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Tule Publishing March 2023 Releases

Read more about our new releases for March!

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Nursing the Flame by Shelli Stevens (American Heart)

Release Date: March 6, 2023

Bro Code, Book 4

Thou shalt not sleep with the girl bro…

Firefighter Amber Chapman has been working for the Seattle Fire Department for three years and loves the excitement of her job. She’s been single for just as long, and despite her attraction to her team leader, she knows that when you’re one of the guys, it’s hard to break out of the friend zone.

Lieutenant Reggie Andrews lives and breathes firefighting and would do anything for his station family. He’s got a soft spot for Amber, who he took under his wing when she first joined their team. She’s the “girl bro” in the group, as he affectionately calls her, so she’ll always be off limits. When a house fire engulfs them, Reggie’s quick thinking saves Amber. Except he doesn’t escape unscathed, and he’s convinced his future as a firefighter is going up in flames.

But Amber won’t let him sit around feeling sorry for himself. As Amber helps nurture his body and his spirit, Reggie is shocked to realize she’s also nursing a flame of desire that he tried to deny…and can no longer ignore.

Her Cowboy Baby Daddy by Jeannie Watt (Montana Born)

Release Date: March 7, 2023

Return to Keller Ranch, Book 2

He’s always been the love ‘em and leave ‘em type, until she gives him a reason to stay.

Former cowboy Spence Keller never puts down roots, so when he’s needed back home on Keller Ranch, he drops everything to return. After a belligerent neighbor shuts off a much-needed water supply, Spence volunteers to negotiate a water lease with Hayley Parker, another neighboring ranch owner. He and shy Hayley have a history, so it should be simple, but things are made complicated when he sees Hayley, now confident, gorgeous, and armed with a counteroffer.

Ranching is in Hayley’s blood, but after her father passes, she’s lonely. Hayley’s always wanted a child, but is too independent to run her ranch and raise her child with someone else. She’s exploring sperm donors when her handsome neighbor saunters into her barn with a proposition. Spence is perfect—he’s hot as hell and always has one foot out the door.

Spence is definitely up for a no-strings affair with Hayley, but father a child and walk away? Never. Can he convince Hayley that he’s ready to settle down and raise a family—with her?

The Perfectly Simple Complicated Life of Maggie Halloran by Trish Morey (Holiday)

Release Date: March 9, 2023

With Love, Cornwall, Book 1

Maggie Halloran’s life is finally perfect.

For recently retired Maggie Halloran, life in her renovated two-bedroom St. Ives fisherman’s cottage is picture perfect. With her daughter in London and her mother in Penzance, Maggie is free to enjoy the odd sleepover with her boyfriend, Nigel, visit galleries, or do her beloved sudoku.

When Maggie’s reserved mother falls giddily in love, Maggie takes it in stride. At the wedding, Maggie’s daughter, Alice, announces she’s pregnant and needs somewhere to live. Oh, and she has a new puppy, too…

Alice and Maggie have never been close, and Nigel’s allergic to dogs, but blood is thicker than your average Saturday night sleepover. Suddenly Maggie’s humouring her demanding daughter, fielding visits from her nostalgic ex-husband, and accommodating Alice’s baby daddy. And then Maggie’s mother arrives on the doorstep in tears, suitcase in hand, because she’s left her new husband. The only one keeping Maggie sane is Mitch, the builder converting the loft into another bedroom.

Maggie’s three-level terrace is now home to three generations—soon to be four—and her perfectly quiet, drama-free life is gone. The question is…does she want it back?

Kiss Me Under the Irish Sky by Karen Foley (Holiday)

Release Date: March 14, 2023

Love Always, Ireland, Book 1

She’s ready for an enchanting summer on the Irish coast.

Chicago graduate student Rachel Woods is determined to complete her degree and take her place in the family textile business. But when she learns her late father once spent a summer at a traditional weaving mill in Ireland, she decides to follow in his footsteps. Rachel’s a city girl at heart, but soon finds herself falling under the spell of the Emerald Isle—and the charming man who saves her.

Conall McDermott knows all about following your dreams. He left medicine to pursue his love of running and turned that passion into a nationwide retail business. When his local trail leads him to a beautiful American woman trapped in a bog, Conall rescues her and is smitten. She wants to learn about Donegal tweed, and since his family owns the local woolen mill, he happily introduces her to the local weavers, culture, and community.

When the opportunity of a lifetime arises sooner than expected, can Rachel ignore the powerful attraction she and Conall share, or will she let him—and Ireland—weave their magic around her heart?

Penny for Your Heart by Season Vining (American Heart)

Release Date: March 16, 2023

Romance in the City, Book 1

At fourteen, Penny Winters fell out of the closet and in love with her best friend, Misa Ito. But before they truly understood their feelings, Misa and her family were gone. Over a decade later, when Penny secures a job at a top New York advertising agency, she has a second chance at first love when she’s introduced to the lead account executive, Misa.

But the road to happiness is riddled with potholes. Misa is still impossibly beautiful, but super cold. And Misa shows no recollection of Penny—the girl who once showed her how to skateboard, make daisy chain crowns, and shared every secret with. On top of that, there’s the huge engagement ring and photo of a handsome man on Misa’s desk. The butterflies Penny feels don’t seem one-sided, and she wants answers.

Penny has no idea that she’s begging for the impossible. Getting Misa to admit anything means asking her to do the unthinkable: put aside her career and her father’s expectations to give into her heart. Which has always belonged to Penny.

A Homecoming Mantra by Sapna Srinivasan (American Heart)

Release Date: March 21, 2023

The Sood Family, Book 4

He’s a great single dad, but his family decides he needs a new wife…immediately.

No one in the Sood family has divorced—ever. But when successful mystery writer Shaan Sood’s wife cheats, he files. After his ex cuts ties with both him and their daughter, he leaves India to return to his Washington hometown and raise Misha closer to family. Shaan focuses on building a stable and loving home for Misha, but his peace is shattered by his loving family’s insistence that Misha needs a mother. Shaan is done with love, but he’d be lying if he didn’t admit he can’t stop thinking about his beautiful new neighbor.

Riding instructor Claire Wellington is everything Shaan should avoid. She’s kind, intelligent, and interested in helping Misha rebuild her confidence through riding lessons. Misha falls in love with the captivating and adventurous Claire, and Shaan’s heart isn’t far behind.

But Claire has secrets, and Shaan is a man who’s built a career solving mysteries. Can he risk his and his daughter’s hearts once again?

A Sprinkle of Spring by Melissa McClone (American Heart)

Release Date: March 23, 2023

Silver Falls, Book 4

She’s finally put down solid roots, but his are far away…

L.A.-based surgeon Flynn Andrews may be arrogant and overprotective, but he’ll do anything for his family. When his pregnant sister asks him to be her baby’s godfather, Flynn’s touched. Though he’s unhappy that the godmother will be his sister’s best friend and employee, Anna Kent. Flynn doesn’t trust her. Anna’s sunshine attitude and easy smiles must be an act.

Dog groomer Anna Kent dreams of falling in love and living happily ever after. She cherishes the life she’s built in the small town of Silver Falls, a world away from her painful childhood, but she’s missing a life partner. Her overly hyper dog, three spoiled cats, and two rescue fosters don’t count. Anna can’t wait to be a godparent, but she’s not thrilled to share the honor with grumpy Flynn.

He doesn’t like her. She’s not impressed with him. Somehow, they’ll have to find a way to plan a baby shower together. But as unexpected feelings spark and tensions escalate, the party might be the least of their problems.

Spring’s Mystical Promise by Leigh Ann Edwards (Muse)

Release Date: March 28, 2023

Maidens of the Mystical Stones, Book 3

Can she keep their magical promise without putting everything at risk?

As the frost melts and spring flowers bloom, Rhianwyn Mulryan, stuck in a binding magical pact, begins her season as Elspeth, a castle servant. After an endless winter as the frightened harlot Selena, Rhianwyn enjoys the strength of Elspeth’s tall, robust body. Never did she imagine, however, the secret horrors of her headstrong friend’s marriage to the brute Godric. Life with the sheriff’s abusive son makes Rhianwyn yearn even more for her true love, Broccan.

Broccan Mulryan, Lord of Brockwell Manor and joint knight commander, was once blissfully happy with his bride. But now Rhianwyn’s moods are baffling and unpredictable. After a winter of withdrawn frigidity, she’s suddenly forward and insatiable. Perhaps worse, he’s become unaccountably protective of Rhianwyn’s friend Elspeth…and his knightly instinct feels a lot like desire.

But as his connection to Rhianwyn wanes and his feelings for Elspeth grow, Broccan begins to suspect something unnatural has affected his wife and her friends. Could dark magic be destroying their love? Or is he losing his precious wife to something even worse?

Be My Baby by Dakota Harrison (Holiday)

Release Date: March 29, 2023

With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing, Book 8

Their timing has always been wrong, do they finally have it right?

Well-respected Kurrajong Crossing local Max Jameson has run the popular inn, the Spotted Cow, for over a decade. After losing his wife, Lucy, six years ago, Max has kept to himself. Though the relationship wasn’t romantic, Max hasn’t so much as been on a date since then…despite being in love with Millie Stevens for longer than he’d like to admit.

Millie wants a baby more than anything. At thirty-six, she feels her biological clock ticking and turns to her best friend, Max, to be the biological father of her child. He is everything she could want for her child’s father—kind, intelligent, loyal, and devastatingly handsome. And if he said yes, it could be completely anonymous, no strings attached.

Max would love to build a family with Millie, though he wishes it was because she wanted him, not just his child. But not everything goes to plan, and when feelings grow and disaster strikes, will Max and Millie’s hopes for a future go up in flames?

Tule Author Q&A: Sapna Srinivasan wishes she was like her heroine!

Sapna Srinivasan stopped by the Tule blog to discuss the third book in The Sood Family series, A Mantra for Miss Perfect!

Where did you get the inspiration for A Mantra for Miss Perfect?

Sahana is a key secondary character in both book 1, A New Mantra, and book 2, A Rebel’s Mantra. She is positioned as the perfect, overachieving cousin who often comes under fire for how loyal she is to her mother, Sharmila Sood. She emerged organically as the third heroine, when I was ready to write book three in the series, since she has such a strong, often misunderstood personality. I thought she—and all the seemingly hoity-toity personality she brings—would make for a good story.


How do you relate to your heroine, Sahana, and how do you hope readers will relate to her?

I am not like Sahana at all. She’s way more organized and perfect than I can ever be. She is the type of personality I would love to be. I think we all have a Sahana in our family, you know, that perfect, overachieving cousin who seems to check every box with ease. She’s beautiful, she is professionally successful, she respects her family, her parents and her family’s Indian traditions, she seems to have it all, which leaves everyone else seething and annoyed with her. But she also has an underbelly. She’s human, she has a beating heart and she feels the pain when it breaks. And this is what I hope people—and I relate to the most. The fact that at the end of the day, Sahana is human. She struggles with finding true love, despite her mother’s best matchmaking efforts, and Sahana is desperate to please her mom. I am hoping that vulnerability will be that connection point between her character and readers of this story.


Free People Walking Inside Building Stock PhotoIf you could spend the day with Sahana or Ryan, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would love, love, love to go shopping with Sahana (on her dime, since my credit card couldn’t keep up with her favorite stores). She likes nice things, and she is lion-hearted when it comes to taking care of the people she loves, cherishing them the way she does herself. So, I would shamelessly milk that, assuming she will like me, and she’s real, standing before me. On a side note, I’d pay good money to watch a topless Ryan mow my lawn.


What was your favorite scene to write and why?

I wanted there to be some serious chemistry, positive tension between Sahana and Ryan throughout the story. And I had fun writing all the scenes between them, where they butted heads while having this undercurrent of attraction between them. My favorite would probably be the first time the two meet at Ryan’s inn, The Wildling Inn. Here’s a snippet:

When her meeting with George wrapped up, Sahana marched past her cubicle down to James’s desk in the open bullpen. “What does the rest of my day look like today?” she asked him, when she was close enough to accommodate a whisper.

James turned to his monitor. “You have some internal one-on-one meetings and some follow-up client calls you need to make.”

“Reschedule the meetings, but not the calls. I can take those from the car,” she said with urgency.

James looked up at her. “Wait, are you leaving for somewhere?” 

“We are, yes. We’re driving to The Wilding Inn,” Sahana said. 

“The Wilding Inn?” James frowned. “But I thought the team wasn’t actively pursuing it anymore? Weren’t we going to wait for Ryan to get back to us to see if he wants to reengage?”

“I know, I know, I just…I need to understand what happened, James. I want to give it one last try. If I can’t get to Ryan, then I want to try my luck with his aunt and uncle—get a foot in the door. It’s not a clear shot, but it’s a chance, and”—Sahana lowered her voice—“it’s a tipping point that could affect my promotion.”

James’s eyes widened. “Did George say that?”

“He implied it,” Sahana said.

James sighed. “How about I meet you in the lobby in ten minutes?”

Sahana nodded. Turning, she began walking away. “Eight. Meet me in eight minutes,” she amended, tossing the words over her shoulder.

Back in her office, she sent out a couple of last-minute emails, before gathering her laptop bag. Her cell phone rang just as she exited her office. It was her mom. “Hey, Mom. Look, I can’t talk right now…”

“Can’t talk? What do you mean? I’m not one of your clients, I’m your mother who gave you the gift of life.”

Sahana sighed. “Okay, could you at least make it quick?”

“I’m calling to remind you to stop by your cousin Shaan’s house this evening. Don’t forget, no matter how busy you are, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll remember,” Sahana said quickly.

“He is your cousin and we haven’t heard a word from him since he moved back from India. His mother has barely spoken to him or her grandchild since they returned,” her mother continued. “You know she came by for lunch today? She was weeping. She was so sad she didn’t even compliment my cooking like she always does.”

Sahana arrived at the lobby and caught James approaching in the distance. 

“Are you even listening?” her mother asked, fervently.

“Yeah, yup. I er—I caught every word, and I will strive to be the best daughter in the world, but right now I’ve got to go, Mom. I’ll check in on Shaan after work today, okay? Promise.”

Her mother let out a second sigh. “Fine, okay. Bye.”

James arrived with a smile. “I take it that was your ever-loving mother?”

“Ever-fretting, you mean?” she said, turning to face the reception desk. “Marissa, could you send these out by express mail today, please? I’ve got sticky notes on them with the addresses for each one.”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it,” Marissa said with a smile, accepting the documents.

“Can I ask you a question, boss?” James asked, as they began walking down the hallway toward the elevator.

Sahana punched the elevator button. “Sure. But make it a good one.”

“What happens if you can’t get your foot in the door with Ryan’s aunt and uncle? What then?”

Sahana breathed in, as the elevator door opened for them. “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.”


The Wildling Inn stood at the very end of a long, tree-lined driveway. The property sat on ten acres of land along the harbor waterfront, peppered with pine trees and Douglas firs. It had taken Sahana and James a little over an hour to drive out to it from downtown Seattle. They’d stopped by Pacino’s to grab a quick bite along the way—a couple of veggie bowls with a side of chips and their homemade spicy salsa. It was a little after two in the afternoon with the sunlight, turning the skies bright blue with a few white freckles of clouds.

Driving up the pathway to the inn, Sahana couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the place—how serene it felt, and how quiet. She instinctively rolled down her car windows to breathe in the warm air.

“Hey, my hair’s going to blow into a mess,” James protested.

“You’ll be fine. Enjoy the view, will you?” she said with a laugh, looking out her window to watch a couple of blue jays dive into the trees. “Well, it’s a stunning property, no doubt about that.” She’d seen pictures of it of course, but she’d never actually visited the place before.

“I think I’m wearing the wrong shoes for this,” James noted, as they drove past the apple orchards that adjoined the property.

“Very clever to have orchards on the property, too,” Sahana added, looking past James’s qualms. “Inns with apple orchards garner thirty-percent more honeymooners than inns without,” she added, steering the car down the pathway.

“Did you just make up that metric?”

Sahana smiled. “I never make shit up…well, unless I’m in court representing a client,” she added with a playful wink. “No, I read that somewhere. Plus, it’s not just the honeymooners, right? Kids love to pick fruit…apples, blueberries, pumpkins? Not to mention orchards are great for a wedding venue. I think it’s very clever.”

James let out a sigh. “I feel like I’m on my way to Mr. Darcy’s house. How long is this freakin’ driveway?”

Sahana peered through her windshield. “There, right up ahead,” she said, her eyes coming to rest on the magnificent Tudor-style inn, with the driveway circling before it, around the lush green front lawn, with cushion-like flower beds and trimmed box hedges.

“On second thought, maybe I did pick the right shoes,” James said, as he considered the place.

The inn wasn’t overly expansive but very elegant looking. Pulling her Mercedes around the full length of the circular drive, Sahana pulled to a stop in one of the open spots on the pebbled parking lot that aligned the front lawns. She stepped out of her car, with James following suit. She did her best to navigate her way across the loose pebbles, as her Jimmy Choos caught in them, tipping her off-balance on more than one occasion. “I think you might be right about the shoes,” she said with a grunt, when they finally made it to the front door of the inn. Taking her shoes off one at a time, Sahana emptied them of the tiny pebbles that had managed to hitchhike a ride.

Slipping them back on, she straightened out her tweed skirt and turned to James. “How do I look?”

“Hot,” he replied casually, straightening his own bow tie.

“James?” Sahana shook her head. “Not the truth. Tell me what I want to hear, please.”

He sighed. “You look like a future junior partner at Yoland and Wiseman.”

Sahana breathed in. “Good. Yes. That’s exactly right.” Turning, she walked in through the open door.


It was a stunningly decorated foyer. Perhaps one of the best Sahana had ever seen—an eclectic design that sported a mix of wood paneled ceilings, darker-colored accent walls that were complemented by colorful, floral rugs, tapestry, and furniture. A beautiful hummingbird-patterned wallpaper, vintage tables, and paintings and art photos along the walls. To Sahana’s left, the foyer appeared to open out to a quiet reading room, to her right was a beautiful common room that captured the best of the day’s natural light. A few people, who Sahana assumed were inn guests, walked through the foyer, which boasted a large stairway that she imagined led up to the guest rooms. And straight ahead, was a reception desk with a beautiful antique lamp, a couple of flowerpots, and a computer. Behind the desk, stood a young woman with curly blonde hair that fell down to her shoulders. She appeared to be in her early twenties, with lively hazel eyes and a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She wore jeans, a flannel shirt, and riding boots. “Hello,” she said, with a welcoming smile. “Are you folks checking in?”

“Hi, no, not checking in,” Sahana replied, stepping forward to hand the woman a business card. “I’m Sahana Sood, and this is my assistant, James Ware. We work at Yoland and Wiseman and we’re looking to speak to either Clive or Sigi Harring, who run this establishment…or both?” she added with a dry chuckle.

“Oh, I’m sorry they’re both visiting a vendor. But if you like you can leave a message for them or you’re welcome to wait, although I’m not sure when they’re due back,” she said, gesturing to the adjoining lounge area. “I’m Holly, by the way, their niece. I’m just interning here this summer.”

“Niece?” Sahana repeated, exchanging a quick look with James.

“Niece,” he confirmed.

Sahana extended her hand out. “Very nice to meet you.” 

They shook hands, following which Sahana ruefully considered her options. Neither one sounded appealing. She didn’t have time to sit around waiting for Clive and Sigi, and she didn’t think leaving a message would yield a response. She needed face time with these people. “Well, we’re here on business relating to the inn,” she explained. “Is there anyone else we can talk to who’s directly involved in the running of it?”

Holly frowned. “Oh, I think the best person for that would be my cousin, Ryan Mehra. He owns the place.”

“Yes, we’ve been trying hard to reach him,” Sahana said, dryly. “Your cousin never picks up his phone or returns calls.”

Holly laughed. “Yeah, he’s his own boss like that.”

“I thought you were boss, boss?” James whispered to Sahana, who shot him a frown.

“But you can just talk to him face-to-face, since you’re here, anyway?” Holly added, causing Sahana to widen her eyes.

“Excuse me, what?” she blurted. “Talk to Ryan Meh—er, Mr. Mehra’s here? At the inn? Right now?”

Holly paused for a moment, then shook her head. “Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that sooner. He’d been living in New York—”

“Right, right, right,” Sahana said, urgently.

“But he came back about a week ago,” Holly said.

“Where is he?” Sahana asked, as her eyes frantically darted across the rooms as if she were trying to find him herself.

“Oh, usually he’s in the library, or maybe he’s out walking. I can go look for you?” Holly said with a warm smile.

“Yes, could you? Would you?” Her heart was pounding.

“Sure, make yourselves comfortable and I’ll send Ryan your way once I find him. You’re welcome to walk around the property if you’d like.”

Sahana smiled. “Thanks, I think we will,” she said, grabbing James by the arm and leading him out the front door of the inn toward the gardens that surrounded it.

“Aow, aow, ao-w,” he cried. “You’re wrinkling the fabric on my shirt.”

Stepping outside, Sahana turned to him, releasing her grip on his arm. “How did we not know he was back?”

“The man’s been ghosting us, I doubt he was going to text us saying he was visiting Seattle, for God’s sake,” James replied, ruefully examining his sleeve.

“Okay-okay, you know what? It’s fine. It’s fine,” Sahana said, between deep belly-breaths. “We didn’t know it, but he’s here. This is our chance—possibly our best and last chance, to try and rehook his interest in the acquisition.” Her eyes involuntarily darted across the side lawns over to the slightly overgrown vegetation that bordered the inn. She peered in the distance, and for a second her eyes caught sight of a figure looming amidst the weeds and brush a few feet away from the parking lot. “Who’s that?” she asked, squinting against the sunrays before pulling a pair of Ferragamo sunglasses out of her bag to slip on.

James looked up and squinted in the same direction as Sahana. “I don’t know. Workmen? The gardener, maybe?”

“Come on, maybe he knows where Ryan is,” Sahana said, beginning to walk toward the figure, her heels sinking into the soft grass with each step. 

As they approached, she got a close-up look at the figure—a tall, broad-shouldered man with dark hair. His facial features mostly lay hidden under the shadows of the trees that surrounded the patch of brush he was hacking down with his large sickle blade. He wore whitewash jeans. Just whitewash jeans, and nothing else. Sahana noticed he had one hand raised upward to the sky. Streaks of dark red trickled down his raised hand like streaks of—

“God, is that blood?” Sahana gagged. 

“I don’t know, I haven’t noticed the blood-part yet,” James replied dreamily.

Sahana turned to him, only to catch him blushing spectacularly as he continued to ogle the topless gardener. “Will you please be professional? And remind yourself you’re married?”

James let out a sigh. “I might be married, honey, but I’m still human,” he said as they walked closer to the gardener in the brush.

They now stood just a few feet shy of the man. “Er, excuse me, sir?” Sahana said, trying to wipe the muck off the heels of her Jimmy Choos onto the grass. When she looked up again, she saw the man had paused his sickle-action and turned to face her and James, offering them both a full-frontal view of his ripped upper bod, complete, with a remarkable set of six-pack abs that glinted under the afternoon sun. His vanilla-white skin appeared sun-kissed, contrasting the dark hair on his head. He had that classic, Vogue-model jawline, made pretty by stubble—the kind of annoying distraction that could trip up an otherwise professional, female corporate attorney on her way to a junior partnership. His sculpted features appeared to soften under his hazel eyes and thin lips that curved at either end. 

James let out a gasp, which Sahana quelled with a hard frown.

“Sir, do you know where I can find Mr. Mehra?” she asked the man.

He walked toward her, sickle in one hand, a deep-set frown on his brow, his injured hand still raised up to the sky. Sahana could now confirm he was bleeding profusely. She cringed. “Er, you’ve got a little cut thingy, there,” she said, vaguely pointing to his bleeding hand. 

The gardener inched closer, decidedly making his way through the few remaining patches of weeds between them. He was headed straight toward Sahana.

“Would you like a Band-Aid?” she added, slipping a hand into her bag, trying to locate her travel-size, emergency first aid kit. The man now stood before her, in all his sweat-blood glory, and with James hyperventilating beside her.

“What do you need Mr. Mehra for?” he asked. His voice was deep and warm. His frown hadn’t budged an inch.

“It’s business related,” Sahana replied, with a calm nod. Her desire was evenly split between wanting to check the state of the man’s bloody hand, and admiring his perfect five-o’clock-shadow.

“Mr. Mehra’s busy just now,” the gardener replied. He began turning away.

“This is important,” Sahana said, catching him in his tracks. “Do you at least know where he is?”

The man turned again. “I know his exact location,” he replied, his face looking directly down into hers. She felt their gazes collide, through the tinted lenses of her sunglasses. “And I’d be happy to point you to it, if you tell me what it’s about.”

Unbelievable. Sahana felt her jaw drop open with disbelief. She turned to James for assistance. “Could you j-just…please reason with the farmer?” 

“Gardener,” James amended, clearing his throat. But before he could say another word, Sahana dove back into the boxing ring.

“Look, pal, we don’t have time to play games here, alright?” she said, lifting her sunglasses up above her head, her brown eyes directly meeting her oppressor’s piercing hazel stare for the very first time. The moment felt like a pause, as they took each other in. She could smell his scent—spicy cologne, with a hint of blood, a whiff of the outdoors, and a whole lot of nerve. The two of them remained locked in a staring contest, with Sahana refusing to concede, and the gardener refusing to comply. Her heels were sinking into the grass, however, and her neck hurt from staring up into his face because he was so damn tall. But no way was she going to let this topless, bushwhacker with his steamy good looks get in the way of her professional agenda.


What are you currently reading?

One of my friends recently gifted me a copy of Maye Musk’s book, A Woman Makes Plan, and I just finished reading it.


About the Author

Sapna lives in Seattle, WA with her perfectionist husband and perfect daughter. Her name in Hindi means “dream” and true to its meaning, Sapna finds gratification in dreams and storytelling. She was born in southern India, raised in northern India, and spent the better part of her adult life in the United States. She, therefore, unabashedly clutches her Indian roots while embracing the American in herself. She loves to cook traditional Indian food and, yes, she uses cilantro in practically everything. When she isn’t cooking, writing, or being intellectually stumped by her daughter, she may be found running down the nearest trail by her Pacific Northwest home. The inspiration for her debut novel, A New Mantra, has been her own journey as both a woman of color and a runner; the latter being a sport that was introduced to her by her husband.

Tule Publishing January 2023 Releases

Read more about our new releases for January!

GIVEAWAY: We will pick ONE winner to receive a digital book of their choice from the January releases. Comment down below saying which book you’re looking most forward to reading! Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month.


Homecoming and Homicide by Jody Holford (American Heart)

Release Date: January 10, 2023

The Wannabe Sleuth, Book 2

She doesn’t remember high school being so complicated…or as deadly.

Rainbow Falls newcomer Annie Abbott is finally feeling settled in town with her veterinarian boyfriend and their two curious kittens. The local high school is raising money for their drama program and, eager to help, Annie volunteers for the carnival’s photo booth, using her graphic design skills to create fun backdrops and mentor a group of students. The only dark cloud is a run in with an unpleasant teacher who’s critical of her teenage neighbor, Tate, and his girlfriend.

On the night of the carnival, Annie discovers the not-so-nice teacher dead. She and her motley crew of murder club sleuths leap into action to help clear her own name along with Tate’s. Luckily for both of them, there are plenty of suspects who had it out for the victim. Complicating Annie’s illicit investigation further? A mystery stalker with a vendetta against her.

As Annie and her friends chase clues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that not everyone is happy with her decision to make Rainbow Falls her home.

The Texas Cowboy’s Lady by Debra Holt (Texas Born)

Release Date: January 12, 2023

Texas Heritage, Book 2

Which shines brighter: Hollywood lights or the Texas stars?

Laurel Burkitt, who owns half of the mega-ranching empire known as the Aces High, shook the Texas dirt off her stilettos a long time ago. She’s all about high fashion, sleek cars, and adding movie awards to her shelves. No dark-eyed, sexy, hard-driving, country-living cowboy is going to rope her into being his country darlin’…as long as her brain keeps control over the traitorous yearnings of her heart.

Jaxson Hawkes, foreman of the Aces High, was born to the saddle and to being a cowboy all his days. So it took him a while to finally bare his soul to the spitfire he grew up adoring. He expected Laurel to choose between him and Texas and her dream of California gold. Her choice broke his heart.

Now Laurel’s back and her ideas of merging California with Texas aren’t sitting too well with Jaxson. There’s a showdown coming between them, and when the dust clears, will he send her packing on that shiny plane once and for all? Or will the lady claim the cowboy’s heart for good?

The Year of Cecily by Lisa Lin (American Heart)

Release Date: January 17, 2023

From Sunset Park, With Love, Book 1

This is the year of Cecily Chang.

San Francisco attorney Cecily Chang is ready to tackle the New Year head on, so she creates a list of resolutions guaranteed to reboot her life—right after her dutiful visit home to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, for the Lunar New Year. Cecily prepares to face her critical, meddling mother, nosy relatives, and the chaos and drama family togetherness brings. At least the food will be delicious. This holiday, Cecily vows to remain calm—as long as she doesn’t see him.

Jeffrey Lee deeply regrets how he ended things with Cecily ten years ago, but he felt it was best for her at the time. When he runs into her again during the New Year, he sees it as a sign. Now a successful screenwriter, Jeffrey is determined to win back Cecily’s heart.

But Cecily doesn’t believe in signs or second chances and embraces her new resolutions. This time, Jeffrey won’t give up—and he’s convinced he can write them a new Hollywood happy ending.

A Mantra for Miss Perfect by Sapna Srinivasan (American Heart)

Release Date: January 19, 2023

The Sood Family, Book 3

She has everything…except what she wants most.

Sahana Sood is beautiful, brilliant, and inches away from making junior partner at her downtown Seattle law firm. Ever the dutiful daughter, she’s lauded as Miss Perfect in her large Indian family and community. But Sahana is barely hiding her panic because, despite her best efforts and too many blind dates to count, she’s now thirty-two and has never come close to finding Mr. Perfect. Rumors are spreading—Sahana’s unlucky in love.

With marriage pressure mounting, Sahana buries herself in work. She’s confident she’ll close the acquisition deal for the Wilding Inn for her firm’s major client, but hits a snag. The handsome owner Ryan Mehra refuses to sell. He doesn’t need the money, the inn is a testament to his late parents’ love and he’d rather continue their legacy.

Sahana heads to the historic inn determined to not lose this deal. But the sparks that fly when she meets Ryan, who just might be more stubborn and driven than she is, soon have her worrying that instead of landing her partnership, she might lose her heart.

These childhood friends turned rivals may have more in common than they thought. Let the reindeer games begin…

Charming the Billionaire Cowboy by Kris Bock (Texas Born)

Release Date: January 23, 2023

The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys, Book 2

For the first time, his cowboy charms seem to backfire…

With his Texas ranching family’s lottery win, TC Tomlinson is finally able to build a ranch with alternative livestock. TC has a lot to prove, starting with his new ostrich herd, so when he catches a beauty scooping up an escaped baby bird, TC chases her down, assuming she wants to meet him for his money.

When Hallie Armstrong sees the injured baby ostrich, she jumps into professional mode. A former vet tech, she’s moved to Last Stand to work at her aunt’s wildlife rescue and heal from an attack. She’s skittish of the handsome cowboy, but when he starts to flirt, she decides two can play at this game—the rescue needs fundraising, and TC is an eligible bachelor.

As they brainstorm ideas for a bachelor auction and work to solve the mystery of local sheep attacks, TC finds himself falling for the feisty cowgirl. But when he learns she’s still in danger, his protective instincts threaten to drive Hallie away. Can TC convince Hallie she can have her independence and him too?

An Unsuitable Boy by Sinclair Jayne Sawhney (American Heart)

Release Date: January 24, 2023

Misguided Masala Matchmaker, Book 3

She’s done playing by the rules. He never has.

As the oldest sibling, OBGYN Asha Kapoor has always been the perfect daughter and role model. But when her traditionally arranged marriage implodes days before the ceremony, Asha feels lost and humiliated. At nearly thirty-seven, she knows her dream of having her own children is slipping away, but she has no Plan B for her life. Then Dhruv Narula rescues her from a kitchen fire, and something wild in Asha awakens. Dhruv is everything she’s not—sexy, fearless, unbound by tradition, and completely irresistible.

Former soldier and now firefighter Dhruv isn’t expecting a hero’s welcome home. Though he’s proud of his life and career choices, he never once gained his exacting father’s approval or the respect of his tight Indian community. While Dhruv stopped caring what anyone thought years ago, even he hesitates to hurtle into a scorching secret relationship with the woman he always fantasized about—the brilliant jewel-of-society Asha Kapoor.

Asha and Dhruv know they’re completely wrong for each other. So then why does it feel so right?

Straight for the Kill by Winter Austin (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: January 26, 2023

Benoit and Dayne Mystery, Book 3

Déjà vu brings a chill in the case that will make or break more than just her career.

Sheriff Elizabeth Benoit’s worst nightmare returns when her deputies discover a young woman killed in the same circumstances as a death from 25 years earlier. That previous victim was Elizabeth’s best friend and Deputy Kyle Lundquist’s older sister. Elizabeth has spent a quarter of a century trying to nail the crooked ex-sheriff she knows is involved up to his elbows in this unresolved crime. She has a thick file of clues, but it’s going to take irrefutable proof to put both cases to bed.

Deputy Detective Lila Dayne draws on all her investigative skills, but still she can’t pin down their main suspect. Then prominent members of the community begin to disappear—clearly, there’s a bigger vendetta at play. Despite the legal consequences of being too close to the case, Elizabeth can’t keep away now.

When Elizabeth’s sister goes missing, it’s a no-holds-barred race against time in the showdown that’s been brewing in Eckardt County for decades.

My Montana Valentine by Elsa Winckler (Montana Born)

Release Date: January 30, 2023

The Millers of Marietta, Book 1

He doesn’t believe in happy endings…

Saddled with the impossible task of finding a feel-good story, journalist Aiden O’Sullivan reluctantly accepts his godmother’s invitation to visit Marietta, Montana, to experience the small town’s Valentine’s Day celebration. Upon his arrival, a minor ankle injury lands him in the ER of the local hospital when his godmother insists a doctor should examine it.

After her parents’ untimely deaths, Dr. Vivian Miller moved from Sacramento to Marietta with her siblings. Apart from the freezing cold and rampant gossiping, life in town is uneventful. Until a music teacher at the local high school brings her godson to the ER. Vivian has a soft spot for children and hurries to help, only to find the “godson” is an opinionated, rude journalist with no visible injury to his foot.

Vivian has no time for journalists, even the drop-dead gorgeous kind. Aiden isn’t in town for long, but he quickly becomes involved in the lovely doctor’s problems, something he’s sworn will never happen again. Will these two strangers end up finding a home together at the foot of Copper Mountain?

Winter’s Haunting Pledge by Leigh Ann Edwards (Muse)

Release Date: January 31, 2023

Maidens of the Mystical Stones, Book 2

By winter’s end, will she survive the sworn pledge or be forever haunted?

Newlywed, Rhianwyn Mulryan is blissfully happy. But a magical pact she made with three close friends foretells the impending end of her enchanted life. Over the next year, as the seasons change, the women will exchange lives. With the first transformation, Rhianwyn will experience her friend Selena’s life as a harlot where she’ll need to fend off the cruel brothel owner and evade a mysterious murderer. Worse still, until she’s herself again, Rhianwyn must battle the powerful attraction to her husband, Broccan—or risk destroying everything she loves most.

Celebrated knight Sir Broccan Mulryan is unexpectedly content in his harmonious life with his beautiful wife. But jealous rivalries and disturbing visits from his past force a dangerous journey to another kingdom. Upon returning, Broccan is distressed to find his beloved Rhianwyn completely changed. Not only that, but he’s suddenly absurdly attracted to her best friend, a harlot.

As winter’s chill descends, the fires of friendship and romance flicker. Can true love weather the season? Or will the magical spell destroy them all?

Tule Publishing July 2022 Releases

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The Cowboy’s Texas Heart by E. Elizabeth Watson (Texas Born)

Release Date: July 7, 2022

The Dixons of Legacy Ranch, Book 3

It was only meant to be one night of pleasure…

After a failed engagement, paleontologist Heather “Heart” Carvalho has vowed to always protect herself in love. When she’s hired to conduct a geophysical survey for a mineral rights dispute on ancient land, she never expects to be swept up in the arms of a rugged cowboy. After a night of passion, she learns the handsome cowboy is her new client. Even more complicated, he has kids, and soon Heart longs for something she knows she can never have…a family.

Tyler Dixon doesn’t have time for emotional attachments. He has two sons to raise solo, a multimillion-dollar ranch to operate, and a pending lawsuit to protect his land from an unscrupulous oil company. Carrying on with the gorgeous, free-spirited paleontologist will only jeopardize Tyler’s case. So why does he feel the impulse to keep crossing the line with her?

They’re both everything they told themselves they didn’t want. As their chemistry burns, Heart claims she can remain impartial, but soon Ty wants the one thing she’s sworn to never again give away—her heart.

A Rebel’s Mantra by Sapna Srinivasan (American Heart)

Release Date: July 12, 2022

The Sood Family, Book 2

She’s never done what was expected of her…

Laila Sood has always resisted tradition and her parents’ wishes, from leaving her small town in India and moving to Seattle to start a rock band, to rejecting the groom her parents chose for her arranged marriage. Now twenty-nine, Laila’s band has critical acclaim on the indie scene, but she hasn’t attained her goal that will cement her rock star status—signing with a major L.A. label.

Marriage is the last thing on Laila’s mind when she meets Hari Singh. He’s an Indian mama’s dream—a handsome pediatrician from a rich, well-connected Indian family—and everything Laila’s rejected her entire life. Even worse, sparks fly between them like Diwali fireworks, and though Laila’s aunt is hoping to match Hari with her daughter, Hari is fascinated by Laila. She thinks a few dates will prove that he’s too boring and traditional for her, except Laila only falls harder.

Does Laila still chase her rock star dream, or has Hari shown her a new way to fly her rebel flag that just might be anchored in tradition?

Candy-Coated Conspiracy by Kaz Delaney (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: July 14, 2022

Hart of Texas Murder Mysteries, Book 3

Every family has secrets, especially the sweet ones…

When talented baker Rosie Hart delivers cakes and cookies to her newest clients, The Sweet Treat candy store, she finds herself embroiled in yet another murder case. Will she ever catch a break?

Her elderly clients, The Percival sisters, are shocked when their long-lost great nephew appears with no warning. The sisters have never met nor heard of the man, but he’s family so they accept him with open arms. He immediately begins to tear up his aunts’ home, so when he turns up dead, Rosie feels only a sense of relief. Until she realizes the police suspect the sisters.

Rosie is as convinced of their innocence as she is of the deliciousness of her popular salted caramel cupcakes. But as the body count begins to rise and new secrets are unearthed, she begins to wonder if the sweet artisan candy makers are hiding more than their family recipes.

Calling All Angels by Barbara Ankrum (American Heart)

Release Date: July 18, 2022

The Guardian Angel Chronicles, Book 3

What if soulmates truly are forever?

Emma James isn’t sure if she’s dead, dreaming, or somewhere in-between after a car accident leaves her hospitalized in a coma. And the gorgeous but grumpy Scot with a sexy brogue claiming to be her “guardian angel” seems to have her confused with someone named Violet. After discovering her “accident” was no accident at all, Emma fears her niece may be in danger. Enlisting her reluctant guardian’s help to solve the mystery takes all her persuasion skills. But alarmingly, she finds herself falling for this centuries-old, grudge-holding immortal.

Connor Montrose instantly recognizes Emma as the woman who betrayed him two centuries ago—Violet MacLeish. Though Emma has no memory of that life, or the love they shared, she’s Violet’s doppelgänger and a pain in his tortured soul. He needs to help her cross over so he can get a long-awaited celestial promotion, but this new version of Violet is even more beguiling and stubborn than before, drawing him deeper into the human world he’d rather forget.

Stuck between life and death, can these two lost souls find common ground?

Saving a Scoundrel by Karla Kratovil (Muse)

Release Date: July 19, 2022

The Maidens of Marbury, Book 2

The death of a friend leads the cautious Eleanor Spencer to reevaluate her life. In a rare impulse, she kisses the man of her dreams—her best friend’s older brother. The moment of madness gives her courage to take more chances. This spring, she will finally travel to London for the social season. All she needs is to compile a list of adventures to complete. At the top of her list? Kiss Lucius Grisham again…

Barely surviving since his father severed his funds, Lucius Grisham works two respectable jobs, and one decidedly disreputable job, just to keep up critical appearances. When Ellie becomes the target of a sordid bet made by his rakehell friends, Lucius must step in to protect his sister’s friend. As he finds himself pulled into helping Ellie with her list of adventures, he is surprised to find his jaded heart tempted by the innocent beauty. But Ellie Spencer is far too good for a scoundrel like him.

Ellie will endanger both her heart and her virtue to make Lucius hers. Can Lucius become the man Ellie believes him to be?

Hard Road Home by Fiona Marsden (Holiday)

Release Date: July 21, 2022

With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing, Book 3

This time, he’ll need to play for keeps—or not at all.

Xander Mac, now an internationally acclaimed country singer, has finally come home to Kurrajong Crossing. It’s been four years since his casual, no-strings-attached relationship with Bonnie Callaghan imploded under the pressures of distance and secrets held back. Xander’s return for a charity concert during the town’s winter festival is his opportunity to reconnect with Bonnie. Only this time, he might have to put his heart on the line.

Bonnie left Kurrajong Crossing hoping distance would give her heart a chance to heal, but she owes Xander’s grandparents, so when they need her help she answers the call. The return of Xander brings back hurt, long-buried feelings, but Xander has always said he only wants fun from a relationship and that’s not something Bonnie can guarantee.

Their attraction is still hot and their connection is deep. But to make it work, they’ll both need to be all in or say goodbye forever.

Hometown Cowboy by Dakota Harrison (Holiday)

Release Date: July 25, 2022

With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing, Book 4

Anything that can go wrong will…

Darby Jameson knows that spending the night with groomsman Ryan Thomas after her twin brother’s wedding is a big mistake. Darby’s not cut out for one-night stands and Ryan’s definitely not one for relationships—she knows this. Still, she falls hard for the sexy cowboy’s many charms, and it’s better than she ever imagined. Darby is in for a world of hurt when one night turns into a secret affair, but what’s she to do when his smile melts her heart?

When Ryan finally gives in to his attraction to his best friend’s sister, he insists it’s only temporary and best kept to themselves. Darby can do so much better than to take up with him. He has nothing to give to a sweet woman like her, and everyone knows it.

But when Darby drops a bombshell, suddenly a casual fling is no longer an option. With so much at stake, and so many factors keeping them apart, do Darby and Ryan have a chance at a happily ever after?

One Night with You by Fortune Whelan (American Heart)

Release Date: July 26, 2022

Dorseys of Conception Bay, Book 2

Their lives are about to change forever…but not how they expected.

Cheramie Johnston-Davies is almost set to embrace the path her family set for her—a handsome and ambitious fiancé, an enviable address, and a guaranteed board position wherever she desires. But when her grandmother passes unexpectedly, Cheramie gets a few more months of freedom while she steps up to secure her family’s legacy by completing the revitalization project her grandmother started.

Former risk-taking, adventurous Deacon Dorsey knows he needs to clip his own wings and create a loving, secure home for his preteen daughter after his ex dies. Considering his own unstable upbringing, Deacon’s work is cut out for him. He decides to settle in his hometown and invest in a local project in Conception Bay. He can’t change the past, but he’s determined to shape the future for his daughter.

An anonymous hookup in a Seattle hotel bar is a last night of freedom for Deacon and Cheramie before they settle into their new responsibilities. Only it’s not so anonymous when they find themselves on opposite sides of the same project…

Hot Texas Trouble by Eve Gaddy (Texas Born)

Release Date: July 28, 2022

Texas True, Book 5

She’s had enough excitement to last a lifetime…

Jedidiah Walker has spent years embracing danger as an undercover agent for a secret government agency, but she barely escapes with her life when a mission goes south. Her fiancé and long-time partner isn’t so lucky. Burned out and grieving, Jedidiah returns home to Whiskey River intending to create a new, perfectly boring life. A job with app designer Trevor Holt is a dream. She can use her computer skills without death looming, and nothing says “safe” more than a computer geek.

Not exactly. Trevor may design apps, but he’s also tatted, muscular, and rides with a motorcycle club that provides support to exploited children. While sparks sizzle between them, Trevor’s conscious that as her employer, any romantic moves need to come from her.

Jedidiah falls hard for her sexy boss, but she senses he has a dangerous side that is beyond tempting—and precisely what she’s determined to avoid. Can Trevor convince her that what they have is worth the risk?

A NEW MANTRA: Release day blog post featuring Sapna Srinivasan!

Ever felt like you swallowed a water balloon that threatened to burst you open? Me neither. Well, not until the idea to write A New Mantra came to me. I remember the moment—authors often say that don’t they? And it sounds so “yeah, right” to the listener. But the truth is when it happens, and we have that “Aha!” moment, it stays with us forever. The moment for me happened while I was watching my then-five-year-old daughter play on the monkey bars. The story idea hit me. I’d always been fascinated by human relationships. Enduring ones. The ones that last decades and still feel as fresh as yesterday. Arranged marriages in particular intrigued me. I’d witnessed hundreds of them, over the course of my life—aunties, uncles, grandparents, great-parents, grand aunts, granduncles. They all shared one thing in common—they’d all met their spouses once before marrying them. Following which there was a super colorful, super long ceremony with lots of food, relatives, and loud music, in which they became husband and wife. And they remained spliced, ever after (happily, I hope).

The idea came to me to explore the other side of an arranged marriage—the woman’s side of the story, where something goes horribly wrong. I once read how it’s important when writing a romance story to put your heroine and/or hero through a mincer before giving them a spa day a.k.a. a happily ever after. So, I decided to do just that.

A New Mantra is a story set in Seattle, and it highlights the life of Mira Sood and her second chance at love after her husband’s affair, and a failed arranged marriage threatens to ruin her reputation within her traditional Indian community. Except, her second chance at love is shaped like a handsome white American man, named Andy Fitzgerald. Not ideal at all, considering Mira’s traditional, trying to salvage what she can of her image within her family. 

As someone who became a runner by pure chance—my gym shut down for two weeks, and I was grumpy, so my husband coaxed me to go running with him. It was love at first sight. Don’t get me wrong, I hated the experience. But I loved the post-run endorphins. And up in Seattle where I live, next to coffee, fitness is everything. So, naturally, I added two plus two in my head and arrived at Mira deciding to impulsively run a half-marathon to cope with her heartbreak. I wanted my traditional, roti-making, wifely, Indian heroine to step outside her comfort zone. Run a little—well, a lot in her case. I wanted her to love again, but I wanted her to work for it. I wanted her happy, but really—really—sad, first.

I hope that if you choose to read my story that you’ll enjoy it. I hope you’ll walk away feeling spirited about yourself and what you think you can do to find happiness. Hey, if Mira Sood can do it, you can.


About the Author

Sapna lives in Seattle, WA with her perfectionist husband and perfect daughter. Her name in Hindi means “dream” and true to its meaning, Sapna finds gratification in dreams and storytelling. She was born in southern India, raised in northern India, and spent the better part of her adult life in the United States. She, therefore, unabashedly clutches her Indian roots while embracing the American in herself. She loves to cook traditional Indian food and, yes, she uses cilantro in practically everything. When she isn’t cooking, writing, or being intellectually stumped by her daughter, she may be found running down the nearest trail by her Pacific Northwest home. The inspiration for her debut novel, A New Mantra, has been her own journey as both a woman of color and a runner; the latter being a sport that was introduced to her by her husband.

Tule Publishing April 2022 Releases

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Blood Thinners by Heather Novak (Muse)

Release Date: April 4, 2022

Love Me Dead, Book 1

The only thing more annoying than a ghost flash mob is a rogue vampire attack…

Supernatural investigator Mina Summers is only one undercover mission away from the promotion she’s worked for her entire career. Her assignment is simple: figure out why several unregistered vampires are going rogue—including one that ruined her best suit—and attacking humans. Her investigation leads her to Thinner, a new celebrity-endorsed weight loss company that’s shrouded in mystery and promises seemingly impossible results.

Mina’s convinced she’ll finish her mission in time for dinner, but when she face-plants into Carma Nicks, Thinner’s smart and sexy vice president, Mina’s suddenly out of her depth. Surely her heart is only racing due to adrenaline, right? Falling for—and sleeping with—a mark goes 100% against protocol, but Mina’s plans to keep her distance are as flimsy as the agency-issued ghost that resides in her apartment.

When Thinner’s secrets disrupt the peace between supernaturals and humans—and threaten Carma’s life—Mina’s forced to choose between protecting her dream career or saving the woman she loves.

Stuck with You by Fortune Whelan (American Heart)

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Dorseys of Conception Bay, Book 1

They’re both starting over. Fate’s determined they do it together.

NHL all-star Clark Dorsey is still at the top of his game, but he’s done with hockey. The night of the championship, Clark announces his retirement and returns to Seattle to spend time with his sick brother and figure out his next move. He needs to unwind, but his interfering brother sets him up by renting half of their shared condo to a beautiful, opinionated and fascinating woman.

Nurse Leena Lopez is done with the spotlight. When her whirlwind fairy tale romance ends in a cheating scandal, Leena’s suddenly broke, alone and hounded by paparazzi in a new city. Desperate to put down roots, Leena says yes when a patient offers her the condo he shares with his Canadian hockey star brother. She can ignore the teenage crush she had on Clark Dorsey—he won’t even be in town.

But Clark arrives and they’re both thrust back into the headlines they’ve been desperately avoiding. Can they figure out how to be alone together? Do they want to?

Something Shady at Sunshine Haven by Kris Bock (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: April 7, 2022

The Accidental Detective, Book 1

She’s pursued the most dangerous news stories around the world. But can she survive going home?

Injured in a bombing, war correspondent Kate Tessler returns to her hometown in Arizona to recover. For the first time in her life, she’s starting to feel her age of nearly fifty despite living like a teenager again: staying in her childhood bedroom with only a cat for company, trying to understand why her sister resents her so much, and running into people who still refer to her as Kitty. The hardest part? Seeing her once-sharp and witty mother stuck in an Alzheimer’s unit.

When an old friend asks her to investigate suspicious deaths at the nursing home, Kate limps into action. Is a self-appointed “Angel of Mercy” killing patients to end their suffering? Are family members hastening their inheritance? Is an employee extorting money and removing the witnesses? Kate uses her journalism skills to track clues, but the puzzle pieces simply won’t fit.

If Kate can’t uncover the truth quickly, her mother could be next on the killer’s list.

Two Nights to Forever by Rebecca Crowley (American Heart)

Release Date: April 11, 2022

Orchard Hill, Book 2

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but love just might…

Eve Klein almost has it all: a thriving career, great friends, and adoptive parents who’ve supported her in everything—including her quest to find her birth mother. She’s hired a private investigator, and while she waits for the last piece of her history to make her whole, she focuses on the most exciting deal of her career—a controlling share in Keller and Sons, a luxury watchmaker.

To most people Keller watches are status symbols, but to Saul Keller they’re handcuffs. He thought his brother had everything under control, until a distress call from an employee forced him to leave Wall Street and move home to Orchard Hill, Missouri. A year on, he’s shifted from trying to save the family business to selling it—and finally setting himself free.

Eve is Saul’s most exciting—and alluring—professional adversary, and he’s exactly the type of high-flyer she’s sworn to stop falling for. But when she needs his help to prepare for a Passover seder with her birth mother, the lines between business and pleasure become perpetually blurred.

Cowgirl Tough by Justine Davis (Texas Born)

Release Date: April 12, 2022

The Raffertys of Last Stand, Book 4

Sometimes the line between love and hate is blurry…

Cody Rafferty and Britt Roth may have grown up on adjacent Hill Country ranches, but they’ve always been oil and water. Britt knows it’s because Cody’s a tech nerd who doesn’t get the ranch life she loves. Cody knows it’s because Britt’s a single-minded cowgirl, who lives to complain about the technology he loves. Their families claim it’s because they were born within minutes of each other.

They’ve declared one truce in their lives—when Cody’s father was KIA overseas. Neither of them expected there would be another, but when Cody suspects a crash of his test drone spooked Britt’s champion barrel racing horse, endangering her life and future, he calls a second truce. Prodded by guilt, he steps up to take care of Britt and her beloved horse. Britt balks, but Cody’s hard to refuse even for a tough cowgirl. Forced together, they learn surprising things about each other neither ever knew.

Can these two lifetime adversaries learn to get along, especially when they realize that the sparks that fly between them aren’t fueled only by anger?

Losing It by Shelli Stevens (American Heart)

Release Date: April 14, 2022

Bro Code, Book 1

Thou shalt not sleep with thy friend’s sister…

It was basically the number one rule of the bro code, and Blake Wolfe just came dangerously close to breaking it. How could he know that the gorgeous woman he made out with at a party was his friend’s little sister? Now that he knows, she is hands off…which is easier said than done.

Kristen Watson is in Seattle for a much-needed vacation after graduating college. Though she has more planned than just hanging out with her bestie—it’s also the perfect time to ditch her virgin status and have a little fun before joining the real world. But finding the perfect guy is proving harder than she expected, especially when the perfect guy is apparently off-limits.

Blake knows trying to dissuade Kristen from the plan is useless. So he does the next best thing and volunteers to be her wingman. But helping her pick “the one” might be as challenging as trying not to claim her for himself.

Only a Highlander Will Do by Gerri Russell (Muse)

Release Date: April 19, 2022

Guardians of the Isles, Book 2

Enemies and lovers are but two edges of the same blade…

Tormod MacLeod vows revenge on the MacDonalds, who brought war to his clan’s doorstep. Gathering a company of men to attack the MacDonald home, Tormod discovers a beautiful red-haired lass being taken to marry Garrick MacDonald, the clan’s heir. Tormod kidnaps the fiery beauty to be his own bride—and to torment her dastardly fiancé.

Fiona Fraser is forced to leave everything familiar when her father pledges her to a man she’s never met. But before she can meet her groom, whose cruel reputation precedes him, she’s taken hostage by a vengeful Highland rogue. Fiona’s given three days to decide her fate—marry the imposing soldier who imprisons her but ignites her passion, or choose a different MacLeod.

When Fiona hears her father is a hostage, and the MacLeods have breached the barrier between the human and fairy worlds, she’s forced to make a terrible choice to save her people and home. Can Fiona and Tormod put aside their family bonds and clan loyalty for the love they feel for each other?

A New Mantra by Sapna Srinivasan (American Heart)

Release Date: April 21, 2022

The Sood Family, Book 1

She’s always done what was expected of her. Until…

When 30-year-old Seattle-based Indian housewife Mira Sood is blindsided by her husband’s extramarital affair, her three-year arranged marriage is shattered. Humiliated, heartbroken, near-broke, and facing the united dissension of her orthodox family, Mira is desperate to rebuild her life. She moves in with her rebel cousin, searches for any job that will take her, and impulsively signs up for a half-marathon race. There’s just one problem—Mira’s experience with running starts and ends with running to catch the bus.

With herself as her biggest critic and doubter, Mira commits to the race and is assisted by entrepreneur Andy Fitzgerald, a handsome, elite marathoner who helps her create a training schedule and personal goals. When the lines of friendship begin to blur, Mira realizes she’s facing an even bigger challenge.

Can Mira embrace her stronger, more independent self—risking another heartbreak and disappointing her family—or will she once again play it too safe and let the possibility of happiness slip away?

The Montana Doctor by Paula Altenburg (Montana Born)

Release Date: April 25, 2022

Grand, Montana, Book 2

Moving on is never easy…

Small-town doctor and Endeavour Ranch co-owner Dr. Dallas Tucker has very few problems in life—other than a shortage of time and an inheritance he doesn’t believe he deserves. He loves volunteering at the local nursing home and is planning to open a clinic on the ranch. But when he discovers the woman who loved and left him has moved to Grand, Montana, he sets out to win her back.

Brewmaster Hannah Brand still regrets her impulsive mistake at her sister’s wedding. After discovering her high school sweetheart had cheated on her, she had a passionate one night stand with a charming doctor and left town. Determined to pursue her dream of opening her own brewery, Hannah moves back to Grand and is determined to move on with her life—single.

But when the same handsome doctor walks through her door—and clearly makes house calls—Hannah’s past comes flying back. When old doubts resurface, Hannah wonders if time really can heal all wounds…

The Cowboy’s Texas Sky by E. Elizabeth Watson (Texas Born)

Release Date: April 26, 2022

The Dixons of Legacy Ranch, Book 2

They have a second chance at love…if they’re brave enough to take the risk.

Fifteen years ago, Skylar Rivers fled from home after her boyfriend’s Army unit was annihilated. Now, she’s a veterinarian who’s created a foundation to honor Travis and the dreams of a ranch they shared. When a car accident lands her and her foster son in the ER, Dr. Travis Dixon arrives—seemingly resurrected from the dead. Their chemistry still flares hot, but he’s changed, and she has a troubled teen to protect.

Travis Dixon has many regrets. Most notably, losing his best friend in a battle that took his foot and nearly his life, and then turning to the bottle during recovery. He hurt everyone he loved, but is now a respected orthopaedic surgeon determined to establish a riding program for injured vets. When the blonde beauty he never forgot throws his heart and his plans into a tailspin, he realizes he wants to reconnect with his roots and find a new place in Skylar’s life.

They’ve both run from their pasts. Can Skylar make room for Travis in her future?

No Safe Haven by Melinda Di Lorenzo (Tule Mystery)

Release Date: April 28, 2022

Trinity Calhoun Mystery, Book 2

You can’t go home again…but can you return to the life you’ve made?

After a harrowing experience in her childhood town, Detective Trinity Calhoun has at last been cleared to return to her job at the Vancouver PD—but with a caveat. Her boss insists that she eases back into it by being chained to a desk. Trinity understands the request. She knows it’s reasonable. But that doesn’t mean she likes it. Or will abide by it.

And the desk, it seems, is the last place she can be. Because someone is stalking her. Baiting her. Using her long-solved domestic abuse cases to draw her out. And whoever the culprit is, they know an awful lot more about her than she does about them. Soon, everything Trinity values is on the line: her memories, her reputation, even her sanity. Nowhere is safe, and she can’t trust anyone offering her help—including her closest allies.

But is putting faith in only herself enough to stay alive?