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Tule Author Q&A: Eve Gaddy discusses her Walker brothers!

Eve Gaddy stopped by the Tule blog to discuss the third book in her Texas True series, Texas Made!


Where did you get the inspiration for Texas Made?

Marshall, the hero, is in the two previous books, so of course I wanted to write his story. He’s a pure country guy and I thought it would be fun to pair him with a pure city girl and then see what happens when they fall in love.


How is Marshall different from the other Walker brothers, Gabe and Chase? How is he the same?

Gabe is a metal artist and Marshall is a horseman, so their professions are quite different. He’s probably more like Chase, in that Chase is a saddle bronc champ and also part owner of the ranch, so they have the ranch and horses in common. They all have dark hair and similar builds. 


How do you relate to Jaclyn, your heroine, and how do you hope readers will relate to her? How do you relate to Marshall?

Jaclyn is someone I admire for going after what she wants and being successful at it. She’s also a good friend and is somewhat vulnerable when it comes to men. So Marshall has to work hard to convince her to let him in.

I hope that readers will relate because she has some hard choices to make concerning her career and her love for Marshall. I think how she manages both, and her setbacks trying to do it make her very relatable.

Marshall loves horses and dogs. So do I. :)


Where and when do you get most of your writing done?

When I’m in Texas I usually write in my office or my den. We spend a lot of time in Colorado and when I’m there I’ll write at the kitchen table or on the deck. The drive there is over 15 hours, so I write in the car as well. 

When is harder to say since I’m very erratic. Sometimes in the morning. Sometimes in the afternoon. Sometimes in the early evening and sometimes around midnight when I’m about to go to bed and realize I haven’t written enough, or I have an idea about a scene or something.


What are you currently reading?

Just finished Legacy by Nora Roberts. Repeat by Kylie Scott right after that, and am now reading a Carly Phillips book—Take Me Again. I haven’t ever read anything of hers and it was on my Kindle. Next up is Jane Porter’s Montana Cowboy Daddy


About the Author

Eve Gaddy is the award winning, national bestselling author of forty novels. Her books have sold over a million copies and been published in many countries and several languages. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic mystery, and a bit of paranormal romance as well.

Eve’s books have won and been nominated for awards from Romantic Times, Golden Quill, Bookseller’s Best, Holt Medallion, Daphne Du Maurier and many more. Eve was awarded the 2008 Romantic Times Career Achievement award for Series Storyteller of the year, and was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Innovative Series romance. She loves her family, books, electronics, the mountains, and East Texas in the spring and fall. She also loves a happy ending. That’s why she writes romance.

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Texas Made by Eve Gaddy (Texas Born)

Release Date: July 1, 2021

Texas True, Book 1

When pure country meets pure city…

Rancher Marshall Walker isn’t looking for a woman—not permanently, anyway. He’s plenty busy raising beautiful Walker paint horses that are in high demand across Texas. But when his sister’s gorgeous friend arrives for an extended visit, he’s not opposed to exploring what could happen. He knows his heart is safe—Jaclyn Carson is a city girl, and he’s country through and through.

Jaclyn isn’t looking for a man, either. Owner and CEO of her own makeup company, she doesn’t have any desire to relax or slow down. With her condo under extensive renovations, she takes up her friend’s offer to stay at her family’s Texas ranch. Jaclyn’s more than a little curious to catch a glimpse of her not-so-secret college crush, and Marshall is hotter than ever. And his proposition—a steamy but very temporary affair—sounds like a fantasy come true.

What happens when two opposites fall in love? Can they meet in the middle or will they go their separate ways, even if it means breaking their hearts?

Leashed by Katja Desjarlais (Muse)

Release Date: July 13, 2021

Hellhounds, Book 2

A good dog heels when Fate calls. Others take their chance in hell.

On earth, Hellhound Bo Echidna chases his vices and embraces his bad luck, hoping to ease the monotony of his immortal existence while he waits for his master’s call. Bound to the will of Hades and touched by the hand of Dionysus, he drifts from bar to bar and bed to bed on the hunt for his next rush, knowing it will never ease his eternal torment.

Librarian and art history student Sage Marcellus‘s only vice is the caffeine that fuels her revolving schedule of two jobs, school, and her passive position as Nixon’s Girlfriend. Accommodating and quiet, she lives in the periphery of her own life until she meets Bo, whose unexpected friendship leads Sage to ponder her life choices.

While Bo and Sage grapple with their growing attraction, ancient forces and grudges work against them to ensure that Bo never gets his happily ever after. And when Sage is in peril, Bo must play a rigged game against Fate to save them both.

The Best Man’s Bride by Jamie Dallas (Montana Born)

Release Date: July 19, 2021

The Hartman Brothers, Book 1

What else can go wrong? Or is everything finally going right?

After catching her fiancé lip-locked with the wedding planner an hour before their vows, Hailey Miller hikes up her wedding dress and runs. The last person she expects to chase her down is her ex’s sexy but aloof business partner who’s kept her at arm’s length for years. He offers her a lifeline, but his help comes with a catch. Does she dare say yes?

Jace Hartman doesn’t believe in love. And he doesn’t believe in giving up. He won’t let his company’s event planner walk away from their biggest launch—even if she has a broken heart. Business comes first, so he makes Hailey an offer she can’t refuse. But it’s her counter offer that has him worried. She needs a place to live for the month, and he has an extra bedroom.

Jace has spent the past few years trying his best to bury his attraction to Hailey. Now she’s everywhere and making him forget all the reasons he should never mix business and pleasure.

Home to the Outback by Nicole Flockton (Holiday)

Release Date: July 20, 2021

Welcome to Bunya Junction, Book 1

Coming home isn’t always easy…

Three years ago, nurse Sindy Carruthers returned to Bunya Junction wounded, wary and shamed by a relationship gone wrong. Welcomed home by her family and supportive community, she now manages the local medical practice and enjoys her newfound confidence. She’s perfectly happy on her own, until a blast from the past in the form of Ryan Flanagan appears.

Dr. Ryan Flanagan—renowned plastic surgeon to the stars—heads to Bunya Junction to pay his last respects to the man who opened his heart and house to an abandoned boy. Ryan’s no fan of Bunya Junction or the harsh judgments of some of the townsfolk, so he’s stunned to discover that his old mentor has bequeathed him half a general medical practice—hoping he’ll stay on and serve the community. The other half of the practice now belongs to the beautiful Sindy Carruthers, his closest friend’s twin sister.

Sindy knows Ryan will never stay in Bunya Junction and become her business partner, and that’s a good thing. Otherwise she might just lose her heart to him.

Assigned by Paris Wynters (American Heart)

Release Date: July 22, 2021

Navy SEALs of Little Creek, Book 3

How can she become a new version of herself when she’s married to her past?

After two of his buddies found love through the military’s matchmaking program, Lucas Craiger decides to give it a shot. He’s not necessarily looking for love, just companionship and a kind, reliable stepmom for his young son. When he’s assigned to his high school sweetheart who shattered his heart, his plan for an uncomplicated relationship becomes acutely complicated.

Riley Thompson signed up for the matchmaking program because she needs a fresh start—and the health insurance. She desperately wants to build a life with a man where her autoimmune disease doesn’t define her and she can prove herself. But being matched with Lucas isn’t the new beginning she wanted. He’s the love of her life she let go when she was first diagnosed.

Lucas is determined to make the most of this second chance with Riley, but when his custody battle heats up, his new marriage isn’t the only relationship in jeopardy.

A Slice of Summer by Melissa McClone (American Heart)

Release Date: July 26, 2021

Silver Falls, Book 2

First, he ghosted her. Now, he has a proposition…

Taryn Lawson needs more customers in her bakery to prove she’s capable of taking over the family business. The summer fair is the perfect opportunity to jump-start her vision with a specialized booth showcasing her creative desserts. Despite her fierce work ethic, she needs help to build her booth in time. Unfortunately, the only person available is the handsome attorney who played with her heart last Christmas.

Trial attorney Garrett Andrews regrets not contacting the pretty baker he dated during his last holiday vacation. But he had his reasons and is finally ready to make amends. When he returns to town for his sister’s wedding, Garrett gets his second chance when Taryn needs help building her booth.

Working together reignites the spark, but Taryn is aware the clock is ticking. Will they realize what they have is special before it’s too late, or will their second chance at love once again slip through their fingers?

The Ranger by Julia Justiss (Texas Born)

Release Date: July 27, 2021

The McAllister Brothers, Book 3

He can’t resist a puzzle…

When Texas Ranger Brice McAllister spies a sexy woman in short shorts gardening in her backyard, he can’t help but flirt. She shuts him down hard, and Brice is astonished when he realizes this alluring woman is also the aloof and dowdy librarian—complete with thick-framed glasses and a shapeless dress—who helped him research land deeds earlier that day. He’s instantly intrigued and sets out to discover more—namely, why she’s clearly hiding herself.

She can’t attract attention…

After one side of her crime family is involved in her fiancé’s death, Maria Giordano puts half a continent between herself and her L.A. home and family. She moves to Whiskey River and reinvents herself as “Mary,” a serious and plain librarian. Her only indulgence is her garden and cooking with her neighbor’s young daughter. And then she meets Brice.

Maria has every reason to avoid and resent a man with a badge, but when she needs protection, the last man she thinks she can trust is the first one she turns to.

The Rancher Risks It All by Debra Holt (Texas Born)

Release Date: July 29, 2021

The Tremaynes of Texas, Book 2

She’s on the run…

On a storm-ravaged night, Texas rancher Truitt Tremayne is trying to make it home before the road floods. Years ago he lost his parents, fiancée and youngest brother in a flash flood on the same country road, so it seems like déjà vu when he nearly hits a stranded car with a beautiful woman and her sister trapped inside.

Annie Sims and her sister Jessie are running from their past. She’s headed to San Antonio where they can disappear, but bad luck follows them. With her funds depleted and her car useless, Truitt’s offer of a temporary sanctuary with no questions asked seems too good to be true. Soon Annie finds herself falling under the spell of the kind, silent rancher. But can she let her guard down and still keep her sister safe, or is she courting more danger?

Truitt knows Annie has a secret. He wants her trust, but can he give his heart to another woman after he’s already lost so much?

TRULY, MADLY TEXAS: Release day blog post featuring Eve Gaddy

Confessions of a Research Nerd

I am a research nerd. There’s nothing I like better than researching for a book. (Well, almost nothing. I like when the words flow from my fingers like manna from heaven.) My current series is called Texas True. Each book is about one of the six siblings in the Walker family. 

I started with Gabe Walker, a metal artist who’s been in several earlier books. Texas Forged is his story. Leaving aside searching for the perfect guy to represent Gabe, I needed to research metal art. He makes huge pieces as well as small, realistic as well as modern art. I found a couple of pictures of pieces of art that were basically swirls of color. The best one is no longer where I bookmarked it, darn it. There are also a ton of horses, dragons, bulls, people and almost anything else you can think of. I also researched forges and workshops, what they look like and how they operate. 

I have a file of bookmarks for each book. Sometimes some of my research overlaps. For the book that’s coming out April 29, Truly, Madly Texas, book 2 in the series, I got to research rodeos and saddle bronc riders among other things. Also injuries, like a broken shoulder and how long a rodeo cowboy would be out after an operation like that. (Hint: As short a time as possible.) There are about a zillion videos of saddle bronc riders on the internet. I watched a ton but didn’t scratch the surface. My go to’s for medical questions are my husband, a retired radiologist and general surgeon, and my daughter, an OB/GYN Physician’s Assistant. 

Hands on experience is always nice. With that in mind I recently did something I hadn’t done in years. I rode a horse on a trail ride. I also attended a workshop about bees—haven’t used that yet but I bet I will.

I went to see a psychic too. Surely that will come in handy some time!

The third book in the Texas True series is Texas Made. It’s Marshall Walker’s story. Marshall is a rancher who raises paint horses. For that I got to research about ranching, cowgirls, ranchers, and paints. There are some gorgeous pictures of paints. Of course, now I get a ton of horse picture suggestions from Pinterest. But that’s okay, I like horses.

I also have fun researching clothes and shoes. Or cowboy boots for several of my books. :) It’s amazing the vast array of cowboy boots you can find on Pinterest and the internet.

As I mentioned earlier, I love to look for people to represent my characters. For Gabe I had to look at pictures of Joe Manganiello. Tough job, but someone has to do it. :) For Chase I looked at pictures of good-looking cowboys. I look for women’s pictures too, but somehow they’re not as fun!

Things come up as I write the book. Stuff I had no idea I needed to research. I have to guard against stopping writing to research, but sometimes it’s necessary. Still, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself going down the rabbit hole. For instance, do you know what horse chestnuts and ergots are? Or did you know that professional rodeo horses are bred to buck? And last, but not least, I find things that have no bearing on the story I’m researching, such as baby giraffes in the zoo or names for groups of animals. I save all that stuff because you can never tell when you’re going to need to know about what the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer looks like now or the mating habits of antelope. 

Do you find yourself reading about odd things on the internet? What’s the strangest thing you’ve looked up?


Eve Gaddy is the award winning, national bestselling author of forty novels. Her books have sold over a million copies and been published in many countries and several languages. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic mystery, and a bit of paranormal romance as well.

Eve’s books have won and been nominated for awards from Romantic Times, Golden Quill, Bookseller’s Best, Holt Medallion, Daphne Du Maurier and many more. Eve was awarded the 2008 Romantic Times Career Achievement award for Series Storyteller of the year, and was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Innovative Series romance. She loves her family, books, electronics, the mountains, and East Texas in the spring and fall. She also loves a happy ending. That’s why she writes romance.