other woman can win his heart, so when his beloved grandmother tells him her dearest wish is to see him settled down, Nate decides it’s the perfect opportunity to convince Damaris they’re meant to be.

After a devastating betrayal years ago, Damaris is still unable to trust or risk her heart—especially with a charming lady-killer like Nate. Against her common sense, she agrees to be Nate’s fake girlfriend and finds herself falling for him harder than she did two years ago.

When Damaris learns Nate has been deceiving her about his true feelings, her fears and trust issues reignite. Will Nate be able to convince Damaris to overcome the pain of the past and take a risk on forever—with him?

Montana Cowboy Promise by Jane Porter (Montana Born)

Release Date: March 29, 2022

Wyatt Brothers of Montana, Book 5

Three and a half years ago, Tommy Wyatt was in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. He had only one thing on his mind—winning another national championship—until he met a beautiful young med student who changed his life.

Blake Eden is in the last few months of her general practice residency, interviewing for jobs and eager to move forward. But before she can seize her future, she needs to settle some things from her past—like bringing closure to her impulsive marriage to rodeo champion Tommy Wyatt.

When Blake shows up at the Salinas Rodeo demanding Tommy sign their divorce papers, Tommy makes it clear he isn’t interested in signing anything. When he married Blake, he meant his vows. Now Tommy has one week to convince his secret wife they’re meant to be together.


THE SECRET LIFE OF MISS MARY BENNET: Release day blog post featuring Katherine Cowley

Katherine Cowley on The Thrills and Dangers of Writing a Jane Austen-Inspired Novel

I am so excited to share a little about my book, The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet. My novel features Mary Bennet, the middle, often-forgotten sister from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, solving a murder mystery. My book starts about a year after the end of Pride and Prejudice, and I want to talk about some of the wonderful and challenging things about writing an Austenesque novel, or, in other words:

The Thrills and Dangers of Writing a Jane Austen-Inspired Novel

Thrill #1: I Get to Play with My Favorite Characters.

When I have a favorite character, I don’t want their story to end, and in Pride and Prejudice, this is the case for many of the characters. Are Elizabeth and Darcy as in love with ever? What is Mrs. Bennet wailing about? Is Mr. Collins still insufferable?

Writing a Jane Austen-inspired novel gave me the opportunity to spend more time with these characters and continue their stories.

Danger #1: Everyone has a different level of familiarity with Jane Austen.

Some readers have never read Jane Austen. Others have seen a film. Others have read Pride and Prejudice, but ten years ago, while other readers have read it dozens of times.

I decided to write in a way that no matter how much or how little you know of the original text, my book should be able to stand on its own. One of my critique partners has never read or seen any Austen, so having her read the book helped me see when I needed to add extra explanations and details. I also had several critique partners who are avid readers of Jane Austen, and they helped me notice errors and gave me advice on making my book feel true to the original text.

Thrill #2: I Can Mix Genres.

I love Regency stories and Jane Austen, and I also love mystery novels, so writing The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet gave me the chance to weave both genres together.

Jane Austen’s novels are all about characters trying to understand each other, which is also what investigators do in a mystery novel. For me, it felt very natural to mix mystery and Austen.

Danger #2: It is difficult to match Jane Austen’s language.

Languages change over time, and the way we use English has definitely changed in the last two hundred years, since Pride and Prejudice was published.

One of the things I liked to do was reread Austen to get me into the mindset of the sentence structure and approach to words. Then, as I was writing, I would speak aloud in a (very terrible) British accent, which helped me focus on how the characters might speak. 

I also spent a lot of time looking things up. There’s a Jane Austen Thesaurus where you can check if Jane Austen ever used a word. I also frequented the Oxford English Dictionary and Google Ngram, to check if other authors used words or phrases in certain ways in 1814.

Thrill #3: I Can Provide an Alternate Perspective

Mary Bennet actually only has seven lines of dialogue in the entire novel of Pride and Prejudice (though she has a few other noteworthy passages, such as when she can’t come up with something to say, when she plays the pianoforte poorly at the Netherfield Ball, and when she wishes that Mr. Collins had proposed to her).

In some adaptations, Mary is present mostly for the sake of comic relief—she provides someone for the audience to laugh at. And yet I felt like there’s so much more to Mary than just that.

I wanted to provide an alternate perspective on her, to let readers explore her thought process and why she acts the way she does. And I wanted Mary—overlooked, ignored, mocked Mary—to have her own story, her own adventures. Everyone deserves their own story, their own chance to shine and make a difference in the world.


Katherine Cowley read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when she was ten years old, which started a lifelong obsession with Jane Austen. She loves history, chocolate, traveling, and playing the piano, and she teaches writing classes at Western Michigan University. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband and three daughters. The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet is her debut novel.